The Sims 4 - Debut screenshots released

Electronic Arts is giving PC gamers a first-ever look at its upcoming The Sims 4 computer game through a collection of newly-released screenshots.

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EliteGameKnight1676d ago

...Its the sims 3 with a better character design system.

-Superman-1676d ago

It looks just like The Sims 3.
I like Sims games, those are fun, but what i hate is how they trying to rip off. Game comes out, there are few items and things... and then we see dlc, another dlc, dlc, dlc,dlc,dlc,dlc... crazy...
Give us game that is big... not half game...

cyguration1676d ago

Oh you can finally be fat or obese. Before they only wanted supermodel figures.

It's good they're no longer discriminating and added an option so people can finally make Americans.

KonsoruMasuta1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Hopefully you can give your Sims crooked teeth and bushy eyebrows to make them English.

Maybe they will let you strap a bomb to their chest to make it look like they're from the middle east.

OMG! What if they added a Mexican mode where you can have 17 Sims in a 2 bedroom house and have cock fights in the backyard?

I can finally play Sims the way I want to play it.

Truehellfire1676d ago

I laughed at your comment a lot more than I should have. Lol

ibrake4naps1676d ago

They should make a second life style sims mmo!

Nekroo911676d ago

its just me or the graphics engine is just the same but a bit more cartoonish

shadowmist131676d ago

The graphics isnt improved,so good news,its going to play like a sims 3 dlc....