Top 5 Sexiest Video Game Characters

What is "sexy"? Is it someone with impossible curves and rock-hard abs? Or is it intelligence and confidence that does the trick for you? For MSNBC, "sexy" is all about the complete package: looks, brains, confidence – and that mysterious element the French call "je ne sais quoi" (in English: "I don't know what").

With that in mind, MSNBC made a list of their Top 5 sexiest video game characters.

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Yi-Long3897d ago

... for me, Ayane tops them all (when she's not wearing her ridiculous easter-egg costume), but Jade and Alex are cool too...
(I dig short hair :D )

LarVanian3897d ago

Yeah lol, they apparently believe that characters such as Nathan Drake and the Prince of Persia are not as sexy as Agent 47 lol.

TriggerHappy3897d ago

Like Keith on msnbc puts it: "worse person's in the world"., For this article, its worse picks EVER.

benny o klaatt3897d ago

where's daisy from the dizzy series????
she was so hot she was more or less an instant omlette

BeaArthur3897d ago

I've said this time and time again, MSNBC just needs to stick to other things besides video games. Every time they come out with one of these lists it makes me question their intelligence.

tplarkin73897d ago

Most of the "sexy" characters were men, 2 from DMC4. Lame!

BeaArthur3897d ago

haha, not that I am not going to say that they wouldn't be sexy to a girl but the majority of gamers are men. Not to mention the girls they put on there are not worthy of being the sexiest.

LinuxGuru3897d ago

For me, Nariko from Heavenly Sword is my favorite, because not only is she f'n hot, she wields weapons like a badass too.

solar3897d ago

yes....agreed with nariko. hell...even kai was cute :D

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