RPG Treasure Chest: Threads of Fate

"Billed as being part of Square’s “Summer of Adventure” lineup back in 2000, Threads of Fate (known as Dewprism in Japan) is a PSOne title frequently cited as one of those games that should have gotten a sequel.

Well-received and fun to play, ToF is a challenging platformer/RPG that holds up to modern gaming standards…minus a hefty dose of replayability and exploration."

- Maxwell Coviello

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Relientk771762d ago

This is another great PS1 RPG,

thanx Squaresoft

Minimox161761d ago

Indeed :'( soo good times.. I never manage to beat this game :/

1761d ago
BlaqMagiq241761d ago

My first JRPG and my favorite game of all time. And that will never change.