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Submitted by legendoflex 907d ago | opinion piece

Something Doesn’t Feel Right About PS4 Remote Play

GenGAME writes: "During today’s Gamescom press conference, Sony demoed PS Vita Remote Play for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. As a self-professed fan of Wii U’s Off-TV Play, which includes a similar feature out-of-the-box via the GamePad, I was really looking forward to Sony flooring me with what their Gaikai teams have been able to achieve.

"Frankly, I didn’t come away satisfied. If anything, the on-stage presentation of PS4 Remote Play left me more apprehensive than ever about whether the feature is really as seamless and as powerful as it’s cracked up to be." (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PS Vita, PS4)

Dunpeal  +   907d ago
I don't fully understand this feature yet. Are you supposed to be able to play your games remotely through WIFI via some sort of cloud service or is it just local WIFI connection between your PS4 and Vita?

If it's the latter, then personally, I would have no use for it.

And if it's the former, I would imagine you should expect to still suffer from some lag issues are you not?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   907d ago
I think (I think, I don't know exactly for sure) that it's both. Gaikai is used for remote play. So it is definitely the latter, and they might be able to stream games if the Vita is connected to Wifi or 3G + Wifi, so it may be the former as well. I guess we'll see.
ShinMaster  +   906d ago
You can play PS4 games with your Vita from anywhere with an internet connection(WiFi).
Also I think it's a video signal. Not sure about Gaikai.
AznGaara  +   907d ago
I remote played a PSOne Classic on my Vita at my campus while my Ps3 was at home... So yeah, unless they change it.
christian hour  +   907d ago
Personally, assuming I decide to pick up a Vita at some point, I would probably mostly use remote play to play games that don't rely on fast responses from the player, like turn based rpgs, fighters, TCG's like Magic etc just to be safe, or at least until I was certain the latency was very minimal.

It still remains to be seen how much latency we'll be dealing with when it comes to remote play in and out of the home, or how smoothly it runs during heavy congestion periods.

The idea intrigues me, but it might take a PS4/Vita SKU to send the message home to the average consumer. The price drop on vita was nice, and the 6 to 10 game bundles helps to sweeten the deal too, but I dunno if I could fit a ps4 and a vita in to my budget initially.

Hopefully there'll be some booths set up in game retailers to showcase the Vita working with the PS4 closer to launch, or at least some proper hands-on reviews by honest journalists.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   906d ago
Here is how it works:
While in remote play, the PS4 loads the game (graphics and such) and send a live stream video to the PS vita. This is what you will see on your vita screen.
The thing is, the vita can handle all graphics in video format of the PS4 (in lower resolution of course) but because the game is running on the PS4 and NOT the vita, you dont really lose any quality of the game.
Though the resolution is lower, this is covered by the fact that the screen is smaller.
All your inputs on the vita, are send back to the ps4, kinda like a controller.
The PS4 will do all the video streaming while loading everything from the game to the vita, while the vita will only send out the inputs to the PS4.
This will work with GaiKai streaming technology and thus requires an internet connection.
You will play via Wifi, but I believe you can also do it with 3G (but it will suck on 3G)
The lag is going to depend on how well they'll be able to connect the two devices with each other and that the streaming works good both ways.
Cause if the PS4 video lags, things can happen in game, but wouldnt show on the vita
If the vita inputs lag, you would press a button and a second later it will do something
It is a cool feature if it works, because I also played GOW on my ps vita, while on vacation.
The vita can turn on the PS3 and so it should also be able to turn on the PS4.
It really is something we're going to have to wait for to see how well it works, but this is basically the jist of it ;)
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TKCMuzzer  +   906d ago
I think what is meant is they are using gaikai streaming technology, in terms of software experience and their knowledge which improves the response rate of the wi fi signal transfer compared to what the ps3 uses. Wi fi speeds are quick enough it's just the way it's used and gaikai experience and tech has improved it since the ps3.
It's all about optimizing and what better than a company who specializes in streaming. I have no doubt it will work, streaming God Of War from my ps3 works really well, so add a dedicated chip, more power and better tech I can see it bieng just fine on the ps4.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   907d ago
I doubt it was staged. Sony tends to use live demos for presenting. I didn't notice any significant lag either, which is cool.
legendoflex  +   907d ago
It definitely was staged, otherwise the PS4 footage couldn't have kept moving the way it did after the guy set down his controller, and the Remote Play "picking up where he left off" would have actually picked up where he left off and not a few seconds before he left off.
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boybato  +   907d ago
Well to be fair, you really won't notice any 'input' lag not unless you're actually the one playing.
Benjaminkno  +   907d ago
Yeah, I saw the same thing.

I was really excited when I heard about the bundle, and I still may get it. It isn't realistic to think that Vita will do more with Ps4, simply because they weren't built around each other.
Sony would be lucky if only half the Ps4 owners owned a Vita (which is a stretch).

I want Sony to do well, but "remote play" for 600 without a game doesn't sound appealing when I can play a WiiU anywhere as long as I have a back-pack and some electricity.

You think the next hendheld won't be built around the WiiU?...

This is game over.
sincitysir1  +   907d ago
Wait so that bundle is real?!
porkChop  +   907d ago
What bundle? I haven't seen any announcements about any bundles.
cellur111  +   907d ago
No, I think he means buying the ps4 and the vita separately which would be $600.
porkChop  +   907d ago
"It isn't realistic to think that Vita will do more with Ps4, simply because they weren't built around each other."

You're just full of misinformation today, aren't you? But what else would I expect from an obvious troll. The Vita and the PS4 were developed in tandem and were specifically designed to be used together. The Vita was not meant for the PS3 and Sony has said this a thousand times.
Hicken  +   907d ago
You're joking, right? You gotta be joking. You just left the /s off your comment.

First off, you know there's like half a dozen free to play games on PS4, right?

Secondly, if ever a handheld and console were built around each other, it was these two. If you can't see that, I'll personally drive you to a good optometrist of your choosing.

Third, a backpack? Really? Well, all I need is a pocket. No electricity needed. My Vita's fully charged and currently paired to my PS3; it'll be paired to my PS4 later.

... I really hope this was just a joke, though. I mean.. yeah, I'll just assume it was a poorly thought-out joke.
Benjaminkno  +   906d ago
Vita can't dole out Ps4 graphics.

The joke is Sony claiming Vita will do more than WiiU can do...

Even if it could, good luck getting Sony to innovate. So far all I see is remote play.

If it were a better experience, then we would've seen more than remote play. Because you know WiiU is going to have the dual screen action for AC that isn't possible with Ps4 and I think it's funny that you're all pretending that it will... or we would've seen it.

I call bullshit...
Hicken  +   906d ago
There is LITERALLY nothing the Wii U can do that PS4/Vita can't. Any and all second screen functionality you'll be seeing with Assassin's Creed or any other game is possible on both. There is factually no arguing that.

On the other hand, you can't leave your Wii U at home, take the gamepad to another country, and still play on your Wii U. WHICH YOU CAN DO WITH THE PSV/PS4.

You can call BS all you want, but that's just you being ignorant. The FACT that remote play already exists with PS3... the FACT that second screen already exists on LBP2....

Yeah, these things outweigh your ill-informed nonsense.
Benjaminkno  +   905d ago
LBP2... that's Ps3...
That doesn't prove anything.

Maybe I am wrong, but until I see it, I'm going to assume Sony is just trying to hype itself up more than they deserve.

Get a gaming laptop... better graphics and you can carry it around with you... for only double the price!!...

...hmmm... ...sounds familiar...
PirateKing  +   907d ago
Hey lets have Assassin's Creed crash again while trying to set up remote play, that went over really well with gamers last time. We all know it was set up beforehand but the demo was just to show you how it can be achieved. Details can come later.
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ho0lee0h  +   906d ago
People. Remote play is powered by Gaikai. Already confirmed by CEO of Gaikai on Twitter. You will be able to play your PS4 games from anywhere with WiFi. The lag will depend on the connection speed. Also, Sony wasn't trying to show you a seamless transition from PS4 to Vita. They just wanted to show remote play at work. It looked great!
MadforitUK  +   906d ago
Can't wait for remote play was impressed with how it worked on the PS3. Seeing as the R&D was jointly done then the PS4 vita combo is going to rock.

Being with BT I've loads of hotspots to get on and game on but the vita has no games /s

It only plays psp, ps1, it's own and ps4 lol

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