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Jumping Waves In Kinect Sports Rivals With The New Kinect | GameInformer

GameInformer: "I had my likeness scanned into the game then took first place in a fun jet skiing race." (Kinect Sports Rivals, Xbox One)

Bigpappy  +   365d ago
"The Xbox One’s Kinect feels much more precise. The game recognized the slightest adjustments in my imaginary steering, including an open or closed hand which controlled throttle." Bye, bye 'on rails' Kinect games.

"took first place with little effort thanks to the accurate motion controls." These will be the kinds of quotes you will be seeing going forward in X1/ Kinect adds.

Next step is to get Kiosk setup in the M$ store in malls across the U.S and the Best Buy and targets, and where ever moms and Kids hand out.

I have not heard one negative from the press regarding Kinect Sports: Rivals.

M$ is in a really great position now, because they stuck to their guns on this one.
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edonus  +   365d ago
I have been saying day one. When customers go in to Best Buy or where ever they buy their games from and they see the XBOX ONE scanning their kids in to the games, multitasking TV, internet, games, windows apps with voice and motion controls out the box along with Forza 5, Kinect Rivals and Ryse demos running I cant see someone whose mind was not already made up passing on a Xbox One for a Ps4 or WiiU.

If their mind is already made up you cant change that but anyone that has said let me see what these console are all about then i'll make my decision..... X1 is just a way stronger product.
Sarxblade  +   365d ago
You both are exactly right. I'm also glad MS is sticking with Kinect 2. I'm also happy to see 2 hand on impressions getting good reviews from ign and gameinformer. The scanning thing looks really cool, and Kinect sports rival looks really fun.
I'm hoping the fighter within will be good, but kind of worried since its 3rd party and looks to be just a timed Kinect exclusive. Hope it will be good as Kinect sports rivals is looking.
iamnsuperman  +   365d ago
I agree and disagree. They need to get it into shops for people to try. That is the only way to sell the kinect to people. However, despite this being a big step up from the first are those consumers going to care. The Kinect 1 wasn't released so long ago so those parents who wanted a kinect for their child most probably bought one or are not interested in getting one for their children (remember Ipads come into this market demographic which is even more relevant since the ipad mini is far cheaper than the Xbox One). They will see some new features but with like most products on the market (especially gaming) once the thing has been done once people are not that interested a second time around (an example being the Wii and Move) despite being better

Getting these systems into shops to try will help but it is getting them to try in the first place which Microsoft needs to think about. They need these consumers to try it out and convince them that this is vastly different from the Kinect 1 and just sticking it in a shop isn't enough
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Bigpappy  +   364d ago
Kinect has a lot more upside for a parent trying to entertain children that Ipad. The most glaring is the fact that the children are active. Next that come quickly to mind is that they can all play together, including the parents.
kingdip90  +   365d ago
Its all down to the devs and not the device honestly. The device seems fantastically accurate but a little lazy and poor coding from devs and their games could be a crappy lag fest.

Yeah kinect sports will likely be good but one good kinect game does not a device make. The fighter within looks lazy and laggy, we will see if devs take the device seriously or if it gets shovelwared to death like the wii did.
Khajiit86  +   365d ago
Im getting a PS4 day 1. I am getting an Xbox One soon after. Motion gaming is fun and makes you exercise, I have 2 kids and they are the main reason I want a kinect. I always felt the original kinect was good but it was not as precise as I would like. In the article it seems like kinect 2.0 improved on that and much more. The next major problem was that they did not have a lot of major games supporting it. I think making it come with the console should help that out as well.

I am just hoping for the greatest gaming generation ever next gen. I can not wait until Zelda comes out on the wii u I know that will make me buy 1. Personally this gen (ps3 360, wii) has been the best for me. Just so many great games came out non stop for all consoles. I do not stick to just 1 console ever because every console has something over another, and really amazing exclusives on all consoles.
christocolus  +   365d ago

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