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How deep is this toy box? Disney Infinity video review | Gaming Trend

Watch as Gaming Trend editor David Roberts explains the possibilities -- and limitations -- of Disney Infinity, one of the most ambitious platforms in video game history. (Disney Infinity, Xbox 360) 73/100

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Knightshade  +   495d ago
0_o What is UP with those texture glitches?! That's just nuts. Did that happen often?
HugoDrax  +   495d ago
I've already spent over $150 dollars on this game for my niece and nephew.

-Starter Pack (Jack Sparrow, Sulley, Mr.Incredible) $75
-Dash: $15
-Mrs.Incredible: $15
-Violet: $15
-Crystal McQueen Toys R Us limited Edition : $15
-Francesco: $15
-Power Discs: $15
Knightshade  +   494d ago
That's not hard to do. It's not unlike Rock Band. You start buying addons and then look back and wonder where your paycheck went.
HugoDrax  +   494d ago
Who are you telling. I have so many songs/album packs from Rock Band 1,2,3 and Guitar Hero I can't even count. I know the music filled up 50% of my hard drive space alone.
Knightshade  +   493d ago
Totally. I've got the black 360 and it's almost full of tracks. I add DJ Hero 1 and 2 to that list too. I'm a music junkie.

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