How deep is this toy box? Disney Infinity video review | Gaming Trend

Watch as Gaming Trend editor David Roberts explains the possibilities -- and limitations -- of Disney Infinity, one of the most ambitious platforms in video game history.

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Knightshade1710d ago

0_o What is UP with those texture glitches?! That's just nuts. Did that happen often?

HugoDrax1710d ago

I've already spent over $150 dollars on this game for my niece and nephew.

-Starter Pack (Jack Sparrow, Sulley, Mr.Incredible) $75
-Dash: $15
-Mrs.Incredible: $15
-Violet: $15
-Crystal McQueen Toys R Us limited Edition : $15
-Francesco: $15
-Power Discs: $15

Knightshade1709d ago

That's not hard to do. It's not unlike Rock Band. You start buying addons and then look back and wonder where your paycheck went.

HugoDrax1709d ago

Who are you telling. I have so many songs/album packs from Rock Band 1,2,3 and Guitar Hero I can't even count. I know the music filled up 50% of my hard drive space alone.

Knightshade1708d ago

Totally. I've got the black 360 and it's almost full of tracks. I add DJ Hero 1 and 2 to that list too. I'm a music junkie.