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Xbox One Release Date is Still Unknown; Is There A Last Minute Move Planned for the US?

Joel Taveras writes, "For what it’s worth, Microsoft’s morning announcements for the Xbox One at Gamescom proved that the company is locked and loaded for the upcoming holiday shopping season. 23 launch titles is certainly nothing to scoff at and out of those titles there are more than a handful of exclusives. Today, Microsoft made a case as to why you’re going to want to spend your gaming dollars on an Xbox One.

However, media and gamers alike were looking for something else that was was still up in the air – and has been since E3. Sure, more games and official announcements are great and all but the holid[ay shopping season is roughly 12 weeks away and well — the biggest standout, in my opinion, from today’s revelations was that Microsoft omitted a concrete launch date." (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Belking  +   775d ago
It doesn't matter. They can only produce so many xb1 and ps4s to begin with anyway. XB1 can launch 6 months after ps4 and I will still wait on it. I want my Killer Instinct.
True_Samurai  +   775d ago
Lol you know there's gonna be a lot of hate for that comment
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   775d ago
Why should he get hate for that? I wouldn't mind Killer Instinct (it looks kinda cool), but I don't really care for the XB1. He just wants a particular game, and that's where he'll get it.
JokesOnYou  +   775d ago
Well it does matter but we know its in November so as long as there is a date prior to October who cares but I think we'll get the date real soon.
ABizzel1  +   775d ago
I'm sure the release date is the first week of November so the 4th - 8th aka the week before Sony in the US.
dark_101  +   775d ago
His own money,
His own willingness,

why do you care hater?
Deadpoolio  +   775d ago
Enjoy your Killer instinct with only 8 characters at 5 bucks a pop lol
Sitdown  +   775d ago
You think he will have as much fun with those 8 characters as you do not playing anything but trolling xbox one articles? Here is a revelation, he could just purchase the combo breaker package where it is less than $8 a character.
Docknoss  +   775d ago
Don't understand the disagrees, ignorance
M-M  +   775d ago
November 5th-14th guaranteed.
GraveLord  +   775d ago
Console hasn't even been cleared by the FCC. All signs point to the XB1 releasing after the PS4.
Deadpoolio  +   775d ago
Yeah right....They aren't even ready for the 5-14...It's already been rumored the 22-27th of Nov
rainslacker  +   775d ago
I'd put it no later than the 22nd. After that is Thanksgiving week, and a lot of people travel. They'd want to get out before Black Friday. OTOH, the console is likely to sell out this year regardless, but they won't want to let Sony have too much time on the market to itself...particularly over the holiday season.

If it's the 15th, it'll be the first time in console history where two major platforms released on the same day. Should make all those sales comparisons easier.
EXVirtual  +   775d ago
It´s no surprise that MS doesn´t have a release date considering all the 180s and flip flops. Only 13 countries at the initial launch.
Belking  +   775d ago
Yea but xbox360 only had 11 initially and look how that turned out. How's that for a flip flop...lol Sony can launch in as many countries as they want because they really need it. Xbox360 was a dose of reality for them. Sony knows what's good for them.

@orange powers below

That's exactly my point. Sony thought noone would buy xbox360 because of the original xbox. They were wrong and now they want to be the first out the gate. They may launch first but xbox-one won't be long after that. It isn't gonna be as easy as people think for sony.
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OrangePowerz  +   775d ago
360 launched without any competition, so the people in the other countries couldn't be any other new console anyway.
MRMagoo123  +   775d ago
considering ps4 has 1 MILLION preorders already i think MS is the one that needs more countries.
kreate  +   775d ago

'Sony thought noone would buy xbox360 because of the original xbox'

Actually, nobody including sony thought ppl were gonna buy the xbox360.

Even Microsoft wasn't sure if it was going to sell.
nosferatuzodd  +   774d ago
lol Sony can launch in as many countries as they want because they really need it. Xbox360 was a dose of reality for them. Sony knows what's good for them.
are you serious man sony launch after xbox and ending up passing them i say it is xbox need all the country they can get considering how bad they're doing in the pr department
and watch xbox is going to launch in December they have no FCC go ahead yet cuz the system isn't ready how are they going to launch before ps4 gamertk421
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kewlkat007  +   775d ago
You can only produce so much for the first initial batches..

I wonder who has the best supply chain strategy...

Sony are actually now saying that they can't guarantee ANY of their pre-orders will DEFINITELY be filled on day one, whereas MS held back from a load of territories to guarantee anything ordered before August will be filled day one in those countries.

We'll see..I'm thinking of grabbing some PS4s for Ebay to pay for theOne.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   775d ago
"Sony are actually now saying that they can't guarantee ANY of their pre-orders will DEFINITELY be filled on day one..."

No they aren't. Launch editions are guaranteed for day one. Standard editions, and preorders after that cutoff date can't be guaranteed.
CGI-Quality  +   775d ago
"Sony are actually now saying that they can't guarantee ANY of their pre-orders will DEFINITELY be filled on day one, whereas MS held back from a load of territories to guarantee anything ordered before August will be filled day one in those countries".

Mind providing a source, because I've heard nothing of the sort.
kewlkat007  +   775d ago

It's nothing new...can you imagine the smaller regions.

Again we will see....Who's bad.
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OrangePowerz  +   775d ago
That was the cut off point. That's not they can't guarantee any pre ordered consoles, that's if you ordered after that date they can guarantee you get it at launch. Everybody who pre ordered before beginning of August gets their console.
OrangePowerz  +   775d ago
MS didn't hold back from countries. They announced a 2013 release in countries and afterwards changed their mind.
donman1  +   775d ago
It does not matter... Sony just once again applied the foot to XboxOne throat with their GC 2013 press conference.
Jrxbarrett  +   775d ago
Yeah with f2p's..... Zzzzzzzzzz.... Sonys gamescom conference was boring and a disgrace to their business. They are not professional. Consistently throwing jabs at MS. Xbox announced some great things today. Sony.... Not so much.
CGI-Quality  +   775d ago
MS: "The PS4 is just a more powerful PS3". Yet, Sony is "not professional"? Talk about high-leveled hypocrisy. ;)

Never mind the rest of your fairly biased remarks.
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Munky  +   775d ago
It doesn't really matter. It's 100% coming out before Black Friday.
OrangePowerz  +   775d ago
There won't be much they can do. With only 2 1/2 months away from November it all needs to be set in stone now. Many things will be already set up like marketing material, when to show what ad and so on. On top of that pushing the release forward would mean less consoles available at launch and the games are already on a tight schedule to be done for the current launch date. Forza won't contain all content and KI has only 6 out of 8 characters available at launch. They can barley make it for the current target so pushing forward would give the developers and publishers some issues.
nosferatuzodd  +   775d ago
Microsoft don't have a date because their system isn't finish they are forcing it i see a major rrod again you just watch they are hell bent on trying to come first when they like 6months behind Sony in production
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okmrman  +   775d ago
thanks mr insider
nosferatuzodd  +   775d ago
ok why not give a date what are you scared of what are you waiting for better yet what are you hiding OK believe what ever you want
RicardJulianti  +   775d ago
I don't know about a hardware failure along the lines of RROD....but there definitely isn't going to be jack in the way of supply.

If X1 pre-orders are truly outpaced by PS4 pre-orders 4:1...and are locked out just like the PS4 ones are.....that's only 250k consoles. Sure there are some that aren't available for pre-order, but sheesh.

Another big problem with that is that with 8 countries pushed out of launch...the current countries that were supposed to get the second wave of consoles might get pushed to the third wave.

The X1 has the potential to perform worse in Japan than the 360 has (something around 1.6 million LTD) Nintendo and Sony are going to have such a large foothold, it'll be ridiculous.
gamertk421  +   775d ago

perhaps they were waiting til Sony played their cards so that they finally can get the advantage on them. Now MS can steal some thunder of their own.
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jay2  +   775d ago
5/11 world wide with crappy COD.

Oh wait. In a handful of countries.
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JediDiah  +   775d ago
Better be BEFORE PS4 strikes! *Grabs Popcorn*
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AceofStaves  +   775d ago
Does anyone know if the XB1's FCC certification is completed? I know the PS4's went through in July.
Deadpoolio  +   775d ago
Nope it hasn't been done yet....Cause they aren't ready, thats why they slashed launch countries down to the minimum, and have let stores take pathetic amounts of pre orders.....They got caught with their pants down and are scrambling to catch up now..

Anyone who believes MS excuse of OS language crap for the slashing is mentally retarded. Those stories about production problems are probably true. They'll be lucky if they're ready for the rumored 22-27th
alb1899  +   775d ago
I think Microsoft was just waiting for Sony, they need at least 15 days ahead of SONY so they can show that their product has the value that people will pay for.
GeneralRaam93   775d ago | Spam
kremit-21  +   775d ago
kinda reminding me of the sega saturn at this point
Funantic1  +   775d ago
PS4 releasing Nov. 15 according to GameStop.
MRMagoo123  +   775d ago
I have a feeling the xbone was just an elaborate april fools joke and they arent really making a console.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   775d ago
Microsoft just upped the MHZ on the CPU's, how can they know a launch date yet? It's not even FCC certified at this point. I give Microsoft this, they have a very solid launch lineup. But, between the TV convention, DRM, No DRM, Family share, no family share, 24? locations to 13 locations and so on they seem like they're definitely kinda behind the 8 ball.

I want all consoles to succeed so companies keep investing in amazing games for GAMERS
Good_news_every1   774d ago | Spam
Deathdeliverer  +   775d ago
I gotta try to get Microsoft to give me my account info before it comes out whenever that is. I will have ALL the next gen systems day one after all...
Trekster_Gamer  +   775d ago
Good for Europe... FIFA is huge there. I don't hope they have something different for the US..

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