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Xbox One Vs. PS4 Full Launch Line-Up

The full launch line-up for both Microsoft MSFT Xbox One and Sony PS4 have been revealed, though more games could be added and it’s always possible that some of these games could be delayed. (PS4, Xbox One)

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user7402931  +   737d ago
goddamn look how awesome the ps4 lineup is. ps2, warframe, kz, knack, mc, dc, all those f2p never played mc, but i seen a space planet level i liked
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Tony-A  +   737d ago
I'm loving the F2P and indie titles coming to the console at launch!
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Boody-Bandit  +   737d ago
Shadow of the Beast was what caught my eye most today. There were more than a few games I really liked but that one looks bad ass. I can't wait to play it.
cyril sneer  +   737d ago
I thought F2P and indies were crap that's what console gamers have been telling pc gamers for the last 6 years or more saying thats all we have to play and there crap.

Whats changed all of a sudden oh i know sony is doing it so now it's the greatest thing ever lol
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GT67  +   737d ago
so, business 101 : to lie and deceive gamers daily and weekly and yearly to gain suckers?? wow!!! MS doing a great job of it.
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BlingBlaine  +   737d ago
Planetside 2 is my GOTY! Cant wait!
user7402931  +   737d ago
mine too
Transporter47  +   737d ago
PS4 10 more games FTW!!!

Xbox One: 23 Games
Ps4: 33 Games
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True_Samurai  +   737d ago
Indie yay! :-D /s

But for real though I'll take X1 line up over Ps4s
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SignifiedSix91  +   737d ago
I'll take AAA games over indies any day. My opinion though.
MRMagoo123  +   737d ago
lucky ps4 has both then lol.
SignifiedSix91  +   737d ago
Xbox has more though lol. I'll get a PS4 in a year or 2 when the good stuff comes out :)
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SignifiedSix91  +   737d ago
Lol, obvious troll right there. ^^^

Have fun with Killzone: SF, the only AAA title worth playing on the PS4 launch.
sdozzo  +   737d ago
It was Day One versus Launch Window.
Trekster_Gamer  +   737d ago
Troll... 33 by years end not launch. Rtfa...
xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   737d ago
well, okay. How much time do you think there is between Nov. 15th/29th and the end of the year?

Because to call someone a troll for this it seems like you live somewhere in time and space that I am unaware of.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   737d ago
They both look good, but I'll be siding with the PS4's lineup, it appeals to me more. Great exclusives. Forza looks good though.

Knack, DriveClub, and Killzone, with Infamous soon to come. What's not to like? :)
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JBSleek  +   737d ago
Xbox One lineup for me but they both look good. Can't wait to pick both up.
Supermax  +   737d ago
So that's 56 launch games for me this is great news.
USA007  +   737d ago
You're buying EVERY game? I want that much money to blow/ time to play games!
xxLuckyStrike  +   737d ago
XB1 launch line-up looks sick and you really can't go wrong. I won't buy a PS4 till 2014 sometime. PS4 not as appealing as X1 right now imo
walkincarpet  +   737d ago
definitely agree. If you can afford both go with X1 first and then pick up PS4 when Sony's heavy hitters start releasing in 2015... then you can grab it for 300 and some of these launch exclusives for cheap. Meanwhile, you can enjoy DR3, Ryse, BF4, Kinect Sports, COD, Watch Dogs, Spark, Titan Falls, Halo, Division, D4, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Metal Gear, etc, etc, on X1.
SITH  +   737d ago
I have not seen anything in games that makes me want a PS4. I am playing planetside 2 right now on my PC. Sony has slightly addressed my issue with the controller by altering the width between the sticks, but I have to seriously get hands on before I ever commit to a purchase. And my first and second experience with PSN was horrible.

I paid off my Xbox one and most the games I am getting today thanks to my VA clothing allowance (console allowance).
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T2  +   737d ago
so of all the x1 games you listed ryse is exclusive and Dr3 ... None other are launch or exclusive ... Maybe spark ? Halo ? Really? They show a vid of master chef in a poncho and thats your halo ? I bet halo is late 2014
So you are buying a launch x1 for maybe 3 games ... Titanfall will never stay exclusive and kinect sports ??? Yeaaah no
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HurtfulTimez  +   737d ago
@ walkincarpet LOL. 5 games you mention in the xbone list are mulitplatform and 5 of the other games you mention wont be out til 2014 jan-feb earliest...
Caleb_H  +   737d ago
So what this means is that all those games are available for digital download day one? I hope so, because I don't want to be limited by how many discs are in stock.
USA007  +   737d ago
The f2p games are what's really making the ps4 line up stand out to me.
Planetside 2 and Warframe are what I'm most anticipating
BlingBlaine  +   737d ago
Planetside 2 for me. NC FTW!
MRMagoo123  +   737d ago
Nice work ps4 games games games all year every year, even if the competition stops making games after 2 years sony just keeps trucking.

You dont even need to buy any games on the ps4 day one you get lots of free to play and no need even for psn+ really tho i have it already.
hazardman  +   737d ago
Seeing as im getting PS4 first Sony did just enough to keep me satisfied for launch. I would have preferred more 1st party retail games but the F2P games more than make up for that.

Theres no denying the Xbox One has a great lineup as well.
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Gamer666  +   737d ago
It is funny.

N++, Pinball Arcade, and Minecraft are last generation games re-launching on PS4 (They already were on 360 and/or PS3).

Blacklight is the next iteration of the 360/PC game Blacklight Tango Down.

Planetside 2, War Thunder, and Warframe is on PC.

Super Motherload is the next version of the online game Motherload.

Contrast is shipping on 360 and PS3.

Tiny Brains is shipping simultaneously on PC.

Resogun is the spiritual successor to Super Stardust.

DC Universe Online is a port of DC Universe already on PS3.

Pool Nation Extreme is the next iteration of Pool Nation on PS3.

So Counterspy, Doki-Doki Universe, and Hohokum are the only original download games in the list!

Lot's of games, not much is really new IP. A lot is being made of indie support on PS4, but not much is really on the new side...
MysticStrummer  +   737d ago
"A lot is being made of indie support on PS4, but not much is really on the new side..."

History says Sony will pick up that slack, while MS will simply slack. History can always be proven wrong, but for now it's what we have to go on.
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walkincarpet  +   737d ago
shhh... you are ruining all the fun!

Disregard Gamer666's comments fellow Sony fan boys. You can only buy quality exclusives on PS4.... I repeat you can only buy quality exclusives on PS4. And remember that PS3 brought you great games like Little Big Planet, Infamous, and Killzone. These three games alone are ... are a lot of fun and they made other systems look just silly. And PSN just crushes Xbox live and don't let any over make fun of your sony tail.
T2  +   737d ago
Ok so using your logic I can get forza , titanfall , ryse ? On 360 or pc ... Dr3 is meh and whats left ? KI ? Some dlc contents ?
ShinMaster  +   737d ago
"next iteration" "spiritual successor" Really dude, you're trying waaay to hard.

So sequels and spiritual successors are not original enough for you, therefore they don't count?
Pure nonsense.
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Gamer666  +   737d ago
I'm just pointing out that there is not much real new IP. As I stated in the OP...

Fanboys seem to think Sony is being a major innovator here. In reality they are just getting devts to port and build on already established games.

During this gen when MS kept iterating Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable, etc, fanboys jumped on them as lacking originality and new IPs... I'm just pointing out the same thing is happening in the Sony world.
horndog  +   737d ago
No contest. X1 has the better games. Indies are best suited for my phone, no need a ps4 since all they have are indies and one boring ass shooter known as kz which is their best offering so far as an exclusive. Yawn!!
T2  +   737d ago
Lol ok enjoy your next gen games ill be playing on my 360 then ...
No planetside , infamous, order , rapture , warframe, shadow, driveclub , but yeah these are all Indies you can play on your phone ... Lol
Indo  +   737d ago
The XBOne games available at launch were being developed at the cost of dropping 1st party support for the 360. The PS3 is still much alive and still having 1st party games being released for the PS4 at launch. Think about that for a second.
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Younggunna585  +   737d ago
makes u wonder why sony was so indie friendly ...ofcourse thats all they have to bring to the table...if u sony ponys really sit and think about it...wut if microsoft e3 followed sony's what would sony talked about or displayed at e3...Nothin all they did was counter microsoft on there mistakes ...gamescom microsoft chose to have a closed conference ...nothin for sony to play off...so wut u get from sony Nothin....
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