Forza 5- New Footage

New footage of Laguna Seca from Xbox One flagship racing franchise Forza 5.

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windblowsagain1676d ago

Looks good, but i still don't like the lighting model.

theWB271676d ago

Forza has always had a vibrant, colors pop type of look. It looks like sunlight...

4Sh0w1676d ago

Micro should give Turn10 a raise cause they constantly deliver with Forza.

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SolidStoner1676d ago

game looks good, considering its on a next gen, then it could be better.. still its seems its starting to beat GT in graphycs department (not all details, but mostly track surroundings)cars are similar... physics still is not looking like it should be...

and I dont get those gaming journalists who dont know how to use a controller... I just wach, I dont listen to them..

starchild1676d ago


Huh? Gran Turismo 5 was unimpressive. Even current gen (or is that last gen) Forza games already beat that.

mikeslemonade1676d ago

Racing sims are lame. It's what you should expect from a racing sim. Nothing special here.

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u got owned1676d ago

Now this is what i'm talking about. Like Ryan said in the video, this is going to be a great signature game for the XB1 to really show of what the hardware is capable of at launch in terms of technical, visual features and control features, etc...

mcstorm1676d ago

This game looks amazing the reason why I have decided to pickup a one over the ps4 at launch but that said the back end of this year and beginning of next is great for racing fans as we ill have Forza 5, Project Cars, Drive Club and GT6.

christian hour1676d ago

I dunno if its the video compression or not but is there still no AntiAliasing in Forza? Can anyone clarify that for me? I thought we were saying bye bye to those jaggies this gen :(

Septic1676d ago

There is AA but iirc, the developer did say that it was impossible to completely get rid of them unless you had a 4K display.

plmkoh1676d ago

It's the LG TV, due to the Passive 3D filter you will get a fixed aliasing pattern no matter what you do.

Practical for consumer consumption, but one of the worst TVs to show off your game.

christian hour1675d ago

Thanks for the clarification guys :) Was worried there for a second.

As for needing a 4k display to completely get rid of them, I think the developer might have been making up excuses. I've seen plenty of PC games with fantastic AA.

Then again I understand that a TFT-lcd PC monitor is very different from the LCD and Plasma screens used in TV's, so I'm probably wrong there. Haven't really been keeping up with advancements in display technology other than expansions in resolution.

Bigpappy1676d ago

You guys are getting distracted. Focus on the rumble in the triggers. That's going to be the memorable innovative experience that will stick with you, after you finish you first race.

christian hour1676d ago

I played forza 2 on 360 with the X360 steering wheel back in le day... I don't think rumble in the triggers could even come close as being as memorable an experience as racing with force feedback and active resistance features for the first time.

Bigpappy1676d ago

I have been humbled? Should have said if you are a controller only gamer, it will leave you with a different experience. Fixed.

ABeastNamedTariq1676d ago

The rumble triggers sound like a really cool feature to me. Have to admit I'm a little jelly. It's perfect for games like this. And shooters. Ah well, I'll get the XB1 soon enough though lol.

AngelicIceDiamond1676d ago

I agree I love his constant emphasis on the X1 controller. The X1 controller must be something truly great, he seems really excited about it.

SlapHappyJesus1676d ago

Has been my favorite racing series since Forza 3.

CRAIG6671676d ago

I love Gran Turismo also but regardless of what the my little sony crew say, GT5 was a let down in many ways, Forza 4 was way ahead and this... well, what's the point in Sony even releasing GT6? This is a Huge step forward.

SlapHappyJesus1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I like Gran Turismo, but I agree. The game was a let down.
It took way too long, not to mention extra funding through a glorified demo, for what the game actually ended up being. Forza, now, is in its own league. Project Cars is looking very promising though, mind you.

CRAIG6671676d ago

Agreed, project cars looks promising and I also have an eye on driveclub, it looks like it will be massive fun.

I really think Sony should have put more time into GT6 and just release it as a PS4 exclusive, oh well...

WeAreLegion1676d ago

Will the wireless speed wheel be compatible with the XBO? I really enjoyed playing with that. Also, does the XBO controller have a gyroscope? Because that might be just as good.

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