New Sonic Lost World Gamescom Wii U Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh

SEGA showed off a blisteringly fast new trailer for Sonic Lost World during Gamescom 2013. The latest snippet shows more of the blue hedgehog's rotating platforming, new levels, two-player versus racing, Miiverse item sharing and brand new colour powers.

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ZeekQuattro1736d ago

Looks even better than Colors. This should be a treat.

mcstorm1736d ago

I agree im exited about a Sonic Game again.

ritsuka6661736d ago

This is best game Sonic since Sonic 3 for me.

Concertoine1736d ago

Looking forward to this over the new mario tbh.

Concertoine1736d ago

When did i say i wouldnt? Im just saying this game looks more creative and new than SM3DW. Which will probably have forest world, ice world, lava world and desert world, and -surprise- bowser's the final boss.

exfatal1736d ago

The game looks pretty amazing day 1 for me.

AWBrawler1736d ago

Sonic making a big comeback ever since Colors

maniacmayhem1736d ago

Looking great. I love Sonic Colors and this one looks jus as good.

I love Sonic's bright colored games, really was a travesty when they made Shadow and when Sonic turned into a werewolf. That's not what Sonic is all about.

AWBrawler1736d ago

i miss shadow. the SA2 shadow