GTA 5 Xbox 360 or PS3? The Lead Platform Fuel

From the article: "GTA IV was being developed for Xbox 360, because the PS3 didn't arrive the market until a year after the launch of the Microsoft console. They had/have a whole year more experience with the Xbox than with the PlayStation. Not to mention that the developer kit of Sony was allegedly terribly organized. The not so good organization and the lack of experience (in comparison) are the reason why Rockstar games kept looking better on the Microsoft console."

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Gamesgbkiller1644d ago


It will have Digital pre-order.

Hydrolex1644d ago

Xbox 360 of course, I want to have a bad experience, it's challenging

Enemy1644d ago

All the footage has been running on PS3. That's already a sign. GTA made its name on PlayStation and that's where I'll continue playing.

StraightPath1644d ago

Be cautious guys ps3 is infamous of inferior multiplatform games. Remember Skyrim ? An awful inferior product which was developers fault but aswell as the limited ram of the PS3.

GTA5 huge game it could have problems on the PS3 hope it doesnt. Remember GTA4 was best on Xbox 360. Plus Xbox Live will deliver far superior online experience. Cross game chat, universal invites etc.

badboy7761644d ago

LA Noir!! This is rockstar!

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1644d ago

Getting it on 360 cause thats where my friends are at. And its my own policy that multiplats go to my 360.

Gran Touring1644d ago

That's a pretty stupid policy

theWB271644d ago

It's a stupid policy if yours goes to PS3.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Eh might be to some. But thats how I do things. My 360 is for multiplats and Gears. My PS3 is for exclusives and blu ray player.Plus most of my friends play on 360 so for multiplayer I always choose 360. Its pretty much how I ran things this gen and it worked for me. Next gen is another story however.

Raf1k11644d ago

Makes sense. No point buying on PS3 if most of the people you play with are on a 360. Let the fanboys get angry all they want.

Snookies121644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

It's not a stupid policy as Gran Touring states. You most certainly have the right to choose which system you prefer games on. Though I'm curious as to why that is your policy? I mean, whenever I was choosing between platforms with multi-plat games, I would go for what looked to be the superior version. I think that's the most logical choice. Either that or whatever system more friends are getting it on (provided you're looking forward to a certain game's multiplayer) or what controller you like best depending on the genre of game. These should be the deciding factors when choosing. (In my opinion of course.)

DEATHxTHExKIDx1644d ago

Thx for being sensible. It mostly comes down to friends and multiplayer. If I get a multiplat game that happens to be single player honestly the differences between 360/PS3 to me are just barely noticeable for some games if it all. It really dosent bother me either.

Transporter471644d ago

You will be missing out on the better version, when they do PS3 to 360 its the best for both sides but the Ps3 version comes out on top.

-Foxtrot1644d ago

Friends shouldn't dictate on what games you get

DEATHxTHExKIDx1644d ago

They dont really. My friends buy a lot of games I dont care for such as Minecraft,COD,Terraria, borderlands 2 etc. GTAV in particular happens to be a game I can agree on with them.

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user74029311644d ago

ps3 for the superior multiplats, and thats where all my friends play.

Foxgod1644d ago

GTAIV was superior on the 360 tho...

user74029311644d ago

gta 5 ps3 is lead. so it will be the best version.

Perjoss1644d ago

Yeah it ran at a sub HD resolution and the frame rates were crap, I actually owned and played both versions. This is coming from a neutral as my console of choice this gen was the 360 but I'm switching to PS4 come autumn.

StanSmith1644d ago


There has been cases in the past where the lead platform is worse. Also, just because Rockstar are showcasing the PS3 version, don't assume it's the lead platform seen as Sony and Rockstar have a marketing agreement in place.

One more thing... This is Rockstar we're talking about. They play to both platform's strengths just like they did with GTA4 and previous GTA's before that. They don't deal with ports. They enchanced the games for their specific platforms.

Basically, both will have differences, but in the end it will only be people's opinion on which they prefer. Neither will be better than the other.

windblowsagain1644d ago

Was smoother on the 360.

But anything xboxone can run now. PS4 will run quite easily. Much beefer GPU.

They will code for XBOXONE and PS4 will just run it better imo.

pixelsword1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@ fox

No it wasn't; numerous sites said in the reviews at the time that better graphics, draw distance, and fewer pop-ins were in the PS3 version.

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Mario181644d ago

I actually laughed when I saw your disagrees

1644d ago
stage881644d ago


I'm pretty sure the PS3 is the lead platform. At least I remember hearing it somewhere.

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