Infamous Second Son New Screenshots

Infamous Second Son looks like the "killer app" of the PS4. After the amazing trailer "Fetch", Sony released this new batch of screens taken directly from the trailer I presume. However we get a more clear look at the enemies and friends, Delsin's abilities and overall badassery you will be doing in the game. Will you pick this up when it launches?

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HammadTheBeast1432d ago

Here's to the people saying Ryse looks better than this.

kraideral1432d ago

I like you my new found friend!

NewMonday1432d ago

The music in the trailer was great, and the cinmatics look on par with ND this time, Sucker Punch upped their game with this one

PR_FROM_OHIO1432d ago

LMFAO!!!!! That made me laugh so hard hahaha!!!!!!

xtremexx1432d ago

lol i cant even tell when the gif resets.

Xsilver1432d ago

second son killed ryse hands down too bad not a launch title.
@Hammad every time u use that gif i always laugh

HammadTheBeast1432d ago

Yeah, I can't stop looking at it, and it fits in with so many articles.

Xsilver1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

ikr imma use it now :3

NateCole1432d ago

What is more sad is comparing cinematic graphics from a QTE game to an open world game actual gameplay screenshots.

A better comparison would be a QD game and Ryse.

Destrania1432d ago

That would just make it look even worse. Infamous SS looks incredible btw.

Xsilver1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

its because xbox fans wont stop talking like second son isn't more impressive that ryse with the amazing scale and great graphics and fluidity to go along, Second Son is a must Have.

slimpickens1432d ago

I think it looks really good but for me I still give Ryse the upper hand visually. This in my opinion looks cartoon realistic compared to Ryse being life like realistic. To be honest I'm not sure why we are comparing an open world game to a more linear experience like Ryse. Now don't get me wrong, this does look great but for me I'm just not seeing it on the same level visually. Eat me alive and forgive me for having an opinion but this is what I see and only my opinion.

NateCole1432d ago

@slim. If Ryse didn't look better then that would be a huge failure on their part.

I think the reason why they are compared is because these are perhaps the best looking games on both consoles atm. Personally

What xbox fans don't understand though is that comparing a QTE game to an open world game graphically is stupid.

Heck wait until SM or ND release what they are working on then

WeAreLegion1432d ago

I'm not sure it's fair to compare a Quantic Dream game with other video games, in general. Beyond: Two Souls looks like a PS4 game, dude.

Pintheshadows1432d ago

From a facial animation standpoint Infamous SS mauls Ryse in every conceivable way.

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SmokingMonkey1432d ago

Holy crap,

new power unveiled


RytGear1432d ago

Oh shit! Is that what it is!? I had no idea! I would have thought it would have just been pure white and not purple, just had an interesting idea power idea, what about sound?
Using vibrations to shockwave people and hover, and collect it by going near like loud machinery?
Thoughts on that?

waltyftm1432d ago

Awesome idea, as long as he dont sound like Dubstep/skillrex/deadmause while doing his thang, I like em but hate over use.

Cryptcuzz1432d ago

This game is amazing, it looks like CGI quality graphics!

theWB271432d ago

Looks very good...digging the city.

Pancit_Canton1432d ago


Sucker punch keeps on improving years after years. I'm glad Sony bought them.

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