You Can Smoke Pot In GTA V, According to Ratings Board

Kotaku had a hunch it was going to be possible, and, now, the people who rate video games are letting the cat out of the dimebag. You can smoke pot in GTA V, according to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. That same group has offered a bunch of other mild spoilers for GTA V, if you're interested.

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NYC_Gamer1642d ago

What about getting drunk?

GdaTyler1642d ago

If you can in GTA IV, you should be able to here.

StoutBEER1642d ago

Getting high... while getting high?! Inception!

SolidStoner1642d ago

cant wait to get high in both worlds!! lol :)

I will be tripin all those mountains for months!!!

0ut1awed1642d ago

True story. Stick with weed if you aren't really a fan of bodily harm.

RioKing1642d ago

^Vaporizing's where it's at..

0ut1awed1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Vaping is fun and healthy but if your trying to go down that road eating it is REALLY where it's at.

4-6 hours of fun compared to 2. Not to mention at-least a hour or so of simply going up before you hit a stoping point. Good times indeed.

showtimefolks1642d ago

will it teach us how to make roll our own so while we smoke in game we can smoke in reality too lol

GTA5 the ultimate play ground

saywat2471642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

i think the better way to phrase it is a joint rolling guide to smoke along to while playing the game!!!

i think the pre order with gamestop comes with some marijuana too

Nafon1642d ago

"Players' character can, at various times, consume alcohol and drive while under the influence." -at the bottom of the ESRB rating

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Snookies121642d ago

Uh, this was already stated on their website.

"Prefer to self medicate? There are many dispensaries for those that grow truly sick of running out of marijuana."

FlameHawk1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

They showed that in the GTA V gameplay trailer when Franklin came out of the Pot shop.
You can see the marijuana sign in the back.

thereapersson1642d ago

Was just going to say, how is this news to anyone who has seen the trailer? Guess not everyone can be so informed...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31642d ago

Man I can't wait until they legalize it :P

CaptainPunch1642d ago

It should of been legal a long time ago.

theWB271642d ago

Agree. It's a lovely...lovely substance. Unfortunately, legalization may never happen. Why? It works better than most prescription drugs out there and if it were legal...more people would smoke a bowl than pay hundreds of dollars for pills. Shame could wipe out the national debt in a year or so if the Gov sold it to us.

MajorLazer1642d ago

I wish the UK legalised Marijuana :( Alcohol is much worse..

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JunioRS1011642d ago

Whoo hoo I can moke doobies with The Trio!

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