Sony Confirms all 32 Countries the PS4 Will be Available in on November 15th/November 29th

Giving you a full look at just which countries can expect the PlayStation 4 this November, Sony sent out this handy list, letting you know which countries will be getting the PlayStation 4, and on which day.

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TrendyGamers1251d ago

Yeah, they're supporting it in a ton of places!

nukeitall1251d ago


All 4 1 and 1 4 all!


indysurfn1251d ago

Oh yeah...well, well, the burg....I mean Microsoft will be availible to several mostly white population countries! And only mostly white population countries....hmmm...wait what?! Man Microsoft sucks donkey ones!

mistertwoturbo1251d ago

Waiting for the boys to come in

But but but 'Merica = World = Where it matters

MysticStrummer1251d ago

@mistertwoturbo - "Waiting for the boys to come in

But but but 'Merica = World = Where it matters"

They can't if they're paying attention to preorder numbers at all. Even with all the 180s, the One lost ground on Amazon NA's best sellers of 2013 list, which is updated daily, and the regular best seller list, which is updated hourly. PS4 is going to win NA, at least until MS drops Kinect, which will allow them to drop the One's price by quite a bit.

blackbeld1251d ago

Yep, huge list but what about Japan and other asian countries?

mewhy321250d ago

Wow. that's twice as many as the xbone.

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jujubee881251d ago

Nooo. Why did the first comment have to be a tired @ss meme?

Oh well, you're sentiment is a positive one. I'll just leave it at that. :-)

devwan1251d ago

What an impressive showing.

Australia and NZ "Europe" lol

mafiahajeri1251d ago

Technically their Europeans right? :P

devwan1251d ago


You mean you're covered by SCEE - that I know.

My point was it's daft to see Oz and NZ listed as being "Europe"... you never know who might be discovering all they ever learn about geography by reading news items linked from N4G :)

meatysausage1251d ago

We get European PS+ so kind of worked off that :)

jessupj1250d ago

I've pre-ordered from Amazon (US). So I'll prob get it before my friends. Oh that is going to be so sweet lol...

...Unless it gets lost in the mail or confiscated by customs, in which case /wrists

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TBONEJF1251d ago


3-4-51250d ago

Doesn't surprise me really, PS2 still was selling good up until this year even. Not great the past couple years but still, The fact that the PS2 still has a huge fan base/ install base around the world tells us how much the rest of the world supports sony.

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ZBlacktt1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

In for record setting Next gen sales figures.

The Master race is here.

doctorstrange1251d ago

Anyone know how many regions previous consoles launched on? Would be an interesting comparison.

Deadpoolio1251d ago

Wikipedia is NEVER a valid source for anything....Nothing is that anyone can edit

ZBlacktt1251d ago

MS had a worldwide launch as they rushed to get the Xbox out the door. Which turned into the worlds worst fail rate.

Mean while Sony launched in the US/Canada and Japan only in 2006 and all of Europe and many other countries not until spring of 2007.

Even still, the PS3 ended up selling more consoles.

DoesUs1251d ago

Or maybe they have enough stock and resources to release in these countries?

DomceM1250d ago

its not about stock or resources. its about yields. MS cant make enough. Sony can.

B1663r1251d ago

Would be more interesting if it was a list of launch games like Microsoft gave, but as of right now, the PS4 has no games, and that is gonna be a problem for the console....

richierich1251d ago

They have a release date though

C-Thunder1251d ago

You keep believing that.

TheTwelve1251d ago

"The PS4 has no games"

You have lied.

avengers19781251d ago

I want whatever your smoking

MysticStrummer1251d ago

"the PS4 has no games"

Oh dear...

Looks like it's back to the basics for MS fans.

Good luck with that.

jessupj1250d ago

Lol, "no games" lol.

To be honest, the PS4 is beating the X1 in pretty much every category. Cheaper, a lot more powerful, a slew of amazing, proven 1st party developers, backed by a company that has a genuine passion for the industry and the developers and gamers, the D4 is been praised from many sources as the better controller, Ps4 has way more pre-orders than X1. I could go on.

If I put myself in the shoes of an MS fanboy I would be absolutely furious right now. Absolutely rabid, filled with so much rage and so desperate to defend the X1 that I would resort to spewing outright lies.

I think out of respect we should have a moment of peace for the MS fanboys.

Magicite1250d ago

Sony's console is approved and got release dates. What has MS?

GoodnessGreatness1250d ago

Don't be an idiot. Just look at the PS3 and the games it has. It will be a repeat with the PS4 plus with bigger indie/developers support. Most of Xbox One exclusives were suppose to be on 360 lol. That is desperate just so their new console can have games.

Potato21250d ago

The ps4 has no games wtf are talking about?

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ABeastNamedTariq1251d ago

Boom. 32 countries?

Can someone say.. PlayStation domination?