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Sony Confirms all 32 Countries the PS4 Will be Available in on November 15th/November 29th

Giving you a full look at just which countries can expect the PlayStation 4 this November, Sony sent out this handy list, letting you know which countries will be getting the PlayStation 4, and on which day. (PS4)

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dboyc310  +   779d ago | Well said
Like a Boss!
Nawert  +   779d ago
That is a huge list!
TrendyGamers  +   779d ago
Yeah, they're supporting it in a ton of places!
xHeavYx  +   779d ago
nukeitall  +   779d ago

All 4 1 and 1 4 all!

indysurfn  +   779d ago
Oh yeah...well, well, the burg....I mean Microsoft will be availible to several mostly white population countries! And only mostly white population countries....hmmm...wait what?! Man Microsoft sucks donkey ones!
mistertwoturbo  +   779d ago
Waiting for the boys to come in

But but but 'Merica = World = Where it matters
MysticStrummer  +   779d ago
@mistertwoturbo - "Waiting for the boys to come in

But but but 'Merica = World = Where it matters"

They can't if they're paying attention to preorder numbers at all. Even with all the 180s, the One lost ground on Amazon NA's best sellers of 2013 list, which is updated daily, and the regular best seller list, which is updated hourly. PS4 is going to win NA, at least until MS drops Kinect, which will allow them to drop the One's price by quite a bit.
blackbeld  +   779d ago
Yep, huge list but what about Japan and other asian countries?
Ritsujun  +   779d ago
Shame on Xbone180.
mewhy32  +   779d ago
Wow. that's twice as many as the xbone.
jujubee88  +   779d ago
Nooo. Why did the first comment have to be a tired @ss meme?

Oh well, you're sentiment is a positive one. I'll just leave it at that. :-)
devwan  +   779d ago
What an impressive showing.

Australia and NZ "Europe" lol
mafiahajeri  +   779d ago
Technically their Europeans right? :P
Good_news_every1   779d ago | Spam
devwan  +   779d ago

You mean you're covered by SCEE - that I know.

My point was it's daft to see Oz and NZ listed as being "Europe"... you never know who might be discovering all they ever learn about geography by reading news items linked from N4G :)
meatysausage  +   779d ago
We get European PS+ so kind of worked off that :)
jessupj  +   779d ago
I've pre-ordered from Amazon (US). So I'll prob get it before my friends. Oh that is going to be so sweet lol...

...Unless it gets lost in the mail or confiscated by customs, in which case /wrists
TBONEJF  +   779d ago
3-4-5  +   778d ago
Doesn't surprise me really, PS2 still was selling good up until this year even. Not great the past couple years but still, The fact that the PS2 still has a huge fan base/ install base around the world tells us how much the rest of the world supports sony.
ZBlacktt  +   779d ago
In for record setting Next gen sales figures.

The Master race is here.

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wenaldy  +   779d ago
Dat slanted PS4..

user7402931  +   779d ago
in white
doctorstrange  +   779d ago
Anyone know how many regions previous consoles launched on? Would be an interesting comparison.
devwan  +   779d ago
wikipedia knows
Deadpoolio  +   779d ago
Wikipedia is NEVER a valid source for anything....Nothing is that anyone can edit
ZBlacktt  +   779d ago
MS had a worldwide launch as they rushed to get the Xbox out the door. Which turned into the worlds worst fail rate.

Mean while Sony launched in the US/Canada and Japan only in 2006 and all of Europe and many other countries not until spring of 2007.

Even still, the PS3 ended up selling more consoles.
richierich  +   779d ago
Another rub at MS
DoesUs  +   779d ago
Or maybe they have enough stock and resources to release in these countries?
DomceM  +   778d ago
its not about stock or resources. its about yields. MS cant make enough. Sony can.
B1663r  +   779d ago
Would be more interesting if it was a list of launch games like Microsoft gave, but as of right now, the PS4 has no games, and that is gonna be a problem for the console....
richierich  +   779d ago
They have a release date though
wenaldy  +   779d ago
You wish.
C-Thunder  +   779d ago
You keep believing that.
TheTwelve  +   779d ago
"The PS4 has no games"

You have lied.
avengers1978  +   779d ago
I want whatever your smoking
MysticStrummer  +   779d ago
"the PS4 has no games"

Oh dear...

Looks like it's back to the basics for MS fans.

Good luck with that.
jessupj  +   779d ago
Lol, "no games" lol.

To be honest, the PS4 is beating the X1 in pretty much every category. Cheaper, a lot more powerful, a slew of amazing, proven 1st party developers, backed by a company that has a genuine passion for the industry and the developers and gamers, the D4 is been praised from many sources as the better controller, Ps4 has way more pre-orders than X1. I could go on.

If I put myself in the shoes of an MS fanboy I would be absolutely furious right now. Absolutely rabid, filled with so much rage and so desperate to defend the X1 that I would resort to spewing outright lies.

I think out of respect we should have a moment of peace for the MS fanboys.
Magicite  +   778d ago
Sony's console is approved and got release dates. What has MS?
GoodnessGreatness  +   778d ago
Don't be an idiot. Just look at the PS3 and the games it has. It will be a repeat with the PS4 plus with bigger indie/developers support. Most of Xbox One exclusives were suppose to be on 360 lol. That is desperate just so their new console can have games.
Potato2  +   778d ago
The ps4 has no games wtf are talking about?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   779d ago
Boom. 32 countries?

Can someone say.. PlayStation domination?
shivvy24  +   779d ago
NO ! Greatness Awaits
user7402931  +   779d ago
welcome back ps2 domination.
thereapersson  +   779d ago

All I am thinking about is how much this parallels the PS2. The console even has a boxy PS2 look to it if you think about it.

edit: 4 agrees vs 1 disagree?

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user7402931  +   779d ago
it looks just like the ps2
Magicite  +   778d ago
Oh how I am waiting for that, just remember all the RPG's.
The_Sneauxman  +   779d ago
32 vs. 13

Need I say more
FlameHawk  +   779d ago
No Japan? Not surprised since most Japanese gamers are portable gamers.
LF91  +   779d ago
I think we will hear about the release date for Japan at TGS, and hopefully more games from Japanese devs.
KonsoruMasuta  +   779d ago
Last time I checked, Sony was still undecided on when to release in Japan.

Also, don't think Japan is only about handhelds. The PS4 is a guaranteed hit there.

@The_Sneauxman, I never said consoles were the major market in Japan. I stated that Japan wasn't only handhelds, like some people think. There is still a market for home consoles and still a potential for profit.
#8.2 (Edited 779d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
The_Sneauxman  +   779d ago
wrong, Japans Market is Hand-helds. It's quite the opposite here where consoles are the major market
The_Sneauxman  +   779d ago
ohh I see, well with that I would agree
Mario18  +   779d ago
Much more than twice the amount of X180
koolaid251  +   779d ago
I only care about America the country that I'm in sorry. lol.
wenaldy  +   779d ago
ShaunCameron  +   779d ago
@ wenaldy

**** YEAH!
MysticStrummer  +   779d ago
PS4 will outsell One in the US.
Aceman18  +   779d ago
yup that's why i'm buying one here in NYC :)
koolaid251  +   779d ago
Xbox 360 still has the lead in America. Watch XboxOne get Madden for free and some sort of exclusive watch all the Nfl games for free type of deal.
LOL_WUT  +   778d ago
Same here Koolaid251
EverydayGuy  +   779d ago
Sony only does 360's
stage88  +   779d ago
Hugely impressive as opposed to just 13 countries.
Ddouble  +   779d ago | Funny
Shhh No Tiers
devwan  +   779d ago
I see what you did there. Bub.
WeAreLegion  +   779d ago
Bubbles for funny. Good job.
Rimeskeem  +   779d ago
so MS you can just take your time while sony destroys globablly
Pancit_Canton  +   779d ago
No Asia?


Region free ftw.
KonsoruMasuta  +   779d ago
No Narnia either.

I guess I'll have to import too.
T2  +   779d ago
wtf that was random but funny as hell
Deadpoolio  +   779d ago
Good luck trying to just up and purchase one from anywhere lol
wenaldy  +   779d ago
My body is reggie!!!
kingPoS  +   779d ago
You mean this guy?

wenaldy  +   779d ago
Afro "Bruno Mars"? lolz
Flyingdog670  +   779d ago
Awesome! Playstation Domination is coming back baby! Though, the X1 will still do fine.
sigfredod  +   779d ago
32 more than the 21 that MS original launch list, and way more than 13
Mikelarry  +   779d ago
nice so glad we (UK) don't have to wait a year like we did with the ps3.
sincitysir1  +   779d ago
I want it already'
user7402931  +   779d ago
we all do.
pyramidshead  +   779d ago
Fuck, that's a lot of PS4s bought before christmas. May start saving up so I can get the rest bought for me as a present.
mafiahajeri  +   779d ago
My country is not on the list but I will get one come launch if its the last thing I do!!!
sigfredod  +   779d ago
where are you at?
mafiahajeri  +   779d ago
Kuwait. 3rd party stores will get it at launch time maybe even earlier but they don't offer a warranty at best they would give a 2 week warranty, they try to make up for it by throwing in 2 games maybe even three to make up for it but it isn't worth it, so I ain't going to take the risk of buying it from them because I don't want to take the risk of new hardware going haywire, better safe then Sorry, you never know.

Going to call the official Sony store here tomorrow to see if their going to get it on launch. I need a 1 year warranty that ill frame in my living room :P or it's bust.
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pr0digyZA  +   779d ago
You never know it might be sooner than you think. South Africa is getting it on the 6 December, and that is not listed in the countries.
karl  +   779d ago
omg cant believe its coming to Argentina..

i was to pay around 1000 dollars to some importer..
yeah.. they will be that much over here.. no kidding
Xsilver  +   779d ago
and people wanna say Sony lost, their definition of lost is all messed up.
GraveLord  +   779d ago
You can't reason with fanboys.
Xsilver  +   779d ago
u aint even lying.
hairy  +   779d ago
around tha werld around tha werld -takes out glowsticks and starts dancing to strobe lights-
GraveLord  +   779d ago
November 15th
United States

November 29th – Europe
New Zealand
United Kingdom

November 29th – Latin America
Costa Rica
El Salvador
#24 (Edited 779d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Nekroo91  +   779d ago
I hope your list is right if i dont get one at 29th november im going to get crazy...
GraveLord  +   779d ago
The list is from the article so don't blame me if its wrong.
i have friends in australia, germany and uk they better get it on the 29th or less. always play killzone series with them.
Sci0n  +   779d ago
where is saudi arabia at? I only ask because I run into so many KSA gamers on PSN. They are going to be pissed if they don't get a 2013 launch date like everyone else.
Wedge19  +   779d ago
Good to know the PlayStation love will be around the world by the end of November.
ApolloTheBoss  +   779d ago
Check f*ckin mate.
user7402931  +   779d ago
ShaunCameron  +   779d ago
Same week as my 34th birthday. I hope I can get one.
indysurfn  +   779d ago
well it's the same YEAR as my 51st birth day. Oh wait that does that count much does it.
Thats right I'm not dead yet so I still enjoy 'playing'.
danny818  +   779d ago
Look like ms just scrambled to keep up with sony tbh. All the turnarounds, whats included in box, the recent details barely surfacing, and the backtracking of all the countries it was supposed to launch in
Deadpoolio  +   779d ago
It kinda makes me wonder IF they are even in production with the One80 yet...Between the stories about them having problems with overheating, and the stories about how they were caught with their pants down assuming Sony wouldn't launch till 2014....Like what the hell is MS doing
EPiCDiNGO  +   779d ago
Playstation Nation let november be a time of greatness :)
bigboss1990  +   779d ago
PlayStation 4, gonna kick the shit out of Xbox can't wait lol :P:P:P:P
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