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Sony Loves Indies at Gamescom 2013

The most important information is a solid release date. Contrary to many predictions for a late October release, Sony has officially confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be releasing in North America November 15th and in Europe November 29th. The pricing at $399 remains unchanged. Some additional information has now been released to entice more people to sign on to the PlayStation + service, with a 14-day trial available for anyone that buys a PS4. In addition, for people that may not be transitioning to the PS4 right away, it’s been announced that people that buy the PS3 version of certain upcoming titles from EA, Activision, Ubisoft and Warner Interactive will receive substantial discounts for purchasing the digital versions of the same titles on the PS4. (Culture, Sony)

ABeastNamedTariq  +   324d ago
"Extremely poor camera work meant that trailers that should have been garnering attention were shown from a distance, just when people wanted to see more detail."

I'd fire that dummy cameraman. Camera work pissed me off too. The trailers were really nice.

EDIT: Okay supe. Stupid director!
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iamnsuperman  +   324d ago
It wasn't the camera man's fault but the director. At times I had no idea what he was doing. Why was he/she panning away when a trailer was playing. Weird
Jughead3416  +   324d ago
I was saying the same thing. I'm yelling at the screen the whole time like, "YO SHOW THE FREAKIN FOOTAGE UP CLOSE!!!" What the heck is this long distance camera angle crap?!! Anyway, I'm sure we'll see official trailers for all the titles shown sometime later today. But that was frustrating though. Took away from the experiece a little.
sckipt  +   324d ago
MS payed the cameraman
dark-kyon  +   324d ago
good one.
Jughead3416  +   324d ago
Media Molecule started as a small Indie studio. Now they're one of Sony's best game developers. With all the Indie support, they're sure to find another Media Molecule out there. That game Shadow of the Beast looks like it's gonna be great.
NateCole  +   324d ago
Its not just lip service from Sony so i am happy. People forget that these are future top AAA game devs. Sony is smart in getting them on board early. This way they can also look at recruiting the best and brightest devs while adding variety to PS games portfolio.

I love AAA games like everyone else but sometimes i just want to blast asteroids for a few minutes on small indie games that are cheap in price.

Sony really did show indie devs their commitment by showcasing indie games on a big stage that is normally reserved for the big boys.
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