Top 5 Most Overrated SNES Games

I’m tired of hearing about certain SNES games.

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Godmars2901648d ago

Certainly know someone who thinks their opinion isn't overrated - except it is...

Snookies121648d ago

Chrono Trigger and Super Mario World are certainly not overrated. They're STILL fun to play, to this day. I've gone through those games so many times.

Black-Helghast1648d ago

This guy doesn't know what he's saying. Chrono Trigger is an amazing game.

VileAndVicious1648d ago

Chrono trigger is one of the greatest RPGS of all time. It's not than just one of the best SNES games lol.

Pancit_Canton1648d ago

Chrono Trigger Overrated? Please go ______ yourself.

CaptainCamper1648d ago

We're all entitled to our own opinion but sir, yours is just wrong! :D Good read though, at least it's obvious you know what you're talking about and haven't just thrown Chrono Trigger in as a controversial choice.

dark-kyon1648d ago

super mario world is the perfect plataform game.the other mario games can be betters games but never can surpass the perfection of this game gameplay,level design.

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The story is too old to be commented.