GamesCom 2013: Did Microsoft Just Win The Conference Showdown?

VideoGamer: "There was a lot of talking, but not a lot was actually said. Sony and Microsoft's press conferences were perfunctionary more than explosive - the latter being kept only for those in attendance - even with the announcements of PS4's release date and Microsoft's commitment to making sure that FIFA is played by every human being, ever..."

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NYC_Gamer1737d ago

Won what?I believe both events weren't ground breaking and could have benefited from huge exclusive software being revealed.

MWong1737d ago

I wasn't too impressed with either conference. I wanted to see more reveals than what we saw.

gaffyh1737d ago

I think the big thing at MS was FIFA 14 being free, but that's not much compared to the slew of indie games, plus Vita price cut, plus release date, plus 32 countries at launch etc.

ShinMaster1737d ago

If you buy a PS4 and FIFA separately, it would still be cheaper than the Xbox One with free FIFA.

Just saying.

Saigon1737d ago


You said the right thing. Though MS made that announcement it reallys mean nothing when it comes to nickel and dimes. The PS4 with FIFA 14 still cost less than the inclusion of an Xbone with FIFA 14. I watched the sony conference and I am a little mad most people have yet to talk about what was really shown. Sony showed the UI in action. Sony also showed a slew of 1st party games that were in development, some that were really good and I wish they showed more of those games.

But I honestly think regardless what Sony showed there would have been issues because MS and Nintendo did not have a conference. MS showed nothing in their 40 minute closed conference but gave a lot of information. Sony showed a slew of information along with the Vita and PS4 remote play. I guess to each their own.

JeffGUNZ1736d ago

@ Shinmaster. The Xbox One is more expensive due to Kinect being bundled, simple as that. Free Fifa on top of that is a solid move by MS.

MWong1736d ago

@ JeffGUNZ
A solid move from M$ would be bundle the Kinect with the XBone and reduce the console price. I honestly thought at GamesCom M$ would release a standalone console version of the XBone. Why because the Kinect isn't mandatory anymore.

I can buy a PS4 + Fifa 14 + DLC & I get a free 14 day trail period of PS+ all for the price of an XBone.

sweendog1736d ago

Also once you are done with FIFA on the ps4 you can trade it in. No such luck with xbox one as everybody has it. I was stuck with project gotham on 360 for years.

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bigfish1737d ago

Im not going to even bother clicking on the story

whoyouwit041737d ago

I bet you would've click if it said sony.

SpecialSauce1737d ago

good for them they need it and a lot more

avengers19781737d ago

They were both pretty boring to me. But at least I know when I can get my hands on my pre ordered PS4, November 15th can't come soon enough.

4Sh0w1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I thought Microsofts great lineup and hands on approach was refreshing and easily better than what sony did which seemed to be relying on indie support and "goodwill" for not introducing drm. Thats nice but Im more interested in seeing something big from ND or Santa Monica.

Hey is this it or are they going to show more tomorrow?

walkincarpet1737d ago

MS did a great job getting themselves out of the way and letting the games do the talking. Sony had some good but set themselves up for disappointment by teasing exclusives and only revealing basically indies. Also Sony keep attacking MS as if they were back in middle school while MS is focusing on making up for its past blunders. MS wins this one, but Sony helped them.

Underworld1737d ago

Couldn't disagree more. In no way did Microsoft win. What did they announce? Fifa free with pre-orders in Europe, Fable and some exclusive content for The Division. Can't remember what else.

Sony's was much better. Not as good I was hoping but still good. Yeah, it would have been nice to see more of The Order and an Uncharted 4 reveal but we still got a lot.

Some things:

PS Vita price drop
Assassin's Creed 3 free for PS plus
Remote play shown with AC
Shadow of the Beast
War Thunder
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
A lot of indie games (positive or negative)
LittleBigPlanet Hub
Borderlands 2 for Vita
More Killzone
More Infamous
Spoke about some of the features and apps
Release date

That's a lot.

JeffGUNZ1736d ago

@ Underwolrd.

Give us a break, if you think Sony did a better job then MS here, you're a blatant fanboy. Sony will release a fantastic system, but MS just had a better presentation. So everyone else in the gaming world is wrong but you, huh?

Tapewurm1737d ago

simple and best answer to the title question: Hows abouts NO!

Tapioca Cold1737d ago

it's funny how everyone on here is beating around the bush... I can totally see it. No one is mentioning it.

I am a Sony guy but it's funny to see the sony fanboys all disregarding the one BIG exclusive.

It looks fantastic.


kremit-211737d ago

Except it will also be on PC and 360

CrimsonSquall1736d ago

Not only is it also on PC, but when the developers have been interviewed about it coming to more platforms they never give haste to say no. Also, it's published by EA so if theres any indication that it may come to PS4, it's that.

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iamnsuperman1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I disagree. I made my view on the FIFA thing here but they didn't really announce anything but that. Sony announced and showed game after game showing support for indies. It is a shame that they didn't showcase more AAA titles but it is nice to see these indies get a focus and the fact they are coming next year

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deep_fried_bum_cake1737d ago

I agree. They seem to have announced that they are giving FIFA free and reaffirmed what we already knew about indie development. I'm not really sure what else they had.

On the Sony side, I have to say that I was surprised by the large Vita focus but pleasantly so. They announced some nice looking titles like Rime. I did go through the conference wondering when the big PS4 games were coming but overall the conference left me with a positive impression.

MajorLazer1737d ago

Most are, what the N4G community love to say, 'timed exclusives' but with an added twist of 'exclusive debut'

Gamer6661737d ago

The indie message is getting old and oversold...

And if I look at my games collection, I don't find indie games are the types I keep going back to...

They definitely provide some ground breaking ideas. But, I don't want to have to weed through hundreds of shovelware indie games to find the few I actually like...

Both announced some new games but neither announced megaton games. Both announced DLC content, but I give the edge to MS with exclusive Division DLC. Sony announced their launch date and MS announced the launch titles, guess the reverse will be true at TGS - Then we can compare real shipping titles and launch dates. MS did announce a unique thing... A new third party release bundled with pre-ordered consoles, which is probably going to help European pre-orders.

So, I give a slight edge to MS.

T21737d ago

You give a slight edge for dlc over shadow, rapture , and rime ? Wow you really dont play many types of games I guess

Saigon1737d ago

I think the problem is that people don't understand indie games are what define the future of games in general. You may disagree with that but in some form of light it is true. Most of Sony main studios were originally indie companies that made a concept that Sony liked and they adopted the concept as a whole along with the game. Perfect example as of recent is MM makers of LittleBigPlanet. If I am not mistaken ND was once an indie company and Sony not only adopted the concept ND created but the company itself. Notice how whenever an indie company is bought by a major publisher the original founder or co founder seems to always leave and start another indie company. Its a rotating process. I support Sony's decision, because I understand where it could lead. And to not leave MS out, they are adapting this concept also.

Gamer6661737d ago


Almost all development studios start as indies.

I do realize that indies are important, but it seems right now as if they are more important then established studios that constantly deliver great games... Naughty Dogg, Guerilla, 343, Visceral, Twisted Pixel, Sony Santa Monica, Rockstar Boston, UbiSoft Montreal, EA Vancouver, etc.

You have to remember that the AAA franchises are typically $100 million dollar adventures. By not giving focus to these huge investments gamers may end up in a situation where there are only indie games that only cost a few $100,000 to create. There has to be balanced so that great games like Killzone, Halo, CoD, BF, God of War, Gears of War, etc. still are released.

Saigon1737d ago


I actually disagree with that statement about AAA games needing big budgets in order to be successful or considered AAA. the big budget didn't really occur until last generation and this current generation. The prices to produce games were extremely out of whack the last two generations. In such that we received less games overall this generation than the previous, at least by my knowledge. Look at some of the acclaimed games that were released without a big budget, but received countless awards. Most of them were indie games with small budgets. A perfect example is bastion and flower and oh there are so many to list. We've hit the ceiling on the cost of big budget/AAA games and now it is time to revert. Not meaning not to provide a good budget to create a AAA game, but applying a reasonable budget for these games. Studios shouldn't have to go out of business because they couldn't meet the demand of other AAA games.

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pompombrum1737d ago

Well Sony were boasting preorder numbers, I'm pretty sure Microsoft didn't. That in it's own right is a victory when you can start talking high numbers.

Gamer6661737d ago

Yeah, that means your headed back to being cocky and arrogant...

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