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Sony reveal new PS4 Peripherals

Pretty sweet showing from Sony at Gamescom 2013 right? Just thought I’d share some of the sweet PS4 accessories they’ve just announced.

The Blue Dual Shock 4 is calling to me. And that Charge Kit will no doubt be handy!

No prices announced yet though >.<

Bring on November 29th! (PS4, Sony, Tech)

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Black-Helghast  +   645d ago
That red controller. <3
Lwhit6  +   645d ago
I dont think I've ever seen a controller as awesome looking as that! Imagine a dark green one...
titletownrelo  +   645d ago
really? then check these out bro!

mistecheese  +   645d ago

:O that white one !
crxss  +   645d ago
hoping to see a camo one soon.
madpuppy  +   645d ago
I would love to get one in forest green.
sengoku  +   645d ago
A New PS4 7.1 headset would have been cool
karl  +   644d ago
need the white one.. why arent they releasing a white one =( they always save that for some special edition in the future
mikeslemonade  +   644d ago
Pink one.. The "Nicki Minaj" edition.
Cryptcuzz  +   645d ago
That red controller. Mucho Caliente!
Black-Helghast  +   644d ago
That comment made me giggle a lot lmao!
Cryptcuzz  +   644d ago

Haha, I am glad I made you giggle man!

The red one IS so damn hot looking!
Mounce  +   645d ago
oHkoggmmga. The blue and red controllers are fucking mad sexy. I want my default PS4 to have one of those instead of a black one! HNNNNNG
Rimeskeem  +   645d ago
I want the a white one
slimeybrainboy  +   644d ago
I'm with you on that. I love the new cases as well. Both XB1 and PS4 have stepped up game cases, (apart from the DVD box, soz Xbox) Have you see the Driveclub box art, would look so sexy with a white controller.
RyanShutup  +   644d ago
storm trooper white w/ the black accents (touchpad, buttons, triggers) would be ridiculously sexy.
trafalger  +   645d ago
the red is nice
SaffronCurse  +   644d ago
FullmetalRoyale  +   644d ago
You picked a very good avatar, imo.

That's really cool..

OT: Yes. That red controller.
DAS692  +   644d ago
I personally like the Black the most. I'm a simple kinda guy. Not really into the more flashy things in life. I also like the contrast of the black color with the light bar.
showtimefolks  +   644d ago
i am all for RED

sony show some love to color GREEN please, i want a green ps4 controller
ZBlacktt  +   645d ago
I'd like to see some skins and light bar colors for the console itself!
ApolloTheBoss  +   645d ago
Damn those controllers are sexy.
right now the blue controller is calling my name but i want to see all the camo skin colors first.
onyoursistersback  +   645d ago
they should make theme systems to go with them controllers.
KillrateOmega  +   645d ago
That blue controller, bro. Goes perfectly with the Playstation color theme.
Cryptcuzz  +   645d ago
That blue one is so far my favorite, but I am thinking of getting both. I hope they will be readily available.
nevin1  +   645d ago
I want to see a clear one.
crxss  +   645d ago
^100% agreed. Would be awesome to see the interior
rustyspoon80  +   644d ago
I have a clear red Dual Shock 2 and have been wanting a Dual Shock 3 the same, but it never appeared.

thehitman  +   644d ago
I had a green and clear blue ds2 they were by far my favorites im suprised no clear versions of the ds3 hopefully they will eventually get to that this time with the ds4.
Jughead3416  +   645d ago
I wanted to get an extra controller at launch, but these colors may not be available at launch. They just said later this year
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HugoDrax  +   645d ago
I'm not a fan of the colors, looks childish. I like blue and red, just don't like the type of blue and red used. I'd prefer a translucent, white, or silver console. Although, I'm sure Japan will see a special edition white or silver PS4 console. Or I'll just send my PS4 to colorwarepc.com to get the custom white or silver finish.
Aghashie  +   645d ago
Have to admit that I won't mind a white ps4. But don't think I am gonna risk loosing the warranty doing custom jobs on my new system.
HugoDrax  +   645d ago
Can you imagine how slick a white PS4 would look with the blue LED strip wrapping around the console? So sweet! The blue LED illuminating on the top of the dual shock would also look nice against the white as well.

Although, I agree with you about losing the warranty doing custom jobs :-(
thekhurg  +   645d ago
That charging station will be mine.
GraveLord  +   645d ago
They should do colored controllers to match each of the face buttons.
Aghashie  +   645d ago
Bah! DS4 Charging Station. That is a must.
oldskoolgamer702  +   645d ago
That red one got me aroused!
Bobby Kotex  +   645d ago
What a screwed up website.
wsoutlaw87  +   645d ago
Ya its useless on a phone.
v6volume  +   645d ago
Ohhhhhhhh that red controller got me feeling some kinda way
Zancruz  +   645d ago
One Red Dualshock 4 (For Racing Games) and DS4 Charging Station will be purchased....
sAVAge_bEaST  +   645d ago
your right, that will make you faster., (;
Zancruz  +   644d ago
And don't forget the speedholes... Lol

No, I just like my Analog sticks tight and responsive for racing games... Playing FPS's breaks them in too fast making them super loose, Plus I've been using different colored controllers (And i had matching colored memory cards too) for different games since my PS2 days and I'm not about to change now...
cellur111  +   645d ago
I like the controllers except for the black tip on the handles...
Robotronfiend  +   644d ago
But then you can say "just the tip" on a regular basis. :-)
Brianaro  +   645d ago
I want a black one
vigilante_man  +   644d ago
Don't be silly. Who is going to make a black one...
EximiusNebula  +   645d ago
Dammit, I have to buy a stand.
maniacmayhem  +   645d ago
That blue controller is sexy and that docking station is even sexier. Would love to see a black and white controller.

Are they seriously selling the stand separate? That's kind of phony.
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ShabbaRanks  +   645d ago
they always have :S
SchwoererBear  +   645d ago
Those are some good looking controllers. I will pass on the charging station because you can charge controllers while the system is off now. I agree that a white ps4 would be awesome, a glossy white would be awesome. I used to shine my fat mgs4 special edition ps3 up with windex and it would glimmer.
vigilante_man  +   644d ago
Its a shame the PS4 does not ship with the red and blue one in the box. I am greedy, I know. But they look amazing!
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   644d ago
What miss this touch Ned on any color?
Green and yellow :D
TKCMuzzer  +   644d ago
Just pre-ordered the red one, nice to have these options at launch instead of 12 months in.
cyclindk  +   644d ago
My controller is gonna be coated red when I finally pry it out of my hands after playing continuously for the next seven months after release.
InTheZoneAC  +   644d ago
the black controller....all business and style.
Relientk77  +   644d ago
I want a blue controller
GodlyPanda117  +   644d ago
Blue and Red combo for me!
naBs  +   644d ago
I've fallen even more in love with the DS4 now. |:
Robotronfiend  +   644d ago
Hopefully they do another gold one like they did late int he PS3 cycle. Not sure if they sold it outside of gamestop.

More gold controllers for consoles please. Now that I'm thinking about it, why aren't there controller colors to match the trophy colors? Bronze, silver, gold, and plat might actually sell pretty well.
Y_5150  +   644d ago
I'm getting a PS4 with shadow fall and Knack with a Blue controller. And don't forget the charging station. Sucking me dry Sony, good job!
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