Sony reveal new PS4 Peripherals

Pretty sweet showing from Sony at Gamescom 2013 right? Just thought I’d share some of the sweet PS4 accessories they’ve just announced.

The Blue Dual Shock 4 is calling to me. And that Charge Kit will no doubt be handy!

No prices announced yet though >.<

Bring on November 29th!

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Lwhit61132d ago

I dont think I've ever seen a controller as awesome looking as that! Imagine a dark green one...

mistecheese1132d ago


:O that white one !

crxss1132d ago

hoping to see a camo one soon.

madpuppy1132d ago

I would love to get one in forest green.

sengoku1132d ago

A New PS4 7.1 headset would have been cool

karl1131d ago

need the white one.. why arent they releasing a white one =( they always save that for some special edition in the future

mikeslemonade1131d ago

Pink one.. The "Nicki Minaj" edition.

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Cryptcuzz1132d ago

That red controller. Mucho Caliente!

Black-Helghast1131d ago

That comment made me giggle a lot lmao!

Cryptcuzz1131d ago


Haha, I am glad I made you giggle man!

The red one IS so damn hot looking!

Mounce1132d ago

oHkoggmmga. The blue and red controllers are fucking mad sexy. I want my default PS4 to have one of those instead of a black one! HNNNNNG

slimeybrainboy1131d ago

I'm with you on that. I love the new cases as well. Both XB1 and PS4 have stepped up game cases, (apart from the DVD box, soz Xbox) Have you see the Driveclub box art, would look so sexy with a white controller.

RyanShutup1131d ago

storm trooper white w/ the black accents (touchpad, buttons, triggers) would be ridiculously sexy.

FullmetalRoyale1131d ago

You picked a very good avatar, imo.

That's really cool..

OT: Yes. That red controller.

DAS6921131d ago

I personally like the Black the most. I'm a simple kinda guy. Not really into the more flashy things in life. I also like the contrast of the black color with the light bar.

showtimefolks1131d ago

i am all for RED

sony show some love to color GREEN please, i want a green ps4 controller

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ZBlacktt1132d ago

I'd like to see some skins and light bar colors for the console itself!

ApolloTheBoss1132d ago

Damn those controllers are sexy.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1132d ago

right now the blue controller is calling my name but i want to see all the camo skin colors first.

onyoursistersback1132d ago

they should make theme systems to go with them controllers.

KillrateOmega1132d ago

That blue controller, bro. Goes perfectly with the Playstation color theme.

Cryptcuzz1132d ago

That blue one is so far my favorite, but I am thinking of getting both. I hope they will be readily available.

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The story is too old to be commented.