Opinion: Resident Racism, or why we can't have nice things

Destructoid's Jim Sterling talks about Resident Evil 5:

"When the trailer for Resident Evil 5 was released, it caused quite a stir with its imagery of Chris Redfield, a white man, going to a foreign country to shoot black zombies. Before we had even seen the game in full or known any details on the story, there were those in our society willing to brand it racist, to extrapolate an entire metaphor and mindset behind this game from five minutes of footage.

The majority of us laughed at such ridiculous notions, and didn't see anything wrong with the trailer, but according to N'gai Croal, as we discussed yesterday, that was the wrong opinion and we need to see the inherent racial undertones in this five minute video.

So, once again this 'controversy' has reared its ugly head, as we get hear a black point of view about this oh-so racist game. Well, this is unconventional, and some would say impossible, but I'm going to throw a white opinion into the ring. I know, I know, white people aren't really allowed to have opinions on racism if you talk to some individuals, but let's throw convention to the wind just this once."

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Mr_Bun3897d ago

Why is it that all enemies in video games have to be white? In San Andreas you were a black guy shooting white people and of course this was deemed at racist towards the black RE5, you have White people shooting black zombies and somehow this is also against the black community even though it is the exact opposite situation!

ukilnme3897d ago

Maybe we should make them bright green or something. I'm am sure somebody would still be offended.

monkfish3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

One question....
is it not rascist to assume that white people are oppresive people out to get anyone different.

It is always a 2 way street with these arguments.

i do see the concerns and the reason to be cautious. But here i think you can look to hard to see something that isnt there (i hope....) to be fair though i to will have to withold final judgement untill i see this game for myself.

Cwalat3897d ago

i think those who think this is even a bit racist is RACIST themselves... to even think that way is crazy...

i mean comon, its in Africa not in Europe or US....
i think black ppl would be more offended if they portrayed that the majority of ppl living in africa were white folkes...

i have many african friends and they laugh when they hear this shiet..
they love this game and they'll pikk it up no matter what...

JsonHenry3897d ago


We ALL KNOW that white people are always killing zombies just because they are zombies. I am proud to be racist! F*ck those damn zombies! Always walking around and moaning loud in public like someone wants to hear them. Always ganging people in packs, never in a fair one on one fight! The degrade our way of life. The decay of society! And they NEVER bathe! They are afraid of water or something?!

I am white and I am proud to be racist against those damn zombies!

Kami3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

its so racist! the black guys are going to gang rape the white, Oh crap one of the black guys hit the white guy WTF so racist.
I bet that The only ones that are making deal about this are the yanks. They take everything racist, if you take a sh*t that its brown or black they are going to call you racist because you didn't sh*t white. Poor Japs at capcom never saw anything racist in it(because they probably arent) and now everybody its bashing them.

The Closing3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

People love to turn nothing into something. Always looking for a reason to sperate themselves. Becoming the very thing they once despised, a racist.

Truplaya3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Who ever spotted racism in this game needs to grow up. What kind of people do you expect to find turning into Zombies in Africa? Germans?

Britjadg3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

wait for the game, personally i think this is being properly overblown, at the absolute worst it could be considered poor taste and thats taken it a step too far in my opinion.

the very fact of the matter is that whatever game developers do is gonna piss off somebody somewhere (no doubt Sonic'll piss off hedgehogs everywhere they're not a violent species afterall). as already pointed out GTA:SA was labelled "racist" by some coz a black guy was going around shooting a load of white people.

i would also point out that if this so called section of the "black community" got its way, then game developers only choice would be to NOT make games involving black characters - and then you'd get some bullshit about inequality in games.

the sad fact of the matter is that these individuals see racism and oppression anywhere and everywhere they go - and while it can be understood in the context of western history, i think its about time to just strap on a pair. afterall, a black mans running for president and the KKK is all but dead.

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