Firefly Revealed as Batman: Arkham Origins’ Newest Assassin

David Rodriguez writes, "A newest member of the eight assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins has been revealed. Firefly will join the cast of Batman: Arkham Origins and has been revealed in this newest trailer."

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Kalebninja1553d ago

he was actually revealed ages ago along with the court of owls and someone else but finally a trailer

Kalebninja1553d ago

i dont like the way he looks where's his orange helmet?

Mikelarry1553d ago

awesome trailer. i really wish they would release a next gen version of this

XboxFun1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Never pictured Firefly as an assassin, more of a corporate assassin who torched businesses so the big wigs could collect the insurance.

By the way, when has Joker ever been a match hand to hand for Batman? Makes no sense!

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