Sony: We Were Consistent, Others Have Shifted Their Message

Sony continues to take jabs at Microsoft's Xbox One strategy.

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xHeavYx1462d ago

Funny thing is that, nothing that he said was fake

ZBlacktt1462d ago

You missed out on being first to post here..darn.

LostDjinn1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

True, but it was still an unnecessary dig.

I mean Sony just pummeled MS with games. To turn around and and hit them with this after the fact just strikes me as adding insult to injury.

Edit: My God the tears in here are hilarious.

Tony-A1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Unexpected, but it was most definitely something that the media and everyone watching picked up right away.

Right now, they're looking like the sure and confident ones, which made that comment seem perfectly placed seeing as MS have been constantly changing their minds over almost every little detail.

Dee_911462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I actually agree with you septic.Not about the show being underwhelming, I was satisfied, maybe your expecting to much.

Septic1462d ago

Yeah but it was such a cheap shot and reeked of a poor attempt to try and replicate the reaction they got at the end of E3. And his little smirk at the end of his statement....really?

It was such an underwhelming show, especially after all the hype that was generated for it.

I'm not starting anything here but you honestly, tell me, did you think the show was as good as you expected? Not for me at all.

JC_Denton1462d ago

I personally don't think the whole "Hey everyone, look at how great we are, BUT also look at how bad Microsoft is" message should have continued past E3. It was all in good fun then, but now it's bordering on childish and completely unprofessional.

This is coming from the guy who sees Microsoft as North Korea, and loses respect for people who are buying the Xbox One.

Pintheshadows1462d ago

Sony said they'd announce games and they did. Droves of them. What do some people on here want? MS did the same and got criticism for it as well.

MS and Sony: 'here are tons of games for you that we didn't have to make'.

Idiot N4G users: 'waaaah, these aren't the games I want. I'm going to throw my toys all over the floor'.

Salooh1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

MS have been doing it for a long time and now you complain , let them say whatever they want as long it's true. It won't harm anyone lol ...


PSVita1462d ago

@septic- "poor attempt"?

Judging from the crowds reaction it wasn't poor at all. In fact he didn't even mention MS so the fact that you, I, and the crowd KNEW who he was talking about speaks volumes.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31462d ago

Doesn't make up for that weak conference I wasted my time watching.

mewhy321462d ago

LOL. Yeah micro$oft has done so many 180's that it's making me dizzy.

Septic1462d ago


" In fact he didn't even mention MS so the fact that you, I, and the crowd KNEW who he was talking about speaks volumes."

Well who else were they supposed to be talking about? The only other big console player releasing a next-gen console is Microsoft. It doesn't speak volumes.

Disagree all you want but that moment was cringe-worthy, regardless of the fact that he was right. And he WAS right...I'm not saying that he wasn't but it just seemed desperate or a cheap shot.

Dee_911462d ago

Nobody said , what he said wasn't true, it was just unnecessary imo.All it does is cause drama.
I think the show would have been better if it had better camera angles.I want to see the trailers, not the crowd.Also no new trailer from drive club or The order 1886 is quite disappointing but over all it was decent because we still got alot of news.
Such as the RELEASE DATE!!!

abzdine1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

he's so right, now unleash the fanboys who will say opposite

why do people comment on the show itself instead of these words he said? does the truth hurt at this point?

1462d ago
HiddenMission1462d ago


Short answer hell yes! Price drops on Vita and PS3, PS4 launch day reveal and a shit ton of games!

MS still haven't dropped it's release date for the XBOXONE, they haven't shown a slew of new games and they haven't dropped price on existing hardware.

Try all you like but the reality is Sony is so far ahead in gamers eyes it's not even funny...I mean holy hell a million PS4's already sold...good luck XBOXONE...

Just saying :P

nukeitall1462d ago

So when is Sony going to sell the PS4 based on it's features, games, content and value?

Instead of measuring itself against the Xbox One constantly?

Seems to be a theme. Sony constantly takes a jab at MS and it started way back, when Ken Kutaragi talked smack about the Xbox 360, and followed with Kevin Butler and now this.

Stay classy Sony and sell your product based on the merit of it's value.

Blacktric1462d ago

"I was satisfied, maybe your expecting to much."

>Indies, indies, indies
>PC indies are now coming to PS4, Vita
>Measly 50 dollar price drop for Vita opposed to rumored 100
>Already announced games like GT6, InFamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall
>No noteworthy announcement
>Unnecessary dig at Microsoft at the end that serves no purpose after they slapped them with PS4 reveal in February and pummelled them with E3 conference.

You're saying that you liked all this nonesense while telling him that he was expecting too much? Talk about having low expectations...

mandf1462d ago

@ wraith

How was Ms conference? I forgot you didn't have one so by default it was the best conference of gamescom.

Revolver_X_1462d ago

"unnecessary dig"

Sony is just trying to point out the facts. MS has significantly changed their model to replicate Sony's. As a business Sony has to seperate themselves to show the consumer they are the best choice. I dont see a problem with Sony pointing it out that they had this stance from the start, and didnt change it due to negative feedback, pre-order numbers, etc. It's all in good fun and they are competition. It's not like Sony went and put Destiny as a PS4 Exclusive or anything. See what I did there? It was a small jab. Calm down and untangle your panties.

xHeavYx1462d ago

Keep trying, the conference showed features, games, price reductions, stop hurting and get off Sony related news, it's gonna raise your blood pressure

AngelicIceDiamond1462d ago

Shifting there msg for the better. No DRM, Kinect optional, loads of games.

And the PR is much clearer. I dare anyone find an argument out of this.

tokugawa1462d ago

and the message has changed... for the better.

deal with it, and move along.

GraveLord1462d ago

You'd be surprised how many Xbox fanboys think Microsoft is somehow beating Sony. Last time I checked changing policies and pulling 180s all over the place isn't considering winning, its considering reacting.

FamilyGuy1462d ago

More importantly, "...with more than 1 million pre-orders already, worldwide"

1 MILLION pre-orders!
That's insane, last I read the vgcharts estimate was like 76,000 lol

Dee_911462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Yea I just
>Won $50million dollars
>Married some stupid super model
>solved world hunger
> cured countless of un-curable diseases
>brought upon world piece
No biggie
See I can make awesome things look like nothing too.
whats is this 5th grade?

Blacktric1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

"See I can make awesome things look like nothing too."

If you genuinely think any of those could be classified as awesome, then I do feel bad for you and your sense of standards. Being in this much denial takes its toll hard it seems.

It still doesn't change the fact that they obliterated Microsoft with their previous two conferences of course. But those also doesn't change the fact that this conference was lackluster at best.

"whats is this 5th grade?"

Judging by your punctuation, typos and passive agressive attitude, yes. For you at least.

Dee_911462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

So not only are we bashing someone for having an opinion and taking personal digs, we are also being grammar nazis and passing opinions off as "facts "?
are you serious right now?

inveni01462d ago


At this point, Sony is a lot of things, but desperate isn't one of them. They said what they said to prove a point. Their vision is to embrace gamers. Microsoft's vision was to keep gamers complacent. Sony just wants us to remember who has had our best interest in mind from the moment the PS4 began development.

thejigisup1462d ago

Sony in general seems to be pretty happy with their master plan for the ps4 and honestly if you were in charge of making sure your product was successful you would probably not necessarily take pride in taking a few jabs at the competition but take pride in reassuring your customers and potential customers that you are ready and willing and have been doing something right by them.

Anon19741462d ago

Funny to me how Aaron Greenberg from Microsoft is just slam after slam over the years and no one says boo. Sony mentions they've been consistent and on point, which they have been and suddenly it's a tasteless, unnecessary shot at the competition?

UnHoly_One1462d ago

If I wanted to play indie games I'd buy an Ouya.

Oh wait, I did. My kickstarter reward Ouya has been powered on for about 10 minutes total in the 3 months I've had it, and I haven't spent a dime on a game because they are all trash.

That's the Indie scene that we are all supposed to oooh and ahhh over.... Gimme a break, it's garbage.

I wish MS had stuck to their guns on not allowing self publishing, I don't need that crap cluttering up my XB1 marketplace when I'm looking to buy a real game.