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Submitted by bunnyformulax 831d ago | news

Certain AAA Titles Can Be Transferred from PS3 to PS4 at Severely Discounted Price

Sony will allow gamers who bough games such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty on the PS3 to transfer titles to PS4 at discounted price. (PS3, PS4, Sony)

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THC CELL  +   831d ago
Boooooom Sony love
joe90   831d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
fredrikpedersen  +   831d ago
I love them if it really is significantly doiscounted. It should be free imo, if you bought the game digitally for PS3.

Same with Borderlands 2 PS3 - Vita
Thisisjuju  +   831d ago
I disagree. If they had to give borderlands 2 free on vita for PS3 owners what would be the point in making it?
admiralvic  +   831d ago
@ Thisisjuju

To get some positive buzz to counteract their Aliens CM fiasco, outsourcing the BL 2 DLC, micro transactions, charging $10 dollars for characters, charging for level cap increases, charging $100 dollars for the diamond loot chest and their constant flip flopping / lies?
Thisisjuju  +   831d ago
@ admiralvic

I don't think a free vita game would appropriately repent for those points you make, the vita audience is too small and specific.

If they were going to apologize for something like Aliens:CM it would have to be global and directly towards people who actually purchased the game. Like maybe a discount on a future title for purchasers of Aliens:CM?

Not that it would ever happen.
admiralvic  +   831d ago
@ Thisisjuju

What about it is free? The persons listed requirement was digital PS3 buyers, so it would work like a cross buy, which several games implemented (even games that released MONTHS before the Vita).

I never once said they had to apologize for anything, so lets not start another issue here. I am just saying that doing something "good" will get people to look at you more favorably than doing something bad. Like how I was more than willing to buy Spelunky for the PS3 and Vita, but they were awesome enough to make it work a cross-buy.
rainslacker  +   830d ago

They could do that by just apologizing verbally. Most gamers outside of forums don't even really connect the two games to the developer. They're completely different, and I'm sure those that brought BL2 are happy with their purchase.
RedHawkX  +   831d ago
yep makes sense to buy only ps3/4/vita stuff since you can carry that stuff to next gen. xbox 360 games are a waste of money.

i bet gta online will be on the ps4 and have cross platform play as well.
ChubbyLover  +   831d ago
gamestop has a program for all next gen consoles to upgrade for only 10 bucks... so Microsoft does not need to make a program such as this... nice try though.
badz149  +   831d ago
not transfer! you are basically given the huge discount to buy them again digitally on PS4 while KEEPING you PS3 copies! I didn't hear the word 'transfer'.
FamilyGuy  +   831d ago
Note the difference between this and what Amazon and Gamestop are doing.

Buy a PS3 game, get the PS4 version for a severely discounted price. Limited time offer

For Gamestop and Amazon you have to TRADE IN your PS3 version and pay $10 for the PS4 version.

Sony lets you keep both though the upgrade is a digital version. (i think he said digital right?)
hqgamez  +   831d ago
so you keep your ps3 copy as well?
StoutBEER  +   830d ago
Ahem. At Gamestop you buy a select few games for 360, trade in the 360 version for the One version for 10 dollars more. I know its Gamestop, but they had to get Publishers approval right? If not... why in the hell are Gamestop taking losses??
rainslacker  +   830d ago
In this case, as far as the publisher is concerned, they're going to sell 2 copies of the game to the same person. That is pretty rare. If they can make an extra $10 on cross-gen gamers then why not. Means people are more likely to buy the game early on PS3, instead of holding out for PS4.

It's kind of strange though going into the holiday season that publishers would be happy about this, since the holiday season tends to see a big boost in game sales. having an influx of used copies can't be good for new game sales.
listenkids  +   831d ago
Hopefully get some finer details on this, considering.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   831d ago
Yep, in regards to details I'm wondering how long this will last. This is great for people like myself who aren't planning on getting a PS4 at launch or any time soon.

I was planning on not buying any game built for next gen on current gen consoles, but depending on how much the discount is and how long this deal extends, I just might pick up games like Watch Dogs on the PS3 instead of saving it for the PS4.
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xhi4  +   831d ago
whoop whoop! That's so awesome, digging the Sony love!
spektical  +   831d ago
yea.. i think i'll just wait for the ps4 launch titles.
Soldierone  +   831d ago
The nice thing is, you don't have to trade in the games so you can keep both copies.
user7402931  +   831d ago
so gta 5 and dark souls 2 ps4?
iMixMasTer872   830d ago | Spam
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   831d ago
really just a great idea all round.
Pancit_Canton  +   831d ago
Or you can just wait for PS4 version without spoiling yourself with the game too much.
stage88  +   831d ago
And it just keeps getting better!
AlexanderNevermind  +   831d ago
I can wait for the PS4 to release. Thank goodness for PC gaming to go with my console.
PS4OUR  +   831d ago
This is huge. What an incentive for people to pick up next gen versions of games. Crazy!!
Erudito87  +   831d ago
I hope all first party titles will be under this scheme
Mr Blings  +   831d ago
Wish Madden would be on this list, really don't want to wait until mid November to pick it up. Everything else I will just wait for ps4 to ship as I will be playing GTA V
lilbroRx  +   831d ago
So you have to pay for something you've bourght already? I saw people bashing Nintendo for this on the Wii U but Sony gets praised?

The hypocrisy is through the roof today.

Nintendo release old I.P.s? Bash
Sony release old I.Ps? Praise
Nintendo recharges at discount for titles you bought on the Wii eshop? Bash
Sony recharges you at discount for titles you bought on the PS3? Praise.
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Fishermenofwar  +   831d ago
_QQ_  +   831d ago
Just like all of a sudden people care about off screen play now that it costs an extra 200$
PrimeGrime  +   830d ago
There are differences between a tablet controller with a screen versus a dedicated gaming handheld. One requires the system to work at all, the other doesn't and can be played on its own and with the PS4.

Quite a difference. So the comparison doesn't make sense considering they aren't even the same or even work the same way.
#14.2.1 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
_QQ_  +   830d ago
so the comparison doesn't make sense now?good!! tell that to the Nintendo haters that the Vita/Ps4 combo doesn't make wiiu "irrelevant".
Koneesha  +   831d ago
There's a difference between expecting to get a 5 dollar tittle you bought and expecting it to transfer over, and buying a 60 dollar game and it transferring over. No one expects to just get the next gen version for free while a small downloadable game should be expected to transfer over. That's why
nevin1  +   831d ago
lol, I could of sworn Nintendo got ripped for a similar scheme but now its acceptable? Or am I missing somthing?

and no I dont own Xbox, Wii, DS, 3DS.
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XboxFun  +   831d ago
Nintendo did get ripped a new one here. But you see now it's Sony, so praise, celebration and thanks are in order.
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_FantasmA_  +   831d ago
I just hope its 50-75 percent off and even more for Plus members. While I'll be jumping straight into the PS4, this is a great deal for those who aren't getting a PS4 at launch and still want to enjoy their PS3s or fore those who are new to the Sony family and want to see what they were missing on PS3 before upgrading to PS4 in the future. The PlayStation family welcomes you with open arms!
modesign  +   831d ago
if i had a choice of a ps3 version of a multiplat or the ps4, i would just stick with the ps4. its not rocket science.
AutoCad  +   831d ago
pastapadre: PS3 buyers of Call of Duty Ghosts, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 get digital PS4 versions for significantly discounted price. No sports games.

No deal for me..battlefield only game .
ill take amazons xb1 offer instead.Thanks Sony
Bowzabub  +   831d ago
Only game I see myself doing this with is GTAV, but that's just my scenario.
Loki86  +   831d ago
Gamestop already announced this, old news Sony.
v6volume  +   831d ago
Gamestop had it for Xbox only.
Indo  +   831d ago
Another good reason I own a PS3 over the competitions. Thanks Sony, and can't wait to play AC3 next month.
hairy  +   831d ago
Tempted to buy Gta5 now, but not knowing if it's truly coming to ps4 I will hold off,..but it's so hard, penis, for virtual hookers :(
telekineticmantis  +   831d ago
I need to know specifically if
Madden 25 does this and how much?
worldwidegaming  +   830d ago
Just hold off if you can! It makes games all the sweeter when you play them on the ps4.
of course if you have money to burn by all means!
Nicholasgliss  +   830d ago
I'll keep little brother(ps3) right next to daddy(ps4.) Problem solved and looks good! Console cabinet time, I've held out long enough!
sackboyhappy  +   830d ago
before reading the comments i'll be suprised if GTA! isn't on here :D good news

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