Certain AAA Titles Can Be Transferred from PS3 to PS4 at Severely Discounted Price

Sony will allow gamers who bough games such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty on the PS3 to transfer titles to PS4 at discounted price.

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fredrikpedersen1740d ago

I love them if it really is significantly doiscounted. It should be free imo, if you bought the game digitally for PS3.

Same with Borderlands 2 PS3 - Vita

Thisisjuju1740d ago

I disagree. If they had to give borderlands 2 free on vita for PS3 owners what would be the point in making it?

admiralvic1740d ago

@ Thisisjuju

To get some positive buzz to counteract their Aliens CM fiasco, outsourcing the BL 2 DLC, micro transactions, charging $10 dollars for characters, charging for level cap increases, charging $100 dollars for the diamond loot chest and their constant flip flopping / lies?

Thisisjuju1740d ago

@ admiralvic

I don't think a free vita game would appropriately repent for those points you make, the vita audience is too small and specific.

If they were going to apologize for something like Aliens:CM it would have to be global and directly towards people who actually purchased the game. Like maybe a discount on a future title for purchasers of Aliens:CM?

Not that it would ever happen.

admiralvic1740d ago

@ Thisisjuju

What about it is free? The persons listed requirement was digital PS3 buyers, so it would work like a cross buy, which several games implemented (even games that released MONTHS before the Vita).

I never once said they had to apologize for anything, so lets not start another issue here. I am just saying that doing something "good" will get people to look at you more favorably than doing something bad. Like how I was more than willing to buy Spelunky for the PS3 and Vita, but they were awesome enough to make it work a cross-buy.

rainslacker1740d ago


They could do that by just apologizing verbally. Most gamers outside of forums don't even really connect the two games to the developer. They're completely different, and I'm sure those that brought BL2 are happy with their purchase.

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RedHawkX1740d ago

yep makes sense to buy only ps3/4/vita stuff since you can carry that stuff to next gen. xbox 360 games are a waste of money.

i bet gta online will be on the ps4 and have cross platform play as well.

Nolando1740d ago

gamestop has a program for all next gen consoles to upgrade for only 10 bucks... so Microsoft does not need to make a program such as this... nice try though.

badz1491740d ago

not transfer! you are basically given the huge discount to buy them again digitally on PS4 while KEEPING you PS3 copies! I didn't hear the word 'transfer'.

FamilyGuy1740d ago

Note the difference between this and what Amazon and Gamestop are doing.

Buy a PS3 game, get the PS4 version for a severely discounted price. Limited time offer

For Gamestop and Amazon you have to TRADE IN your PS3 version and pay $10 for the PS4 version.

Sony lets you keep both though the upgrade is a digital version. (i think he said digital right?)

hqgamez1740d ago

so you keep your ps3 copy as well?

StoutBEER1740d ago

Ahem. At Gamestop you buy a select few games for 360, trade in the 360 version for the One version for 10 dollars more. I know its Gamestop, but they had to get Publishers approval right? If not... why in the hell are Gamestop taking losses??

rainslacker1740d ago

In this case, as far as the publisher is concerned, they're going to sell 2 copies of the game to the same person. That is pretty rare. If they can make an extra $10 on cross-gen gamers then why not. Means people are more likely to buy the game early on PS3, instead of holding out for PS4.

It's kind of strange though going into the holiday season that publishers would be happy about this, since the holiday season tends to see a big boost in game sales. having an influx of used copies can't be good for new game sales.

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listenkids1740d ago

Hopefully get some finer details on this, considering.

Outside_ofthe_Box1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Yep, in regards to details I'm wondering how long this will last. This is great for people like myself who aren't planning on getting a PS4 at launch or any time soon.

I was planning on not buying any game built for next gen on current gen consoles, but depending on how much the discount is and how long this deal extends, I just might pick up games like Watch Dogs on the PS3 instead of saving it for the PS4.

xhi41740d ago

whoop whoop! That's so awesome, digging the Sony love!

spektical1740d ago

yea.. i think i'll just wait for the ps4 launch titles.

Soldierone1740d ago

The nice thing is, you don't have to trade in the games so you can keep both copies.

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