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xHeavYx1014d ago

I was hoping for an October date, but it's good to know when I'll get my hands on it

Tony-A1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

Day One! It'll give me time to pay off all the games I want in full.

There were a lot of announcements in that conference... I'm glad to see the games coming to Vita, and all of those PS4 titles announced. And Twitch TV? Kinda didn't see that coming.

32 countries. It was an insanely clever move to put the launch in the US before it's second biggest shopping day of the year; Black Friday.

badz1491014d ago


in 32 countries nonetheless!

zeal0us1014d ago

November is going to be a busy month thats for sure.

alien6261014d ago

good to know i was kind of right. October release would of be nice but was expecting it no later than nov 20

vigilante_man1014d ago

They must know when MS are shipping.

Had hoped for the same day for UK. Guess they are hitting the US hard this time. At least we do not have a long wait like last time.

Just gotta wait for MS to release XB1 launch date.

Anarki1014d ago

Disapprove with getting it 14 days after NA. Why do NA get everything first, even though Europe is Sony's strongest region...

President1014d ago

32 countries, WOW. Thats 19 more than Xbone.

1Victor1014d ago

@ Anarki because They Have To Ship Them From Mexico By Boat JK be Glad Its Not 6 Months Like Before

hakis861014d ago

@Zuperman: so that guy is obviously the REAL "YES man"..haha!

Sweet news though! I know what I'll be doing this x-mas! ;) ;) ;)
Gaming on my PS4 <3

bigfish1014d ago

I was expecting an end of August release

nirwanda1014d ago

@anarki how can you not be pleased with two weeks after usa it's traditionally a whole year later.
I'm impressed with the release date for the first time ever.

DragonKnight1014d ago

Anyone else catch the two jabs Sony made at Microsoft?

@Anarki: Blame your government. They make the cost and process of doing business in European countries expensive and unnecessarily difficult.

FamilyGuy1014d ago

Gives me more time to save up, really impressed with them releasing in 32 countries this year too.

gaffyh1014d ago

I am so disappointed that it's not coming out in October. I guess I only have myself to blame, but the 32 countries thing was definitely a body blow to MS.

zeee1014d ago

Great! Every single f***ng day is now going to feel like a whole year!!!

Nov 15th can't come any sooner!

Best of luck to both Sony and MS with their upcoming consoles.

Am also gonna pick up a Vita before the end of the year. Still hoping for PS4+PS Vita bundle. Will gladly cancel my pre-order and go for that!

sengoku1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Sooner is always better but the date is good enough.
it's still in time for the holiday season and we will have lots of time to play with our new kits.

Just happy to know when we will finally be getting our kits.

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ShugaCane1014d ago

Day oooone. Perfect for Christmas. Can't wait !!!

AngelicIceDiamond1014d ago

Btw my birthday is in November. Just throwin that out there.

Campy da Camper1014d ago

Too poor to buy you one but I can afford to give you a bubble. Cheers and happy early birthday.

sync901014d ago

you got disagrees for having a joke? jesus! theres alot of miserable ass people on n4g.

vigilante_man1014d ago

Mine too. Guess that must the same for every 1 in 12 of us!

Great month to have a birthday.

BLAKHOODe1014d ago

I was also hoping for October, but this gives me more time to enjoy GTAV and I'll have time to play Batman: Arkham Origins, before going next-gen.

joe901014d ago

They need to put it out in the US first as its their weakest market and if MS go earlier they are screwed.

AceofStaves1014d ago

I don't think Sony are screwed, even if MS can manage to launch earlier. That lower price point is still important.

HammadTheBeast1014d ago

Actually, Black Friday is 2 weeks after release in US. EU doesn't care about black Friday. So it's important to get it in before that day.

ZBlacktt1014d ago

Always just trying to be first to post.... Look at me guys!

tokugawa1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

thats how you get your bubs boosted.

positive first post in ps4 thread or a negative first post in an xbo thread is almost guaranteed a well said!!

ZBlacktt1014d ago



Joined 06 Mar 2013 (166d ago )

noobie, lol.

xHeavYx1014d ago

Dude, you are hurting too much, you should go to the ER. I happened to be the first one to comment, don't be too jealous

AlexanderNevermind1014d ago

Can't wait. Think I will take me a day off for this!!

Sevir1014d ago

Thats On a friday! LOL Thank goodness i'm on Vacation That day! Killzone Watch_Dogs and Knack are all ready to be picked up along with my PS4 thats Paid Off!

MWong1014d ago

I think most people were hoping for a October launch, but at least it's not on Black Friday. Roughly 4 months.

Merry Christmas to me!!!

Johnsonparts231014d ago

wait what are you smoking? It's not even a full 3 months away!

Outsider-G1014d ago

I predicted November 15 :)

vigilante_man1014d ago

You should get a PS4 for free - well done.

Something tells me they know when MS are going to release. It must be at the end of November. No way they would give 2 weeks free pass to XB1 in the UK.

PSVita1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

32 in November! Way to go Sony!!

davekaos1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

Like xHeavYx i also was hoping for a Oct launch date however now i have thought about it, it seems November 29th will suit me better as i will be able to afford more launch titles :) so for me as Charlie Sheen would say "WINNING"

Thisisjuju1014d ago

I'm gutted I have to wait the two weeks but I understand companies have to target the most lucrative markets first.

Its only 14 days... Only 14 days... *Rocks back and forth in the shower*

adorie1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

My raction:

Now I can get another controller and 2 more games. Thanks for the extra time, Sony!

rainslacker1013d ago

I was too, but this is probably good for me. I have 4 games pre-ordered for October. Already paid off my PS4 launch games, and will finish paying off my PS4 tomorrow, but still it's nice to have a bit of time to recover on a healthy dose of late cycle release games.:)

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GentlemenRUs1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

Dam it! Ah well... It's only 15+ more days wait :)

Preordered a long way back in the UK.

Agreed, That was a long long wait.

Agreed as well, I've had to wait longer for other stuff so yeah :)

d0nni31014d ago

sure beats the wait for the PS3 to cross the pond

Orbilator1014d ago

2 weeks is nothing really is it
i mean its nothing at all is it
i mean its only 2 weeks right,
theres lots to do in 2 weeks right.

who am i kidding, fooking typical still, i pre ordered in february and pre order a shed load of games too, so it'll give me an extra month of scubbing to save up.

Gardenia1014d ago

2 weeks is way too long. All the gamertags will be taken by then. That's the whole point of getting the PS4 first, so you can pick the best ID

GentlemenRUs1014d ago

But you login with the username from the Vita/PS3 so yeah.

Gardenia1014d ago

And what if you want another one or because you are tired of having the same ID for years?

tracyllrkn1014d ago

Just make a new PSN on the PS3.

Benchm4rk1013d ago

Is there not a feature to change your username on PSN??

Gardenia1013d ago

You can't make a new ID because all names are already taken, that's my point. I dont want for example Snake61434028 or XxSnakexX as a gamertag, so stupid

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inf3cted11014d ago


So US gets it 2 weeks earlier and a cheaper price tag?

WorldGamer1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

Better than paying 100 euros more tho. Just saying.


Referencing the X1 in euros if anyone is interested. Sorry for the confusion.
So, my comment still stands, better than paying more for the other system. Thanks.

Not to mention Europe has been paying a premium for a while now, this is nothing new. Not saying it's right, but it has been happening for some time.

inf3cted11014d ago

399 dollars is 297 euros.

So basically US is getting it 2 weeks early and 100 euros cheaper than Europe.

Sevir1014d ago

Well thanks to Europe's VAT thats why its more expensive! in anycase its Still CHEAPER than the X1 and you still dont know when The X1 is coming out My guess is that they'll likely launch on the 29th in the US!

None the Less I'm just happy Sony came out and dropped the release! I hoped it would have been early Nov and Mid Nov in the US is perfect!

TimeSkipLuffy1014d ago

you need to consider that in most states you need to pay TAX as well which is not included in the price!

orakle441014d ago

lol, even at 6% its what like $24 bucks......still way cheaper with tax.

harrisk9541014d ago

Just order from Amazon... No tax! :)

Tony-A1014d ago

I think they did a little sacrificing to get it out in the States a little early just to get it out in front of Black Friday.

People get a full week to buy it before the crowds devour it on the big day.

Irishguy951014d ago

Its sony what do you expect? Ps3 was 630 euros over here

MysticStrummer1014d ago

"So US gets it 2 weeks earlier and a cheaper price tag?"

It's a bigger gaming market that Sony lost by a big margin this generation.

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Goose991014d ago


Akuma2K1014d ago

Lmaooooo.....good one.

bubble for you.

But yea, the countdown has officially begun.

SpitFireAce851014d ago

I need to put in for some vacation time ASAP..