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Minecraft coming to PS4

Sony showed that Minecraft is coming to the PS4 at Gamescom this morning. (Minecraft, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

Update Minecraft is also coming to PS3 and PS Vita as well.

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Nawert  +   584d ago
Going to sell millions
Pandamobile  +   584d ago
Everyone who's ever wanted to play Minecraft probably already has.
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EverydayGuy  +   584d ago
I'm hoping you can transfer mods from the PC.
AceofStaves  +   584d ago
Not me.

Edit: lol@disagrees. I haven't played 'Minecraft' before. I was waiting for a release on a PS console, and I'm glad I waited. Carry on disagreeing, though. It's hilarious.
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iamnsuperman  +   584d ago
You right. It is nice but like you said those who wanted to play Minecraft probably already have
PSVita  +   584d ago
I haven't but I've wanted too for the past few years
AngelicIceDiamond  +   584d ago
@panda no need to downplay it. Mincraft should be available on most platforms to begin with.
showtimefolks  +   584d ago

3 of us one for me and 2 for my friends so your statement about everyone who's wanted it got it is 100% untrue

very excited november 15th baby
Saigon  +   584d ago
i haven't but I thought this was exclusive to MS or is it that MS has a special version...I am a little confused...
DirtyPimp  +   584d ago
yeah, like im sure all the people who wanted to play planetside 2 have /S
noctis_lumia  +   584d ago
not me buddy waited for sony version and guess what its happening either u like it or not

"everyone who´s ever wanted to play Minecraft probably already has."

well not everyone have or want an xbox.
Patrick  +   584d ago
Not everyone, My son and I have almost bought it on PC a few times but I dont really let him play on PC much yet so I have chosen to wait. So, this will thrill him... as it does me. PS4 day one.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   584d ago
definitely not. Minecraft is not a graphically heavy story driven game people play and eventually forget about. its replay value is endless. people will be playing minecraft for to come regardless of how much the game has aged.

a great acquisition for Sony no matter how much you try and downplay it.
Blastoise  +   584d ago
Everyone said that when it was on PC. Then it came to Xbox and sold millions
WorldGamer  +   584d ago

Wow, someone seems bitter. Surprising to see you in a console forum, aren't you all about PC?

Why not look at this as just another option for PS4 owners. I have never played this game, so I guess that fact alone makes your statement incorrect.
Pandamobile  +   584d ago
Well I don't know what you guys were waiting for, cus it's been on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and XBL for years now.

It's sort of past its prime now, but whatever floats your collective boats, I guess.

@above lol, I'm hardly bitter. I had just figuted that everyone and their grandma had played Minecraft by now.
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Salooh  +   584d ago
Never played it , my little brother want it so it's a good news ^^ ..
sunnygrg  +   584d ago
That Gold plated PSOne seems to have done its trick.

Y_5150  +   584d ago
I'll be playing Mincraft for the second time ever on PS4 just saying.
dr_zyaz   584d ago | Spam
GraveLord  +   584d ago
People said the same thing when it was announced for Xbox 360. 8 million sales later, are you feeling salty?
ZodTheRipper  +   584d ago
dr_zyaz are you retarded? lol
What makes you think that the same people who downplayed it are the same ones who are looking forward to it now?

I'm one of those that are not excited about this announcement since I'm done with Minecraft already but your statement is just ridiculous.
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ShinMaster  +   584d ago

Why comment if you have nothing good or constructive to say. Or maybe you're just bitter cause the number of PC exclusive titles continue to dwindle with PS4 and Xbone.

If I'm wrong, then you shoulda kept your mouth shut son!
Pandamobile  +   584d ago
How is my comment any different than any other the other comments on this site?

"PC exclusive titles continue to dwindle with PS4 and Xbone."

What is this, 2002? I don't give a rat's ass about "exclusivity". Pretty much every big game that isn't made by the platform maker themselves is probably going to be multiplatform. I put my time into Minecraft in 2010-2011 when it was actually exciting and relevant. Do you really think I'm pissed off that Minecraft is coming to more platforms in 2013? I was just remarking that after almost 20 million units of Minecraft sold, I had just assumed that everyone who had ever had an interest in it had played it already.
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Aleithian  +   584d ago
Day 1 baby!
RedHawkX  +   584d ago
yep and all the indie games show today are ps4 and vita cross buy and cross play as well as being on the ps4 and vita first exclusively.

since the ps4 is 399 it only makes since to get the ps4 at launch especially when it comes out first and not only do you get 14 days ps+ right out of the box but ps+ is cheaper then xbl and has tons of free games and discounts. you cant lose with the ps4 its amazing some still think the xbox one is the way to go lol.
pedrof93  +   584d ago
Twitch and Minecraft coming to Ps4 is liking taking anything better that the ONE had to offer.

DirtyPimp  +   584d ago
it will.
Convas  +   584d ago
Minecraft for EVERYONE!

Let's not blow this out of proportion though, the game is now out of PC, Xbox 360, Mobile, and soon Xbox One and Playstation 4.
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RedHawkX  +   584d ago
now people have no reason to get the xbox one version of this game so no need for an xbox one for those who prefer to play minecraft on consoles. just get the superior ps4 version with cross play, etc
Dobgamers  +   584d ago
no, on xbox one it will support microsoft's cloud dedicated servers

So, with the cloud you'll have little to no latency and more (64 or 128 players)
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ZodTheRipper  +   584d ago
I don't think anyone is getting the Xbox One because of Minecraft to be honest. But I was surprised that it found it's way on Playstation, I always thought it will stay Xbox exclusive.
GraveLord  +   584d ago
This is huge news. 8million sales on Xbox is a lot. Sony basically "stole" one of Microsofts exclusives.
Snookies12  +   584d ago
I'm still hoping for a standalone Vita version. Although we'll still have remote play if nothing else. :]
DirtyPimp  +   584d ago
cross play, so vita will have it.
ForgivenZombie  +   584d ago
I believe they said it was coming to all of sony's systems.
Relientk77  +   584d ago
Crazy awesome
Godmars290  +   584d ago
This made me laugh. Don't need to say why.
Caleb_H  +   584d ago
drsfinest72  +   584d ago
I must say I'm a Xbox one fanboy. But I'm falling in love with the ps4. I must choose one for release date and one down the road
ElementX  +   584d ago
How can you be an Xbox One fanboy if it's not released and you haven't even touched the console yet?
stage88  +   584d ago
Huge kick in Microsofts goolies.
Nice job Sony.
JBSleek  +   584d ago
How is Sony the last platform to get the game yet you Sony praised?
KonsoruMasuta  +   584d ago
Well, technically, there is one platform that hasn't gotten Minecraft yet..... I won't name anything though.
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Convas  +   584d ago
How? MS has gotten a crap ton of sells from Minecraft.

I don't see them being particularly disappointed here.
Godmars290  +   584d ago
The thing is they're not going to get them anymore. They aren't going to have the advantage of saying that theirs is the only console people can get it on. Even if they still manage to sell more copies of the game, it is no longer a reason - no matter how slim - to buy the XB1.

Kind of the perfect example of how MS have devalued the term "exclusivity". Reduced it to business deals rather than hardware, which then exposes their inability as a 1st party dev and publisher.
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Aleithian  +   584d ago
YEAH BABY!! November 15th. I'm going to play the shiz out of Minecraft.
drsfinest72  +   584d ago
November 15? That's the release date for ps4?

Edit: thanks bro. Wow that's nice. Only concern is being a few week before black Friday.
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Soldierone  +   584d ago
Yes and Minecraft is a launch title :D
Aleithian  +   584d ago
Yes indeed :D

Watch Dogs, Killzone, BF4, Driveclub (free), Minecraft, Warframe (free).
CocoWolfie  +   584d ago
didnt see that coming :o
DirtyPimp  +   584d ago
me neither
Hellsvacancy  +   584d ago
Awesome news, not so much for me, my daughter asks me about it and I have to tell her it's not on the PS3

She'll love it
CaptainCamper  +   584d ago
Could have put a bit of effort into the article at least...lol
Nes_Daze  +   584d ago
Finally! I've been waiting for this for a while now, and yes you can play Minecraft on PC and phones, but it just makes it all the more convenient now to play the game, Thanks Sony, about time.
Madara97  +   584d ago
Check and mate Microsoft. GAME OVER!
drsfinest72  +   584d ago
Game over? Definitely not. Good news? Definitely true
Convas  +   584d ago
You mean besides the fact that the game has been on PC your YEARS now?
waltercross  +   584d ago
Though the game was on PC for years, It'll still sell hella well on the PS3/Vita/PS4. It's Minecraft!. My Son loves it and though I have it on my PC I'll buy it for the PS3 to since I use my PC Allot.
iMixMasTer872   584d ago | Spam
Soldierone  +   584d ago
Finally! Been waiting forever to play it on my own :D
drsfinest72  +   584d ago
I suggest the pc version over console version anyday. But it's addicting either way! Lol
Soldierone  +   584d ago
I want to play it with my GF too, so I don't want to buy two copies. plus it doesn't run on a Chromebook which is what my GF has.
Sizzon  +   584d ago
Awesome :D

I play it on PC sometimes, but having it on PS4 is gonna be great!
Caleb_H  +   584d ago
And now all the xbots come out the woodwork and say, "why would you get it on anything but pc?".
Pandamobile  +   584d ago
Xbot? PC? You need to learn your proper fanboy terminology, friend.
Sorasixx  +   584d ago
Oooooooooh my gooooood lol this is too f***king funny to see and hear from this it's like Ps4 Destroyed The Exclusive rights from xbox one lol
M1chl  +   584d ago
Meanwhile Notch is watching conference from champagne filled bathtub...
latincooker214  +   584d ago
you right +bubble i have this on xbox360 and i never play it at all but my kids love the hell out of this game just as much as they love LBP now they get to play it on PS4 now all they need to hear is a LBP version for the PS4 and there happy november 15 is the day we get are PS4 can't wait PS4 FTW;)
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Aleithian  +   584d ago
*Buys PS4. Plays Minecraft first*

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Sorasixx  +   584d ago
Everyone on here knows that Sony will be on top of everything bc bit by bit they are taking Exclusive rights from Xbox and look u just seen today that Minecraft is coming to PS4 to be honest it's to funny lol am get my ps4 in a heartbeat soooooo long and the death of Xboxone
LKHGFDSA  +   584d ago
Dat RAM usage...
Dlacy13g  +   584d ago
This was a great grab for them.
jujubee88  +   584d ago
It's sorta like bacon: You got it, it's there. It's something you eat, that's tasty too.

.....That's my analogy, you read it. Now deal with it. :^)
Hazmat13  +   584d ago
awesome gonna #360noscope build a building
DirtyPimp  +   584d ago
MotoDot  +   584d ago
I want to hear Major Nelson say that Minecraft is exclusive.. then say '' oh am sorry,it's not '' just like MGS5
crinale  +   584d ago
What does that mean...?

Markus Persson ‏@notch 17min
PS4, PS3 and Vita
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Aleithian  +   584d ago
It means greatness awaits.
Ddouble  +   584d ago
They should have mentioned the other 2 platforms.
porkChop  +   584d ago
Nice. Minecraft on Vita confirmed by Notch.
Game4life  +   584d ago
finallyyy. I love minecraft. i stopped playing my 360 and i miss this. I can't wait to build amazing things again.

on another note, i hope minecraft has a platinum. I love playing it
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