Watch_Dogs Movie Announced

Ubisoft have announced a Watch_Dogs movie....wait what? That's right folks, Ubisoft have revealed they are working on a Watch_Dogs movie at Gamescom 2013 during their press conference. The game isn't even out yet, what the hell?


Sony's conference, not Ubisofts, my bad*

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Thatguy-3101310d ago

Public speaking is hell!!

GusBricker1310d ago

Maybe Fassbender can do this and Assassin's Creed game, too.

modesign1310d ago

sony is making GT movie, watchdog movie.

what movies are micro making.....

Timesplitter141310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

to be perfectly honest I think making any of these two movies is a waste of time and money

Ddouble1310d ago

GT movie probably but Watchdogs will make a great movie if done right.

modesign1310d ago

there are numerous racing movies that are really popular, not to mention the fast and furious franchise, atleast this might be a nice break from the others.

watchdogs could be a nice action thriller,

modesign1310d ago

i will give it one season max, what ever happened to the peter jackson halo movie, guess he could only do 30 second real time trailers, pretty sad for peter jackson.

slimeybrainboy1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Oops multiple post

showtimefolks1310d ago

i am more interested in GT movie, but since its UBI and they are doing it them self watchdogs should be awesome too

we always get games based of movies but now it seems the tide is turning and games are turning into movie franchises

i am sure a TV show based of borderlands universe would be pretty cool but only wishful thinking on my behalf

JunoDivided1310d ago

I will keep my hopes up but remember prince of persia sands of time?

showtimefolks1310d ago

that wasn't done by UBI, now UBI has its own movie production company so they will handle everything

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The story is too old to be commented.