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Submitted by JoelT 908d ago | news

Here’s the New Pricing for PlayStation Vita Memory Cards

Joel Taveras, "Moments ago Sony announced not just a new price for their PlayStation Vita, but also its memory cards." (PS Vita)

Update UPDATE: PlayStation Blog has confirmed the new memory card MSRP across the board:

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Godmars290  +   908d ago
Not really feeling it for those price drops.

Not trying to diss it, just still, just not having " the feels".
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dboyc310  +   908d ago
if it were to be a dramatic price drop hey would have announced the prices. So not surprised.
soljah  +   908d ago
these are not the price drop pricing.
this has been amazons discounted prices for a while on memory cards
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Salooh  +   908d ago
Fake, move on or i will shoot..
MusicComposer  +   908d ago
According to the price history on Amazon these cards have already been around this price or even a little cheaper. This is good news though because that means Amazon will, at times, have them even more affordable.

As a side note, I don't think Amazon has updated their prices yet. They have the 16GB at around $45 and it's supposed to be $40. The one currently available right now is from a 3rd party seller.
ShinMaster  +   908d ago
Real price drops:
Sony lists the 8GB for $19 not $23 like Amazon did.

Also PS Vita is now $199.
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Donnieboi  +   908d ago
I just wish they would make a 64 Gig card. I keep having to delete games for the new PS plus one's. But the price of it would be way too ridiculous probably.
SilentNegotiator  +   907d ago
Uhhh, why is the much more important Vita price drop not a story on the front page?

I mean, a small price drop on memory cards is nice, but still.
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EeJLP-  +   907d ago
These memory card prices (along with no physical L2, R2, L3, and R3... and few good games or gimmicky controls within the games) are keeping me from buying a Vita.

Right now I'm only considering one to remove (hide) trophies from PS3 games I tried and didn't like or got added unexpectedly to my trophy list...
(Currently playing Fallout 3 GotY edition)

And for PS4 remote play, but that's where the physical L2, R2, L3, and R3 come into play.

The Vita should have at least 16GB built in and the memory cards shouldn't be ~4x the price of an Ultra speed microSD card. I bought a 64GB ultra microSD for ~$40 1 1/2 years ago for my EVO LTE and they want $80 still for a 32GB card..
ThanatosDMC  +   907d ago
I want a 64gb or higher all ready. My 32gb is always full and i dont want to change cards because it ruins my tab settings.
TomShoe  +   908d ago
A price drop is a price drop. Be happy.
Legion21  +   907d ago
$20.00 to $19.99 is technically a price drop as well. Even with the price drop those are still hefty prices to pay for a memory card.
SilentNegotiator  +   907d ago
The 32GB card is still $80.

That's still ridiculous.
theEx1Le  +   907d ago
Be happy? These prices are still a complete rip off.
ABizzel1  +   908d ago
It should be:

$20 - 8GB
$35 - 16GB
$60 - 32GB
$100 - 64GB
$150 - 128GB

Those are still overpriced when you consider microSD cards are $20 for 32GB, $50 for 64GB, and $100 for 128GB.

They need to come with a Vita remodel for E3 2014, with 16GB or 32GB of internal memory , because my 32GB is already full thanks to downloads and PS+.
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sunnygrg  +   908d ago
Sony needs to hire you as their VP, Makes Sense Department, second only to me, the President of Sony, Makes Sense Department.
ABizzel1  +   908d ago

If only.....if only :D
dredgewalker  +   907d ago
Can I be the secretary of the Makes Sense Department?
Kurt Russell  +   907d ago
join I department? the makes sense Can
jujubee88  +   908d ago
I'm buying the 16GB card. The 32GB still costs and arm and a leg.
harrisk954  +   908d ago
Are these just "normal" Amazon discounts (almost everything is cheaper on Amazon!), or is Dualshockers jumping the gun... what does Gamestop, Target, Best Buy and Walmart show??
FamilyGuy  +   908d ago
Official numbers:

Memory Card for PS Vita 4GB
From $19.99 to $14.99

Memory Card for PS Vita 8GB
From $29.99 to $19.99

Memory Card for PS Vita 16GB
From $59.99 to $39.99

Memory Card for PS Vita 32GB
From $99.99 to $79.99

8Gig seems very reasonable as a starting out card that doesn't hit your wallet too hard.
Godmars290  +   908d ago
They might be losing money with price cuts. Profits at least.
ColeMacGrath  +   908d ago
4GB cards should be $10 not $15, as 2 of them cost more than an 8GB card, just saying..
FamilyGuy  +   907d ago
That's because they don't waaant you to buy the 4Gig card. They want people to buy the most expensive one as it nets them the most profit.
kparks  +   908d ago
Lol ive been looking at buying for vita for weeks now and thats been amazon's prices on cards for like 3-4 weeks atleast
JohnS1313  +   908d ago
It's better than nothing. It's $20 off the 32GB card.
Knushwood Butt  +   908d ago
Why no 64GB card??

Oh well, 20% off the 32GB is a lot better than nothing.
The_Sneauxman  +   907d ago
"The feels" are everything bruh
3-4-5  +   907d ago
for $200, I kind of really want one now. There are a few games I think are alright but Vita is going to be getting good games soon enough.

I'd say there are about 4-5 games I'd play, I'm hoping to see another RPG and maybe another sly cooper type game or something like that.

It's actually somewhat affordable now to buy a Vita+Memory card + Games
ritsuka666  +   907d ago
The fact that Sony hit the ball out of the park so many times over the conference and absolutely dropped the ball on this one.It's still ridiculous and saddening this prices..
FragmentsOfHope  +   907d ago
I agree...I was hoping it would have been a little more of a drop. Though, I am liking the 16GB price.
Bobby Kotex  +   907d ago
I would never buy a vita due to these stupid memory stick prices.
Dan_scruggs  +   907d ago
I can get a 500 gig external hard drive for what one of these memory cards would cost. Screw that.
taz8080  +   908d ago
Its a good start but honestly I would have loved for them to scrap cards and say they were free. #dreaming
Nicaragua  +   908d ago
that's not the stupidest thing i have ever heard...oh wait, actually it is.
taz8080  +   908d ago
that's why I said it was a dream. They will want to make money of course, they are a business. I just dislike the system being kind of useless without a memory card and then having to pay for it.
hellvaguy  +   907d ago

You could try testing theory: Poop in 1 hand and then dream on the other to see which fills up faster. Man I love that saying, lol.
ParaDise_LosT  +   907d ago
It's real funny
Nintendo cracks down on pirates on SD cards because they use default cheap and easy SD cards

People go nuts about how bad a company nintendo is

Sony charges the CONSUMERS for it's own anti piracy attempt and people defend it.

quite amazing really
cunnilumpkin  +   908d ago
the need o make a new vita, that is $179, comes with 50gb onboard memory and 3 months of psn plus

then it starts to become an attractive purchase
solidjun5  +   908d ago
you're just trolling like you did in the killzone article. It's 199 now. I bet if it were $179, you would somehow say "They need to make a new vita that's $150 with 5 free games." You're never going to purchase the system.
cunnilumpkin   908d ago | Personal attack | show
JC_Denton  +   908d ago
"I can emulate that on pc in native 1920x1080 for free legally because I own the original"

Wintersun616  +   908d ago
So Uncharted: Golden Abyss, LBP Vita, Gravity Rush, Guacamelee! aren't even worth a crap? Why on earth are you here in the first place if you don't give a crap about games???
solidjun5  +   908d ago
ooo "moron." The troll have nothing better to say.
Also troll, since you can emulate that on the PC, i'm sure you can emulate every game on the Vita. Also can you bring your PC on the road holding comfortably while playing? Yea... you're just trolling.
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kparks  +   908d ago
199 for the walking dead bundle.. Thats a pretty good price to me
strigoi814  +   908d ago
stop the BS even a cellphone cant have GB's like that on a $200...
BlaqMagiq24  +   907d ago
Now that's straight up dumb. That would cause a loss not a profit. Use your head.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   908d ago
still pretty ridiculous tbh. Just happy the vitas had a price drop. definitely thinking about picking one up now.
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thebigman  +   908d ago
This could just be a reactionary price cut. If Sony is releasing new memory SKUs Amazon will need to clear stock while they can.
JBSleek  +   908d ago
Not particauly feeling that price because it is still over priced for memory but I like it.

I would love a 64GB $100 memory card.
4logpc  +   908d ago
They need to just make them cheap. Suck it up and get it over with.
Underworld  +   907d ago
I think the Vita and memory card cuts are good. They have all been cut by a decent amount, and I'm sure they'll continue to drop. And you'll probably start to see the Vita bundles at even lower prices now.
Minato-Namikaze  +   907d ago
I'm definitely gonna wait for black friday and get a good deal on a 32GB i'm gonna need to get about 5 games then too (killzone mercenary, tearaway, beyond, dragons crown, and rayman legends). I'm also getting a PS4 and 3 games on the 15th as well.
CocoWolfie  +   908d ago
32gb here i come >:)
BLAKHOODe  +   908d ago
Better, but still WAY TOO HIGH, Sony.
hiptanaka  +   908d ago
These prices are not official yet. The ones being sold on Amazon are from third-party sellers and are NOT from Amazon themselves.
dcj0524  +   908d ago
I could get a 32 gig on amazon fpr $80 in janurary so not impressed. Does this mean it's $60 now? Because it's been $80 for a bit.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   908d ago
Nice to see price drop but still a bit too much for MC.
They should had just use SD Cards.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   908d ago
You should thank 'em they had not gone with SD cards, load times would kill the experience and probably developers would be so interested in Vita as they were in the PSP because piracy probably would be just as bad.

And I gotta say, although the pricing is obviously not attractive, there's only so much Sony can do... Look for high speed flash based memories and you'll notice the difference is actually not that big as when you compare to inexpensive MicroSD cards. The difference left (which is lesse but still considerable) is easily understandable if you factor in the retailer.

Gamestop and their kind would probably not carry the cards (or the Vita altogether) if they couldn't make a big profit from it, simply because like PSPGo, Vita receives every game day one digitally, potentially cutting the retailer out of the equation entirelly after the card is sold.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   908d ago
better than paying more money than actual games.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   908d ago
I don't need three paragraph
summarize that shit
#12.1.2 (Edited 908d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
feeter  +   907d ago
Ill take the class 10 32gb microsd card that I got for $5 over these prices... will see how amazon deals with the announcement
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   907d ago

If you can't read some paragraphs that's your problem, not mine.


Let me start by saying I despite this price as much as anyone else, it seens people don't understand what I'm saying here.... I was just being realistic with the small price drop and having to deal with proprietary Memory Cards instead of Micro SD.

I just mentioned speed because people keep comparing a 32GB 100 dollars Vita Card to a 20 dollars inexpensive 32GB standard MicroSD, while the more honest comparison would be to a 35~45 dollar high speed card of same size. I never meant to say they are priced equally, in fact I said there where still considerable difference in price.

But since you are talking about it, let's think it through. When I say people should be glad about Vita having a proprietary format for higher reading speed, that's exactly what it is. Proprietary format ensure to devs everyone will have access to that reading speed, hence it's easier to program for, if they went with Micro SD, even through class 10 is cheap, you can't guarantee to devs no one will use low speed micro SD, hence they would have to program for low reading speed and performance would take a hit on every Vita game.

Am I saying Sony is doing that just because they love us and want us to have the better experience possible? Of course not, Vita memory card was designed with piracy protection in mind and of course the price is settled much more to please retailers than costumers. Yet, this is the hand we've been deal, at least we're better of than with a standard Micro SD port which could had killed developers' interest and get in the way of performance.
metsgaming  +   908d ago
the 32 gb has been near 80 for a long time thats not the discount people.
swansong  +   908d ago
Ps vita price drop along with the memory cards mean that black friday should bring some really good deals on this,so be ready.
Rockdown  +   908d ago
Too little too late.
despair  +   908d ago
Terrible reporting, this is all the online stores not the official pricing..
despair  +   908d ago
Still terrible reporting. They had Amazon numbers which were different and commented on the weird pricing, stating it was all official before the pricing was revealed. That was bad reporting off inaccurate price change.
CNCOMICS  +   908d ago
Anyone with a Vita knows these are the regular Amazon discounts.
aquamala  +   908d ago
unfortunately $80 is the new MSRP for 32GB
LeCreuset  +   908d ago
I suspect places like Amazon will continue to sell them cheaper than the MSRP.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   908d ago
Needs to be cheaper imo. They still feel over priced to me.
drpepperdude  +   908d ago
I remember back when I got a psp at launch I paid $60 for a 8gb memory card at walmart and it wasn't even sony branded.
kingPoS  +   908d ago
64gb card incoming! - i'm calling it...
iv been wanting so much to get a vita and definitely am but iv been busy pre-ordering games for ps4 and the ps4 its self. i well buy a vita next month but i do want to see what the real actual prices are for the memory cards. cause they are pretty pricey at the momentb but they did say dramatically drop the prices if i remember correctly so im waiting to see how far they go with that regardless i want a vita and getting one. im very excited about ps4 and the vita and its future.
DOOMZ  +   908d ago
Thats not a price drop... If they had actually dropped them, I would have bought a Vita. 8(
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   907d ago
78$ for a 32gb card? Still way over priced. We should be able to use any sd card.
FreshRevenge  +   907d ago
$79 dollars for 32GB seems a little steep. How much plastic is on that thing? I mean really. Lets make a super small memory card and charge out the ass on it! Brilliant Idea!
vitorizzo  +   907d ago
anybody remember paying 100 bucks for PSP 1gb memory sticks? good times...
dredgewalker  +   907d ago
Other memory cards during that time were just as expensive.
dcj0524  +   907d ago
100? I remember paying $50.
ParaDise_LosT  +   907d ago
70+ dollars and originally 100% for a 32g SD card? holy fucking shit people buy this?
That's like 8-9 32G micro SDs

Well atleast you have the space to save all those vita ga-
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   907d ago
I already bought a 32 gig at 80 bucks. Good news with this price drop because then the discount prices go even further down. I can see 32 gigs going for 60 now which is still bad, but not as bad as say 100 bucks.
Flames76  +   907d ago
Still not gonna help sell this piece of garbage.PS Vita has done lost over 2 billion and only have sold 4 million units worldwide. Now with the price drop they are right back in the hole.
frostyhat123  +   907d ago
The prices are still pathetic. Should come with a good chunk of storage onboard.
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