Infamous: Second Son GamesCom 2013 Trailer

Sucker Punch released GamesCom 2013 trailer for their upcoming PS4 exclusive game "Infamous Second Son"

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towelie12881738d ago

i have the first one didnt like it too much way too repetitive, i will try out the second infamous soon

Irishguy951738d ago

The second had much more variety

linkenski1738d ago

Yeah. Overall the second one had better gameplay design.

InFamous 1 = better story
InFamous 2 = better gameplay

FATAL1TY1738d ago

Amazing game. true next gen

starchild1738d ago

Watch Dogs still looks better to me as far as graphics, but I loved Infamous and Infamous 2 and I can tell I will love this too. I love how free the games make you feel.

ShugaCane1738d ago

Infamous is cooooool, mate. The second is even better and Second Son look marvelous !!!

Sketchy_Galore1738d ago

I was going to tell you that I found the first one quite repetitive and so didn't bother to buy the second but after getting it free on PS Plus found it way better and more varied than the first. I was going to say all that but then I noticed that most of your comments are just spamming the phrase 'X1 day one!!1!1!1' so....yeah.

towelie12881738d ago

maybe because i am excited about my X1 genius
but unlike sony little fanboys
i really like my ps3 and other sony exclusives like UC and MGS
just stating my opinion that infamous 1 wasnt great

LOGICWINS1738d ago

Don't know why your getting disagrees. Anyone who says those side missions in Infamous 1 weren't repetitive didn't play Infamous 1 or is deluding themselves. I love the franchise, Infamous 2 is better IMO, but the original had plenty of flaws.

Heisenburger1738d ago

"...deluding themselves."

Well that certainly is a fancy way of saying that they have a different opinion than you.


LOGICWINS1738d ago

Thats not an opinion, thats a fact....unless playing the same five side mission archetypes isn't "repetitive" to you, which would suggest you haven't played many open world games.

Heisenburger1738d ago

No, it's not a fact. The fact that I feel that way is proof positive.

Don't delude yourself.

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PR_FROM_OHIO1738d ago

Amazing!!!! Can't wait for this game!!!!!

Thatguy-3101738d ago

This game just keeps looking better and better the more they show it. Deslin is going to be such a badass. I want that jacket!

r211738d ago

I cant be the only one to jump for joy when Delsin started absorbing electricity! :D

-Foxtrot1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

It better have some connection to Cole, I refuse to believe he is fully dead despite what SuckerPunch has said.

If he's revealed to be alive at the end of this game I would shed a tear of joy x

EDIT @Below

I think he still could be, they could of easily called this inFAMOUS 3 but they didn't. The number games are for Cole in my opinion but because they want to push the story forward they decided to do a spin off to do that while giving Cole a rest. Who knows what happened to Coles body, the government could of taken it and Zeke has been trying to get it back ever since.

PSVita1738d ago

I think he's alive but in the interview they said that he was intact dead %100 but you never know I really hope he's just a great liar. :)

M-M1738d ago

You do know that Delsin's special ability is absorbing powers from other Conduits right? That girl had electric powers, he absorbed her essence and gained her electric powers.

CrossingEden1738d ago

Cole is fully dead. Delsin gets his electric powers from the purple chick.

ElitaStorm1738d ago

the new power is LIGHT not electricity

Campy da Camper1738d ago

Nothing irks me more than when the camera pans back to show the audience. I don't care about the audience! Keep the camera on the screen derp derp!

ABeastNamedTariq1738d ago

My thoughts exactly. They do it over and over. WE GET IT ALREADY!

CrossingEden1738d ago

It's not the camera man, it's the director, he gives orders and changes the camera angles. Maybe you should inform yourself about how these things work before complaining.

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