Shadow of the Beast Clawing into the PS4, Here’s the Exciting Debut Trailer

Yet another new title has been revealed for the PS4 at Sony’s Gamescom press conference.

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Anon19741615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Loved this game on my Amiga back in the day. This brought a smile to my face. When was the last time you heard "and here's an old Amiga game"?

Now remake GODS!

Aery1615d ago

BEST announcement ever (for me) !!!!

Irishguy951615d ago

Not really...

concept looks decent although the trailer was veey generic ( I mean it was how most of these trailers go...killing plebs then a boss hops out with the mc looking badass before leaping at it)

Anon19741615d ago

Just out of curiosity, what other games look like this? Do you have any examples of trailers that look like that? You say generic, but I can't think of another game trailer I've ever seen that looks like this.

What they've done is taken the classic gameplay of the Amiga classic, Shadow of the Beast, and made an excellent trailer merging both the old and the new. If I didn't even know this was "Shadow of the beast" I would have recognized this instantly even though I probably haven't played the game for over 20 years. The look, music and gameplay were unmistakable.

1615d ago
spicelicka1615d ago


I think he's referring to the way the trailer is made. Just stereotypical series of events leading to a boss popping out of nowhere.

The art style looks cool, but the trailer was very generic.

Irishguy951615d ago

Yeah it was very clear in my post im talking avout tge sequence of events

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jobboy1615d ago

these days when psygnosis was gods!....i spent days playing shadow of the beast I and II

therealdealadam1615d ago

You see dreams do come true..

cyborg1615d ago

Very arty, my kind of game.

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-Mika-1615d ago

Need to see some gameplay. Other than that, it seem pretty generic.

DonFreezer1615d ago

Concept sounds great but looked like a generic plat former for sure

delicia1615d ago

Seems pretty original to me. But I still wonder what kind of game it is.

testerg351615d ago

Its a remake of an old Amiga (computer) game. Its a side scroller hack and slash/beat'em up game.

delicia1615d ago

@testerg35 Nice, I like those type of games. Did you play the original by any chance?

Aery1615d ago

Show more respect for Shadow of the beast.

therealdealadam1615d ago

This game is Legendary, I've waited 20 years for this lol

IcyEyes1615d ago

Sorry, something wrong happen to my message :D

Poor comment from Mika ...

1615d ago
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MWong1615d ago

Not to sound cliche but the game looked like a beast.

King20081615d ago

Concept looks great but that's all I can tell so far

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The story is too old to be commented.