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Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio and Media Molecule have unannounced projects for Ps4

Sony has announced that a trio of top PlayStation studios have big unannounced projects in the works. (Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, PS4, Santa Monica Studios)

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Kingthrash360  +   324d ago
I need them to announce them......is what I need....im excited anyway. rapture looks interesting too.
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dboyc310  +   324d ago
Need AAA announcements and reveals -_-
aiBreeze  +   324d ago
And someone competent on the cameras.. this camera work is doing my head in.. changing cameras in the middle of videos then zooming out.. WTF?
JunioRS101  +   324d ago
Can't expect the big guns to come out right at launch!

They need to sell the SYSTEM, so that they have an audience to pitch their BIG GAMES to.

I think all those indies will definitely keep me busy til next fall rolls around!

And hey, we still have Infamous and The Order to look forward to until more big announcements!

Also TGS! Where they're holding yet another press conference!
FamilyGuy  +   324d ago
I agree, we got tooooons of indie games and a good number of free-2-play games too. It's a really big launch line up but I want to see more of the big budget titles coming out :/
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Jrxbarrett  +   324d ago
We are waiting. I'm getting an Xbox but I want to at least think about not getting one.
Benjammin25  +   324d ago
Get an Xbox then. But in five years when the Xbox exclusive well runs dry and Sony is still pumping them out like there's no tomorrow, your going to regret that purchase. The exact same thing happened this gen.
Jrxbarrett  +   324d ago
Then ill buy a ps4. After a price drop and free uncharted 4. Lol
ZBlacktt  +   324d ago
These stories today are like little posts of information. Not much detail at all.
DonFreezer  +   324d ago
More pr crap by Sony.Let us see the games to decide.
MasterCornholio  +   324d ago
And you believe that those studios are not making games for the PS4?

Motorola RAZR i
cchum  +   324d ago
Sony first party devs decided not to make games for a sony console. Haven't you heard bro?

/s lol
The_Sneauxman  +   324d ago
Understandably you want a system-seller-like game but if you look at Sony's line-up, AAA studios and their consistent track record compared to the shotty unstable ground of MS ohh and HALO, really the decision isn't that difficult.
Killzoner99  +   324d ago
Mindblown. Sony's pulling out it's big guns.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   324d ago
Surely you don't mean that. But then again we do have to wait and see what else Sony annoinces.
SpringHeeledJack  +   324d ago
So naughty dog and sony santa monica arnt big guns now, where have you been last few years. Dam xbox fanboys out in force on this site.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   324d ago
@Spring We know Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica are working on something. Im talking about what they showed at Gamescom wasn't anything big. Im talking behalf the conference. I agree Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica are the big guns and I can't wait to see what they've been working on.

Im not a fanboy thank you.
reko  +   324d ago
DirtyPimp  +   324d ago
naughty dog? great!
Kingthrash360  +   324d ago
whoa infamous ss....he can use lighting too....shaping well
pyramidshead  +   324d ago
I think throughout the game you can take other conduit's powers basically.
Kingthrash360  +   324d ago
yeah thats what I was thinking
Angainor7  +   324d ago
where are the games? Honestly no trolling here.
NateCole  +   324d ago
They are being made?
cchum  +   324d ago
And being shown right now?
Butt hurt.....butt hurt everywhere.
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NateCole  +   324d ago
You do know that the PS4 will most likely have 10 years lifecycle and it has not started yet right?.

Butthurt??. Sony have already proved themselves this and previous gens. We just now got confirmation that these industry top devs are working on AAA projects for the PS4. Not PS3 or Vita. PS4.
Mrgolden79  +   324d ago
So...its an announcement about an unannouncement?
abc1233  +   324d ago
Sony taking tips from Square Enix
abc1233  +   324d ago
Really? And here I was thinking they were on a holiday
NateCole  +   324d ago
Its a good confirmation that the top devs are working on big tiles for PS4.
dktxx2  +   324d ago
Did we need a confirmation for that?
NateCole  +   324d ago
Remember when everyone just assumed 7Gig ram for PS4 games without Sony confirming it?.

This without a doubt now confirms that there are big PS4 games comming from these guys.

There is no need to show games that will be released in the next two years. Heck they need to set the date to lauch the bloody console first. I need that more.
_QQ_  +   324d ago
Obviously, what we want to know is what and when.
Kazuo_Hirai  +   324d ago
E3 2014 FTW!
sckipt  +   324d ago
Sony you gotta give us something that we truly want infamous ss as a launch would be really cool but we need the other projects plz
Maldread  +   324d ago
I got chills when he said that, but was equally disappointed with not even a tease video for either.

An okey press conference i guess, with some good looking indie games, price reductions and confirmed launch days.

But it lacked a great surprise or a more in-depth showing of either Killzone or Infamous that was there. The Order or a bit more of David Cage new game would`ve been cool to see (but i guess the focus is on Beyond now).

Still getting a PS4 though. Got to play some Killzone and Infamous :)

And i do hope some more gameplay footage of those two comes out of Gamescom too ;)
DeadlyFire  +   324d ago
They are only 3 of many. They said they have how many studios working on PS4 games? So far I have not seen all of their titles yet.
mike32UK  +   324d ago
I felt like shedding a tear when the old guy passed to the final younger man and said "to close the show" shattering all my hopes of a new naughty dog game or the getaway
Master-H  +   324d ago
I'm disappointed they didn't announce any of them today to be honest, i was waiting through the whole show for AAA megaton exclusives, but most of what was shown were smaller titles , and PSN and indie titles, which are cool on their own but i need my block buster exclusives Sony !

I think the game i liked the most from the show was War Thunder.

Shadow of the Beast while it looked beastly in it's trailer, i still don't know what type of game it is with no gameplay shown and they havent spoken much about it yet.

Everybody gone to Rapture trailer looked kinda confusing to me, it's using the Cry Engine 3 so it's probably a heavy caliber game but you can't tell much from the trailer.

Rime while an independent title, looked promising, as it reminds me of Ico.

Overall it was a good show, but it could've been much better if they showed some of their big guns.
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yellowgerbil  +   324d ago
this was a terrible press conference. They didn't show a single new game besides indies. Indies are great and all, but I wanted info on their first party offerings. they showed 2 games, that were basically indies themeselves and that was it.
They could of at least given us whether they are all new IPs or if they are sequels. Santa Monica is 99% sure a new IP but would of liked confirmation.
Felonycarclub8  +   324d ago
I can't wait to see what ND, SM and the rest are working on for PS4 and I can't wait for TGS
thinktwice  +   324d ago
can't wait to find out what it is. When is TGS guys?
Austin48  +   324d ago
The last of us 2 !!!

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