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Submitted by bunnyformulax 905d ago | news

Sony Claims PS4 Is "World's Most Powerful Console"

At its Gamescom presentation, Sony claims its system is the world's most powerful console, and then describes how it will help facilitate a gaming revolution. (Dev, Industry, Next-Gen, PS4, Sony, Tech)

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xHeavYx  +   905d ago | Well said
And it is, can't wait to get my hands on it
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Enemy  +   905d ago | Well said
It's more than just a claim, it's a fact.
xHeavYx  +   905d ago
Nuketail, How much money do you need to spend on a gaming PC and updates? I'm sure a lot more than $400
Hydrolex  +   905d ago
well it is... It's not rocket science

The only competitors are X1 and Wii u

well Wii u LOL LMFO what a joke

X1, is just not as strong

So PS4 is the most powerful console
AngelicIceDiamond  +   905d ago
We need proof anf demostrations other than thst its just lip service.
Hydrolex  +   905d ago
Why aren't you responding to Nuketail in his thread ? Oh wait, you need to be on top so you get more agrees. ok highschoolers
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zeal0us  +   905d ago
Good thing they used the word "console" or those hardcore pc fanatics would've been going apesh*t.
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Magicite  +   905d ago
and still there are dumbasses who dare to disagree..
mattdillahunty  +   905d ago
saying "the world's most powerful console" doesn't mean much when its competition is TWO other consoles; it's not like it beat out dozens of competitors or anything. lol. i mean, of course it's going to be more powerful than any previous gen console, that really doesn't mean anything. so it's more powerful than its two current competitors...yay, i guess?
darthv72  +   905d ago
wish they hadnt done that.

that means there is no chance of it being #1. throughout gaming history, the most powerful system has never been the one to lead the pack.

sony knows this. Its one thing to be the most powerful but proclaiming it is like automatically being awarded 2nd place or worse....3rd.

although, could this be the console gen to break that long standing trend?????
trafalger  +   905d ago
sony continue to push this marketing strategy and i'm not sure why? the ps3 bled them dry financially. vita isn't selling. now we hear the same marketing push on the ps4, being the most powerful console. those who crave the most powerful will support the pc.

the end result usually just adds flamewars with console fanboys. those who act like console elitists yet are the first to whine whenever the pc is mentioned.
ThanatosDMC  +   904d ago
RIP Nuketail. Couldnt handle all the PS4 news and super exploded his pants.
Anarki  +   904d ago
I find it amusing how people who haven't even used it, have saw limited screens/videos of said console could claim such bold statements. Wait until November before you make such claims guys.

The controller does look quite comfortable though, but so does the xbox ones.
Sideras  +   904d ago
@xHeavYx I'd say you'd need to spend about 1500 dollars for a worthwhile PC, if you just want to match the power of the PS4 you can get away with much less.
But spending 1500+ will be worthwhile imo.

I don't believe Sony is considering the PC a console anyways, if they did their statement is false.
AlexanderNevermind  +   905d ago
Just release it already!!!!
nukeitall   905d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(20)
thetruthx1  +   905d ago
Words are cheap. Show me!!!
ZBlacktt  +   905d ago
A lot of hater disagrees in here, lol. Sad...

Another reason why the system is SO flawed. Of course butt hurt kids crying on their pillows because mommy said no new console for you will having them hating... Or is it the copy cat next gen console. Sony does, they flip flop copy cat, lol... Or is it the PC people, since no one PC games much anymore. They are just doing what we all do on PC nowadays, surf the net....

Either way the facts still remain.
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ape007  +   905d ago
carmack and other devs disagree as well, not haters only xD
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Allsystemgamer  +   905d ago
No one PC games? Over 6 million steam users on at ONE time is no one?
allgamespc2012  +   905d ago
hahaha no one pc games much anymore? maybe learn english then come here and talk shit you lil fanboy, pc gaming is growing like crazy and while the ps4 is more powerful than most office pcs it certainly isnt more powerful than mine now with my titan. remember you are using 5 gddr5 now with os and crap like that being used, so my titan has 6gddr5 plus the ram at 32 gb so it is in fact better and more powerful.

anyways, point here is that 6 million concurrent steam users will disagree with you. 5 million concurrent lol players will too, 12 million sales on diablo 3 will too, 4 million on skyrim too, digital distribution and every developer going pc as well as consoles will too. sorry kid, you have absolutely no argument in this debate since you are one dumb son of a bitch.
ZBlacktt  +   905d ago
I was PC gaming 30 years ago ( Apple II, IIc and IIe ) and I'm dead srs. So please just go and that's all I read from your wall of mindless text.
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starchild  +   905d ago
You are ignorant beyond belief.

PC games sales generated over 20 billion dollars in revenue last year, which is far more than any console.

PC gaming is in fact growing tremendously. At the last Game Developers Conference, far more developers reported to be working on PC games than for any console.

PC hardware and software sales have been growing over the past few years, while console hardware and software sales have been declining.
ZBlacktt  +   905d ago
Starchild read the thread title... read my first comment. Again hater, why are you here? You lost? IQ of a rock.

Sony Claims PS4 Is "World's Most Powerful Console"
joeorc  +   905d ago

"carmack and other devs disagree as well, not haters only xD"

No that is not what carmack stated, John said "i have not benchmarked both machines yet"

He was pointing out that from a developer perspective both systems are very powerfull to work with this time, because of their x86 designs. Because as a 3rd party developer, PC systems has always been in id Softs DNA
showtimefolks  +   905d ago
claim more like fact

what's really scary is when the guys said we are still to show games from MM, santa monica or ND

yet they are showing a lot of other stuff
ZHZ90  +   904d ago
You do know Sony wants to save more games announcements for VGA and TGS right?

And you do know that Sony wants to show us that they give more support to Indies right?

Their's no need to be sad, if you're getting PS4 you should be happy.
showtimefolks  +   904d ago

who said anything about bring sad?

i know sony will be holding strong showing at TGS but that will mostly be for Japanese studios

VGA's i guess sony can announce few games to get some free TV time

should be very exciting

also i would imagine gameinformer will reveal some exclusives too, down the road
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bigfish  +   905d ago
The title is misleading. SONY doesn't claim, it explicitly says that PS4 is the worlds most powerful console.
Mini0510  +   904d ago
that's a claim... ?!
They stated or claimed. Im pretty sure the word choice is fine.
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Ashunderfire86  +   904d ago
Same here buddy, same here. I preorder it on Amazon the minute they announce the price of PS4. That's how much I want this system.
RedHawkX  +   904d ago
yep 400 dollars for the most powerful console ever created seems like the smart choice to make.

id hate to be the idiot who cant think and chooses a crap overpriced xbox one (500) over the superior ps4..
RedHawkX  +   904d ago
you agree to disagree ratio is the same ratio the ps4 will outsell the xbox one. also the same ratio of how many people will be playing ps4 games online, and chatting and building a huge gaming community vs the small xbox one game community that will have rarely anyone playing online and mostly casuals lol.
H0RSE  +   904d ago
It's a pretty baseless claim if all that power isn't utilized. I'm not saying it won't be, but anyone thinks that the PS4 is going to blow away the X1 in terms of graphic fidelity in games, you sure have a lot of wishful thinking. Overall, games will look largely similar, with significant (if any) differences being evident in exclusive titles.

Besides, boasting that you are the "world's most powerful console," is sort of liking being proud to be #2, since when it comes to hardware and processing power in games, PC is still the champ. adding the word "console" to the sentiment, is just moving the goal posts.
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Mini0510  +   904d ago
for your comment above xHeavYx, uh, I think a PC does more than a console. That's perhaps why it costs a little more.
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xHeavYx  +   904d ago
Like what? Besides, the conversation is regarding consoles, not a pc that you'll end up spending thousands of dollars to keep up with the latest settings
Mini0510  +   904d ago
lol do you even know anything about PC gaming? What updates are you talking about? In case you haven't realized, not many PC gamers spend thousands of dollars. More like $800-$1000. Someone can spend $500 if they wanted too...

And for what PC can do that consoles can't, you figure that out
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xHeavYx  +   904d ago
You can't buy a $500 pc today and not update anything for the next 8 years, don't be delusional.
BTW, it's ok that you can't come up with anything regarding the other question,I couldn't think of anything either
Mini0510  +   903d ago
lol. Ok Now i get it.

so your PS4 is guaranteed to work for 8 years. haha most people i know are already on their 2nd ps3 and 2nd xbox. Perhaps the 3rd one if they didn't take good care of it.

Then again, I think a PC can do more than a console.
And also, are you going to include the cost of your HDTV into this gaming package?

And no one is forcing you to upgrade. If you don't want to run everything on low settings. That's too bad. Then upgrade your computer.

Where are you going with this? Console gaming is cheaper? Hhaha that depends what you have already now. If you have a decent computer already, PC gaming is cheaper. If you already got an HDTV, consoles are cheaper.
NatureOfLogic  +   905d ago
user7402931  +   905d ago
people will disagree that gravity existence, even though its true. ffs people .
Rivitur  +   905d ago
Lies show me this so called Gravity it is simply God's invisible hand keeping us from floating into space where we would meet our deaths.

: P
FunAndGun  +   905d ago
Gravity Rides Everything. :)
quenomamen  +   905d ago
Lolz at fools disagreeing with gravity.
DoomeDx  +   905d ago
Why is this news..
Mini0510  +   904d ago
Why is it not? Did this happen already? I don't think so.
Kingthrash360  +   905d ago
facts....are facts..its king of consoles in regards to power.
Angainor7  +   905d ago
MasterCornholio  +   905d ago
It only sucks if your a fan of the weaker console.

(looks at avatar)

That's an Xbox One controller right?

There there it will be over soon.

Motorola RAZR i
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gamer2013  +   904d ago
It only sucks that you're console has less games, features and inferior online.
DialgaMarine  +   905d ago
I feel like at this point, we should just give Xbox fans a consoling hug, in the name of good sportsmanship. PS4 is going to end XBone.
jessupj  +   905d ago
I kinda have to agree. Even though they're still being stubborn as hell I somewhat am starting to feel sorry for them.
DialgaMarine  +   904d ago
They're getting completely screwed, by the company they'll seemingly support to the end no less, and they don't even realize. I guess ignorance truly is bliss...
wenaldy  +   905d ago
Haters, assemble!!!
torchic  +   905d ago
nice one ahahaha
stage88  +   905d ago
It is.

negative  +   905d ago
Wow there's like only one console out there even close to competing with the PS4 and that's Xbox One.

That's a bold statement there, Sony!

MRMagoo123  +   905d ago
who said it was bold all they are saying is true, i guess you are an xboner.

OT Even the ps4 advert posters say most powerful console so im guessing they must know what MS have.
pyramidshead  +   905d ago
oh god..this article.... bracing for shit storm lol
thrust  +   905d ago
It's a shame they are padding out this gamescom with ps3,vita and indie stuff!

Where is the ps4 stuff?
#10 (Edited 905d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(21) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   905d ago
You do know that the conference isn't over yet right?

Motors RAZR i
thrust  +   905d ago
Not long left tho mate!
joeorc  +   905d ago

"It's a shame they are padding out this gamescom with ps3,vita and indie stuff!

Where is the ps4 stuff?"

wait padding out?

LMAO really?, its one thing when your company only has one game system in the market to worry about for development resources when you are bringing out another game system. IE: Microsoft

but both Sony and Nintendo currently has more than just 1 freaking game system in the retail chain!

as a matter of fact what would Microsoft's 1st party offering's look like, if they had 3 or more systems in the retail chain and now they would end up with a 4th , what would their 1st party offering's look like than.

Padding my @ss its far easy to point finger's @ see it as a negative from the perspective of a company that only needs to worry about 1 system right now on the retail chain, and also reduced their world wide shipping number of regions from 21 down to 13.
Death  +   905d ago
And the Vita is the worlds most powerful handheld.
JBSleek  +   905d ago
Define "handheld".

Are we counting all portables such as tablets and phones or just dedicated gaming ones.
JBSleek  +   905d ago
Spec wise it is. There is no type of debate about that.
ape007  +   905d ago
you definitely have more tech knowledge than john carmack
user7402931  +   905d ago
and psychics have more science knowledge than nasa space engineers.
JBSleek  +   905d ago
Maybe not as I am only a software engineer major but it's simple.

What he said is they will be very identical which they will be but from a pure spec standpoint the PS4 wins. That doesn't mean nothing more or less so please relax.
MRMagoo123  +   905d ago
"you definitely have more tech knowledge than john carmack" once again bringing up this guy ffs you guys are just stupid i swear, Carmack said they are the same architecture wise NOT performance wise get it into your big stupid thick heads, my god its like trying to train a chimp.
DialgaMarine  +   904d ago
John Carmack is a dinosaur now. His job is no longer to actually develop a product that sets a new standard and blows all else away. He just talks based on whose flashing some of that mulah his way. Remember how much he flip flopped between PS3 and 360 before Rage's release? Then the game completely sucked. Sorry, but John Carmack isn't the only person who has a say so in these hardware comparisons, and it seems like the majority of third party and indie devs have said the same exact thing as this article. Sad part is, even M$'s own in-house, and the few third parties that actually support them, can't say this statement is wrong. It's why they're constantly having to play up TEH CLOUD and TEH TV FEARUREZ cards, because the console really has nothing else going for it, at this point. Hell, like Sony has stated before, PS4 has superior cloud capabilities through Gakai, and it should be getting similar TV services as well.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   905d ago
would you expect either sony or ms to say that their competitor is better?
MasterCornholio  +   905d ago
You have a point but Sony and Microsoft said this differently.

Sony: PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One.

Microsoft: Specs don't matter.

Motorola RAZR i
Confickercrash  +   905d ago
That seems to be a very defensive statement from Microsoft. Could they be hiding something?
GryestOfBluSkies  +   905d ago
very true. they are also quick to promote the cloud, which must be a hint of whats lacking internally
SpideySpeakz  +   905d ago
Well, technically, according to the specs, it is the most powerful console ever made. But powerful console don't win console wars, the games do.
jessupj  +   905d ago
You're absolutely right and Sony have games in droves. They've always satisfied my needs as a gamer for the WHOLE generation and not just for the first half.
Killzoner99  +   905d ago
We already knew this. Everybody knows this.
MRMagoo123  +   905d ago
no not everyone does there are still ppl completely misquoting Carmack and saying they have the same power lol look at Ape @ 12.1 some of them just refuse the truth, its like trying to get a catholic to believe in evolution.
Dread  +   905d ago
What about a PC?

I mean when games for the 360 were "console exclusive" but were also available in pc's all u fanboys claimed that the pc is a console.

e.g Witcher 2, Metro 2033, Tropico 2, 3 and 4 etc...

which is it?
starchild  +   905d ago
It changes depending on what is convenient for their argument at the time.

When a game is on PC and Xbox, the PC becomes just another gaming system that everyone supposedly loves and owns. Who cares if that game is on Xbox 360 "I'll just play it on my PC".

But other times the PC is a piece of overpriced crap that no gamer in their right mind would spend money on.

If PC gamers point out that the PC is, in fact, the most powerful gaming platform, suddenly the PC doesn't matter. Nobody would pay that much money "just for slightly better graphics", we are told.

The hypocrisy, double standards, and moving of goalposts is hilarious to me.
Chris12  +   905d ago
Where are my games Sony? PS4 preordered for months and still no real games of interest. I'm being honest, I'm getting a little disheartened hearing about MS's launch line up, yet for all the chest thumping and power specs Sony is doing us no favours. I know I'll get negged to death but just as people put pressure on MS and things got done, we need to start being a bit more honest than simply accepting the tat we have so far
McScroggz  +   905d ago
You have a right to complain that the PS4 doesn't have enough blockbuster exclusive games at launch, I personally won't downvote you. It is true.

Although, to me I'm buying into the PlayStation ecosystem (sorry for PR buzzword) and what I mean is that for the next 5 years I know I'll be getting plenty of blockbuster exclusives - just look at the past three generations. Plus I'll get a very diverse mix of games, including now a ton of indie games. I'll be subscribing to PlayStation Plus and gobbling up all of the free games, discounts and such. I'll have my Vita to use in whatever capacity seems fun.

Sure, Microsoft has more AAA exclusive games ready for launch, but I'm not buying a new console for the next 6 months...I'm buying one for the next 6 years. And so I'm more than comfortable with going with a PS4.

But again, I understand not being as excited for the launch as you'd like. I'll not call you out if you wait or even if you switch to Xbox One. I just hope you consider more than just the launch games as the main factor.

Have a good day sir.
JamieL  +   904d ago
You know this is one of the most sensible and honest comments I've ever seen on this site, and I agree. I like and want an XB1, I do want a PS4 as well, but I have my eye on the XB1 first, but I couldn't agree with you more. I think the XB1's launch line up looks awesome, and I'm looking forward to playing a lot of those games, but not all at once. I don't even buy games like that now. I like to buy a game, then beat it, buy next game. If I get too many at once it's like I don't give any of them the "attention" to actually enjoy what’s happening. It's like reading multiple books at the same time. Jumping story to story takes me out of all of them.

On that note I think Sony is giving the gamer plenty of options at launch, and you know the games will keep coming, and getting better, that’s how this industry works, and even the biggest Sony hater can’t say Sony doesn’t put out games.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   905d ago
Has yet to be proven at the same time its competitor says it has the most powerful console.
Good_news_every1   905d ago | Spam
Metfanant  +   904d ago
Hey want some "proof?" Straight from the horse's mouth (AMD)
Spoons  +   905d ago
It's the only thing they can claim. More powerful PS3.
jlo  +   905d ago
Meh. Worlds post powerful scooter (i.e console). Exciting for people that can only afford a scooter

Who cares, when you own a porsche? (beastly pc)
Confickercrash  +   905d ago
There's no disputing that it is, and why wouldn't it be? Microsoft isn't a hardware company by any stretch of the imagination, and Nintendo isn't ever going to be known for their raw power. I hope that there's no fanboy rants about this.
badkolo  +   905d ago
whats there to rant,, sony bots will claim its more powerful yet the games we see show a different story,, why is it that ms is showing more games and games that appear to look better, if there isnt a difference is gfx right away between the 2 consoles then all this power talk is pure crap
Confickercrash  +   905d ago
What I meant by "rants" was innocuous articles stating the opposite of the actual facts, made by people who don't do research and are just looking for hits.
Good_news_every1   905d ago | Spam
unknownbystander  +   905d ago
Since when did the most powerful console win the console competition? Anyway the 3 next-gen consoles are comparable enough that this would be an interesting generation.
inf3cted1  +   905d ago
Nope, PC.
isarai  +   905d ago
Pc is not a console
cartman313  +   905d ago
With XBMC and a wireless 360 controller my PC is basically a console.
Allsystemgamer  +   905d ago
You are making us pc primary gamers look bad.

Ps4 preordered and will sit next to my gaming rig
eman3d  +   905d ago
It amazes me how Sony fanboys act as if Sony is mailing them a paycheck every month for being online cheerleaders. It's clear that Sony got their butts kicked this last time around with the Xbox 360. I clearly remember when the PS3 was released and you same fanboys shelled out $500 plus dollars and justified it's price over and over yet now you pile on the Xbox One for it's price, what a bunch of adolescent hypocrites.

Not only that, Sony is in desperation mode and you guys know it, or maybe your just ignorant to that fact. Everything Sony is doing is based on cutting price points, or better said- undercutting the competition. How funny is that??? A company that historically is known for high pricing and use to be proud of it is running around with it's tail between it's legs undercutting the competition. Again, this is something Sony has NEVER done which explains one thing- Sony is desperate.

As a consumer, I'm not complaining but you Sony Fanboys are the worst hypocrites on earth you know this is true but you won't be honest and admit the truth. You'd rather act like little kids and rail on Xbox One all because Microsoft knocked Sony off of their pedestal with the current gen system.
blackmanone  +   905d ago
Who do you take it so personal, eman? You sound really butt-hurt that your favorite console isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think... I THINK... that's the definition of adolescent hypocrite...
#24.1 (Edited 905d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Pintheshadows  +   905d ago
More nonsense spurted you will not hear. Claims that Sony fanboys are the worst but is doing exactly what they do. Congratulations.
Allsystemgamer  +   905d ago
The ps3 at the time was a cheaper option for blu ray, had Bluetooth support and various other options that justified its price point. The Xbox one has...kinect and weaker hardware
Belking  +   905d ago
You speak the truth and they know it, and this site is obviously ran by people who are in sonys camp. They should just change the name... lol The fanboys are playing this same power game and look which console has the most games running at 60fps and won more e-3 awards. They can rag on x1 all they want. Sony is undercutting because they have to to. They know financially they can't compete. It's gonna be a long rough generation for them once again.
eman3d  +   905d ago
It's not personal at all. I'm a gamer and if Sony comes through with the PS4 I'll get and Xbox One AND a PS4. Sony failed this current gen and most of the games of note came out on the Xbox 360 and third party developers. Sony is definitely in desperation mode this time around going with the cheaper price on the PS4 and now the Vita because the PS3 failed against the Wii and 360 and the Vita failed against the 3DS.
joeorc  +   905d ago

"It's not personal at all. I'm a gamer and if Sony comes through with the PS4 I'll get and Xbox One AND a PS4. Sony failed this current gen and most of the games of note came out on the Xbox 360 and third party developers. Sony is definitely in desperation mode this time around going with the cheaper price on the PS4 and now the Vita because the PS3 failed against the Wii and 360 and the Vita failed against the 3DS."

the 2x face palming by other people on what you just claimed in this whole statement is EPIC. lol

yes keep thinking the PS3 failed..LMAO
MysticStrummer  +   905d ago
"Microsoft knocked Sony off of their pedestal with the current gen system."

No they didn't. PS2 wiped the floor with everyone. MS and Nintendo had nowhere to go but up in sales, and Sony had nowhere to go but down in sales. Both Ninty and MS went up a lot, so Sony dropped quite a bit. Ninty won the generation and MS ended up third, so if any one company knocked Sony off it was Ninty, but I'd say it was a joint effort. Even Sony took part in that drop off with an expensive console that was tricky to develop for. MS certainly didn't knock Sony off their pedestal by themselves.
gamer2013  +   904d ago
#24.6.1 (Edited 904d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   904d ago
@TwistedReality - Your name is fitting if you think Sony's fall this generation was just because of MS.

Facepalm indeed.
Clarence  +   905d ago
How can Sony get its butt kicked when M$ clearly came out a year early in the states and year and half early in Europe? You know head to head Sony is going to crush Xbox 1.

I seem to remember when the PS3 came out it had something called bluray. I also seem to remember 360 charging $200 for a HD drive because the 360 only plays DVDs.

Nintendo knocked Sony off the pedestal, not M$. The 360 is in fact in last place.

As far as desperation goes, isn't it M$ who has backtracked on every policy that they announced for the Xbox 1? Isn't it M$ who is now installing bluray in every Xbox 1? Isn't it M$ that's charging $500 for a console that's not as powerful as the PS4? The xbox 1 is overprice piece of hardware that hooks up to your cable box.

What about how M$ is now so in love with indie developers?

Wasn't it M$ who tried to monoplies the software market?

Your lost son go back to the drawing board.
#24.7 (Edited 905d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
BOLO  +   905d ago
Whoa whoa angry Xbot! Eaaasy..."It's clear that Sony got their butts kicked this last time around with the Xbox 360." M$FT's best console even with a year head start, cheaper price, and RROD to boost sales STILL LOSSED to Sony's worse selling console...Now put that into perspective..."I clearly remember when the PS3 was released and you same fanboys shelled out $500 plus dollars and justified it's price over and over yet now you pile on the Xbox One for it's price" lol...Blu-Ray players alone were around $1000 in 05'/06' the PS3 had Blu-Ray, Wi-fi, and HDMI cables right out the box. "As a consumer, I'm not complaining"...This is exactly why the likes of M$FT, EA, and Activision phucks over dumb founded buyers like yourself...I bet you were upset when M$FT dropped the restrictive nature of XBO weren't you? lol
jaredhart  +   905d ago
It's True.
2cents  +   905d ago
Call a spade a spade

They're not wrong


Totally agree with you.
Every company needs their little victories, they all do it. This is Sonys tagline for this Gen. So no matter what the argument fanboys will ALWAYS come back with 'yeah but the PS4 is the most powerful console on the market'. and thats just fine. It it the truth at the end of the day.

Let them have it, you and I know that power is not everything.
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Gamer666  +   905d ago
But power of the console does not mean that the console will succeed...

Wii was the least powerful console last gen and won... PS2 was not as powerful as Xbox but won...

Most generations are not defined by the power of the console, but rather the content and features that people want.
Persistantthug  +   905d ago

But with that said,

The Wii U is the least powerful now, and it's doing horrible.
JamieL  +   904d ago
@ Persistantthug
It may be doing bad, but it's sold more than the XB1 and the PS4 at this point so it's winning, until launch day anyway.
CocoWolfie  +   905d ago
i guess we'll see! :')
Rimeskeem  +   905d ago
they just need to put more powerful games on it
Misaka_x_Touma  +   905d ago
and how is this news
when we known this for the longest
MotoDot  +   905d ago
you sir are right
isarai  +   905d ago
Emphasis on the word "Console", can't wait to get my hands on my PS4 along with RIME and The Witness
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