Borderlands 2 Is Coming To Vita

Gearbox's hybrid RPG-shooter is making a portable appearance on the PlayStation Vita, Sony announced today at their GamesCom conference.

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faysal1914d ago

this will be awesome!!!

xHeavYx1914d ago

I did not see that one coming, great news

guitarded771914d ago

2K showing the love. Maybe Bioshock will come to Vita after all.

ABizzel11914d ago


Greg Miller has been saying it for a while now.

Protagonist1914d ago


It has actually been rumored for a while.

KingKevo1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

@xHeavYx: You sum it up pretty well. I was having one of these rare 'OMG REALLY?!' moments.

After all people might argue that it's just a port, but imho this is great news and it makes perfect sense to me, because the game really fits the Vita with drop in drop out MP and short missions/battles.

mewhy321913d ago

These are the kinds of releases that the Vita needs for it revival to happen.

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JoGam1914d ago

speechless? My mouth fell off my face on to the floor.

CRAIG6671914d ago

Damn, gonna have to buy me a vita now, the wife's gonna kill me!

GdaTyler1914d ago

Lol, let her kill you. You will not regret your purchase, I sure as hell did not. I have a massive backlog of games and I still have games like Gravity Rush and others to get.

dredgewalker1914d ago

But how will he play if he's dead? Better yet he should buy a Vita and fake his death so his wife won't kill him. Also by faking his death maybe he can get some insurance money to buy more games :)

zippycup1913d ago

im going to have to buy another one my daughter plays gravity rush on mine and when i told her B2 was coming out for vita she told me i would never see the vita again

shes 10 and she loves borderlands hehe

when i got tiny tina dlc we finished it in a weekend

dendenmooshi1914d ago

This was such an overlooked piece of great news.

Christopher1914d ago

I might actually use my PS Vita now. Borderlands 2 on the go? Definitely worth it and something we sorely need for portable gaming.

SonyPS41914d ago

I agree...IF ported properly. If it's some experimental port like the Jak Collection I am going to avoid it.

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Williamson1914d ago

Yeah I know! Great to be able to play an amazing game like borderlands 2 on the go with the vita.

jujubee881914d ago

Why so bitter @sobotz? It's just a great game coming to a platform that is made for playing FPS like BD2.

Maybe you need to buy a VITA and check it out. The audience totally dig that announcement. And people here are totally digging the announcement.

Hope you have a change of heart. It would be a shame if you missed out on playing this game on VITA while the rest of us have fun. ^_^

mandf1914d ago

port or not. it's still a major game added to the vitas library of games. ports aren't bad beacause it expands a games user base and profits. downplaying something is childish.

Xof1914d ago


Not sure I agree. I don't think the number of people who would buy Borderlands 2 on the Vita is all that big, considering most people who would care to play BL2 already have... on PS3, 360 or PC.

Look at the WiiU for (many) similar cases of older games getting ports. There, at least, you can assume that a good portion of sales were from gamers who only had a Wii, and never had the chance to play Mass Effect 3 (ulgh) or Assassin's Creed 3, or Arkham City, or what have. But now? Just how many Vita gamers game ONLY on the Vita?

The Vita needs actual Vita games. Not ports of PS3 or PC games.

The reason we're seeing a port of BL2 rather than a new BL game for the Vita is because the Vita is a struggling console, and ports are infinitely cheaper to produce. So, rather than being a positive sign for the Vita, the fact that all we're getting is another port (that the fanboys are celebrating, of course) is really just another sign that Vita owners should be concerned about the future.

ABeastNamedTariq1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Leave this place of excitement, you have no place here!

Shows that Vita's getting games, go play your Xbox.

MrTrololo1914d ago

Look at the disagree lol

Enemy1914d ago

More games = a bad thing now? They've already announced 2 new IPs for Vita.

admiralvic1914d ago

It's not a bad things, just that some people would rather see more Vita exclusives / sequels. I can't say I blame them, since I got my fill on the PS3, but still a solid choice.

HammadTheBeast1914d ago


Why are you so mad bro? TGS ahead. MS another no-show.

Master-H1914d ago

@juju i'm afraid sobotz can't buy a vita and enjoy this game, after all where will he charge the Vita, in his cave he doesn't have power sockets, he only goes to town for like half an hour to use a Cafe net and bless us with some of his helpful comments, ah the hard life of a N4G troll.

miyamoto1913d ago

a little jelly for your 3DS?

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ShugaCane1914d ago

Mindblown. Perfect combo with the price cut. Go on Sony !!

Killzoner991914d ago

I think everyone's mindblew on this announcement. Who saw this coming? Sony is full of surprises .

Relientk771914d ago

This is awesome, what a great game to bring to PS Vita