PlayStation Vita Gets a Price Drop to $199.99/€199.99

It seemed like a big possibility with numerous retailers dropping the price to $199.99 this week, and now it's become official from Sony.

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Snookies121741d ago

Oh wow, that's a killer price for a Vita no doubt.

shoddy1741d ago

I'm waiting for a slim 1080p vita

darthv721741d ago

i have the 3g vita but wouldnt mind one with tv out if they made it.

PraxxtorCruel1740d ago

So what's the price for us British folk? £199 lol?

zeal0us1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

You will be waiting a while. I wonder how much the memory cards will be now after the cut.

jujubee881740d ago

Huh? Are you talking about a screen upgrade? Probably not going to be happening. It's already OLED, literally the best quality display not even out to the mass market.

Also, a PPI increase and major display change was a cause of concern when PSP did it. I recalled a lot of people complaining about "ghosting" in pixels of the LCD. So, Sony don't want another error like that happening again.

But there will be a slim VITA....sometime in the future. Let's not forgot, Sony still need to weed out the 3G version and get more colors out (even the white color is only if you buy Asscreed).

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-Superman-1741d ago

Now people cant whine that PSVita price is too high

Killzoner991741d ago

The media will find something else to complain about. Game journalist want the Vita to fail. They have since it launched.

Salooh1741d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Yep , now we will see if that works like you people say, they only showed borderland 2 which is awesome if i didn't play it on pc and ps3 .

If the owners increased the developers will support it so i think this is great but like what i said , most people are not buying the vita because it doesn't have the games they are interested in ..

solidjun51741d ago

Oh I'm sure they'll find some way to whine.

LOGICWINS1740d ago

People will always whine. But the majority will see $199 as a MORE than reasonable price.

testerg351740d ago

Obviously its not the media, but consumers thought it was too high.

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xHeavYx1741d ago

The memory cards also get a price drop, that's great

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ThatCanadianGuy5141741d ago

The last handheld i bought was a Gameboy advance.
Looks like i'll be picking up a Vita in the near future tho.Already have like, what? 10+ free games from PS+?

This is great news for Vita.

CaptainPunch1741d ago

Really? You missed out on a lot of great games then.

jujubee881740d ago

Haha. That was technically the last handheld I bought too (I got PSP gifted to me as a present a while later).

You're going to like VITA if you like what you see at Gamescom and what's been released so far. ^^

showtimefolks1741d ago

and memory card prices will be significant lower damn sony you heard us good

borderlands 2 on the go ultimate win

GdaTyler1740d ago

ok that's pretty awesome I have to admit.

GdaTyler1740d ago

lol at disagrees. Must be another Vita hater.

Anyways maybe people will buy more and in return we'll get more games. Hopefully.

showtimefolks1740d ago

yes sir haters will find a way to hate

but Vita is gonna get a lot more support now with much better MSRP price and hopefully much better prices for memory cards

borderlands 2 on the game

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