Battlefield 4 - Premium Membership Gamescom 2013 Trailer

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Battlefield 4's Premium membership.


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black0o1708d ago

BattlefieldPremium doesn't give subscribers early access, it gives everyone else late access.

Energie1708d ago

Probably 50$ like the premium on BF3

Wizziokid1708d ago

thanks guys, tempting offer

Maninja1708d ago

Yeah it is. I'll definitely be picking it up at launch

bumnut1708d ago

Not really, its like paying for map packs that don't even exist yet.

Also, you might not like the map packs when they are revealed but its too late, you already paid!

3-4-51708d ago

Premium is actually worth it in this game compared to others. You get new maps that are huge, more guns to unlock and earn, new game modes, new vehicles.

It's not just 4 tiny horribly designed maps and that is it like some other FPS games.

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ArchangelMike1708d ago

Man #i can't wait for BF4, here's hoping I can get into the beta.

Parasyte1708d ago

I think I saw Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, and Operation Metro in that Second Assault flash.

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