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New Battlefield 4 map "Paracel Storm", and game mode revealed

DICE has revealed a new Battlefield 4 map, called "Paracel Storm", at GamesCom, plus a new game mode as well. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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black0o  +   742d ago
BF4 will out sell COD this time mark my words
TheKingWilliamV  +   742d ago
I think its very well possible, but I dont know why people compare the two. One is up close fast paced action and the other is all out war. To me they offer two very different experiences with the only similarities being modern day weapons. I personally will be purchasing both but man oh man cant wait to play that storm map in BF4 DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM
SOD_Delta  +   742d ago
BF4 out selling CoD: Ghost is a tough task. I hope DICE can accomplish that goal. BF4 looks stunning, can't wait to play it.
3-4-5  +   742d ago
People are ready for more, and COD admitted they are sticking to the same old stuff.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   742d ago
This game looks amazinggg. Can't wait. 64 players? It's gonna be the first game I play on PS4.
-Alpha  +   742d ago
64 players, 60 FPS, all that destruction and vehicles... I am buying heavily into the hype.

Doesn't help my wallet that DICE makes damn great trailers too haha.
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windblowsagain  +   742d ago

Both are FPS online shooters.

Both have close combat.

Only 1 has massive open maps with an array of vehicles and awesome graphics.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   742d ago
lol.... this game has so much going on for online that i dont even want it.. i rather have fps focus on teamwork, and game modes that make you work together...

COD is ass to...

we need some rainbow six...

OH and ppl talk about 64 players like its fuckin cool... RFOM was 64 players shit was boring..

deal with it
Monolith  +   742d ago
I agree with rainbow six
But I disagree with your rfom statement.
It was 40 players for ps3 launch title. Resistance 2 was 60 with 8 player coop. I loved r2 60 player battles. So much chaos. Guts flying everywhere. Wish more people played it today.
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hennessey86  +   742d ago
I really don't see
How cod ghosts can compete with this, it looks astonishing, innovative and above all FUN.
FullMetalTech  +   742d ago
This game is bananas. I see that the Naval Mode works like armored Kill expansion. 64 players will be crazy.
pandehz  +   742d ago
Oooooh yeahhhh!!!

Der_Kommandant  +   742d ago
How COD dares to compete with this monster???
venom06  +   742d ago
now THAT is what you call a next-gen shooter.... CoD was officially pimp slapped in the mouth yet again... it won't outsell it, but just like 2011, it will DEFINITELY be the better product..
mike32UK  +   742d ago
This trailer was EPIC... and that is not a word I used lightly. The last multi-platform FPS that I bought was COD:MW1. Haven't been interested in buying any others until right now!
MrTrololo  +   742d ago
You guys are so immature. Both COD and Battlefield has it own pros and cons so none of them are better than the other.
pandehz  +   742d ago
You're right


CPTN MITCHELL  +   742d ago
Ps4&Bf4 A match from heaven...day 1 4me....infinity ward look so u can learnd
Detoxx  +   742d ago
So epic
xxxsiegezzz  +   742d ago
New game mode, with some kind of a bomb.
And dynamic weather, or atleast 2 versions of that map.
So awesome
Hufandpuf  +   742d ago
I just realized I should've brought extra underwear.
Saryk  +   742d ago
I prefer ARMA 3 and Red Orchestra. I own just about all of the COD games excluding BO2 and I own all BF games. But if they are not going to invest their talents in a good A.I. (and bots) then I am not supporting them any longer.
pandehz  +   742d ago
Sorry mate I dotn think A.I and bots will happen for BF series anytime soon, will only be in SP campaigns.

Not when they are focusing on 64 players playing it out specifically.

Well there are other games too you know, dunno which ones but Im sure there are.

*goes to play BF3 with other players*
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Saryk  +   741d ago
Oh I agree. I didn’t expect them too, but my money is not going to any more FPS shooters that are multiplayer only. Between cheaters, quitters and rage players, I’ve had enough of it.
objdadon  +   742d ago
Here we go again with the bf4 is gonna outsell cod again. It just ain't gonna happen fellas! Can't compete with the speed of cod! Now if titan fall were to go multi platform that would make cod sweat!!!

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