Mario Kart Wii Launches In UK, Websites and US Driving School Tour Dates

Mario Kart Wii is released today (April 11th) in the UK and Nintendo of Europe has a Mario Kart Wii website with the latest info and details on the game. Check out the control schemes, game modes, characters, courses, items and more on the Nintendo of Europe Mario Kart Wii website.

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ChickeyCantor3777d ago

Love beating the records of Ghost Data! XD

tried playing with the Wii-mote, but eventually whent back to GCN-c

ItsDubC3777d ago

I'm kinda skeptical about the Wii Wheel. Any thoughts?

ChickeyCantor3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

It does work, but really have to adapt. moving your hand in the wrong direction( like say scratching your cheek because its so itchy) you can really screw up an online match XD
And if you wanna go for best laps and stuff like that better use a normal controller.

The online system isn't bad btw =D its pretty good.

PS360WII3777d ago

The Wii Wheel seems worth trying but I doubt it'll get used for any high scores