EA Press Conference Live Stream

Tune in on August 20 at [7:00am PT/10:00am ET] for EA’s 2013 gamescom press conference. We’ll give you the latest from Battlefield 4, Need For Speed Rivals, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, FIFA 14, EA SPORTS UFC, Command & Conquer, the unveil of The Sims 4 and more!

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UK: 3pm to 4pm
ET: 10am to 11am
PT: 7am to 8am

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n4rc1769d ago

cool... command and conquer.. used to LOVE that game way back in the day..

playing at a little lan center back before online MP really took off... "ok guys, no attacking for a hour"

sigh... nostalgia

fardan851769d ago

I'd love to get this game on PS4.
For me, it's the best RTS game ever. So many hours I sunk into C&C games.

Salooh1769d ago

Try Empire earth 1 in pc , it works on all pc's and laptops and it's the best strategy game ever , i even put a mode where i can have 15000 soldier XD . Maps are big , a lot to do in the game. You can play with 8 players in lan and mp :P . It's like 300-500mb only . Just don't zoom in the game lol

MWong1769d ago

I would love a C&C on a next-gen console. I miss C&C, loved playing it on the XB360.

Pretty solid presentation from EA. The UFC game looks like it might be pretty fun. Of course BF4 stole the show for me.

awesomeabe19981769d ago

Any announcements considering Nintendo? i dont feel like watching.

DAS6921769d ago

...The heck is "Nintendo"??

MWong1769d ago

Doubt we will be hearing much about Nintendo from 3rd party publishers with the exception of UbiSoft.

wtopez1769d ago

Oh yeah a little lan center that would get ridiculously hot, but boy was it a blast.

showtimefolks1769d ago

EA talks way too much about sports games without showing a live gameplay demo so its starting to become boring

dragon age sounds awesome but let's see, will this one be real time hack and slash like DA2?

also i believe this is the year BF will outsell COD

Zeniix1769d ago

Memories man, memories...

Alright you attack me first then I attack you, or prepare for 30min and then all mid

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vishmarx1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

3hrs to the real deal
also why is all text bold
wheres the fast forward button?
boring,boring,boring,boring,d ragon age,boring,boring

iamnsuperman1769d ago

I am also wondering why the font is bold.....

The UFC announcement was very cringey

Salooh1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I like the text this way :) . As for the show it wasn't boring to me because i waited 15 minutes before i started it so i could skip anything i didn't like , i skipped all fifa stuff hehehehehe

1769d ago
TheKingWilliamV1769d ago

I think I would be to slow in a game like this to actually be effective. It looks fun though :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.