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Forza Motorsport 5 new screenshots

LGN "Turn 10 Studios has released a set of new screenshots for their upcoming racing game Forza Motorsport 5" (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

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sobotz  +   608d ago
It looks freakin' awesome. I thought it was Project Cars at first
PFFT  +   608d ago
Project Cars aint got nothing on Froza 5 IN graphics nor gameplay.
ABizzel1  +   608d ago
LMAO at you two.

Carefully cherry picked screenshots in photo mode and replay, vs. a game running everything realtime. No need for photo modes and replays, when gameplay exceeds anything shown in Forza 5. Forza 5 looks good, but it's nothing compared to Project Cars on graphical and technical merits.



Stop with the BS and enjoy your game.
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Septic  +   608d ago
Yeah there's no competition in terms of visuals. That is the power of a beastly PC.
PFFT  +   608d ago
Kinda like with Killzone Shadow fall on the reveal am i right? That footage was running on the PC.
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Hicken  +   608d ago
Looks good, but don't kid yourself with the Project CARS comparison.

And that gullwing Benz... current-gen comes to mind.
Whatsupdog  +   608d ago
Forza....sweet beautiful screens so full of win :=D
golding89  +   608d ago
Wow those car looks so nice.
Nik_P757  +   608d ago
Maybe one day they will show some game play.
GodGinrai  +   608d ago
gameplay footage from E3. Will be nice too see some new footage though.

theWB27  +   608d ago
They showed gameplay all the way back at E3...

Troll harder...or at least more intelligently. Also...Google is your friend.
PFFT  +   608d ago
Yeah id be asking for gameplay myself if i too lived under a rock.
gamewizard99  +   608d ago
It looks great, Bring on November and hopefully two new consoles for me.
GodGinrai  +   608d ago
looks awesome. That aston martin is SEXY! The game is looking crisp!
Me-Time  +   608d ago
look who's talking,...now.

Is MS even going to have the coverage that Sony will? serious question though.
imt558  +   608d ago
Looks good. But i really expect better. Project Cars looks far more better or Driveclub.

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