Forza Motorsport 5 new screenshots

LGN "Turn 10 Studios has released a set of new screenshots for their upcoming racing game Forza Motorsport 5"

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sobotz985d ago

It looks freakin' awesome. I thought it was Project Cars at first

PFFT985d ago

Project Cars aint got nothing on Froza 5 IN graphics nor gameplay.

ABizzel1985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

LMAO at you two.

Carefully cherry picked screenshots in photo mode and replay, vs. a game running everything realtime. No need for photo modes and replays, when gameplay exceeds anything shown in Forza 5. Forza 5 looks good, but it's nothing compared to Project Cars on graphical and technical merits.



Stop with the BS and enjoy your game.

Septic985d ago

Yeah there's no competition in terms of visuals. That is the power of a beastly PC.

PFFT985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Kinda like with Killzone Shadow fall on the reveal am i right? That footage was running on the PC.

Hicken985d ago

Looks good, but don't kid yourself with the Project CARS comparison.

And that gullwing Benz... current-gen comes to mind.

Whatsupdog985d ago

Forza....sweet beautiful screens so full of win :=D

golding89985d ago

Wow those car looks so nice.

Nik_P757985d ago

Maybe one day they will show some game play.

GodGinrai985d ago

gameplay footage from E3. Will be nice too see some new footage though.

theWB27985d ago

They showed gameplay all the way back at E3...

Troll harder...or at least more intelligently. Also...Google is your friend.

PFFT985d ago

Yeah id be asking for gameplay myself if i too lived under a rock.

gamewizard99985d ago

It looks great, Bring on November and hopefully two new consoles for me.

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