WWE 2K14: New Screenshots feat. Lita, Steamboat, Rey Mysterio, WM 24 Arena and more

WWE 2K14: New "30 Years of WrestleMania" Mode Screenshots feat. Lita, Steamboat, Rey, WM 24 Arena and more.

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Austin481557d ago

This game is looking good

TheMadStork831557d ago

The arenas look nice, but one problem. The WrestleMania 22 arena doesn't have the banners around the perimeter of the arena with the superstars on them. Hopefully this is fixed.

bilzdabest1555d ago

I hope they add In a starcade arena. That way someone can make 20 years of starcade mode

Eaawesome151553d ago

It's not very likely wwe still has the rights to many of the superstars on those banners.