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Check out how Kinect Sports Rivals is stunning

The new Kinect captures your likeness as a champion and the power of Xbox thrusts you into sporting events against friends, rivals and the entire world. Skill matters. Precision is rewarded. Small movements make big impacts. With online tournaments, head-to-head rivalries and a world full of, sports are reimagined to ignite your competitive spirit. The game learns how you and your friends compete, creating an ever-evolving network of rivals in the cloud. There's a competitor in each of us just waiting to come alive. It's You vs. the world. (Kinect Sports Rivals, Rare, Xbox One)

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Christopher  +   558d ago
Still has noticeable lag. Great it can detect more shapes and whatnot, but in advancing the processing power, they've kept the same amount of lag. And that's on a demo of just capturing what the body is doing in real time (1:05-1:12).

The face capture and making it one with your character is nice. I can see that being implemented into CoD or a similar game as a side feature. There's a Square Enix game on iPad that does something like this and people like it.
Septic  +   558d ago
Yeah the lag is a big disappointment and really falls short of the so-called 1-to-1 interactions that were touted by MS.

This will just strike at the heart of what Kinect tries to achieve when it comes to motion control gaming.

Any 'useful' uses of the tech now seem to be relegated to things like face capture, like you mentioned and voice controls etc.
abzdine  +   558d ago
Kinect at its best! /s
seriously what are they thinking?

"thanks to the powaah of da clowwwd Kinect can detect your heartbeat, but cannot track your movements"
JokesOnYou  +   558d ago
I thought it looked good for the very short glimpses of the people actually playing. I saw the Fighters Within vid from Gamescom which didn't look great but the vid quality also sucked I need to see more legit videos of actual gameplay. btw, the tech is impressive, love the face mapping stuff.
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golding89  +   558d ago
To me this looks pretty good. The kinect 2.0 definitely will allow developers to make better game. Nice
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Mike134nl  +   558d ago
Compared to the old kinect seems to me like the lag has been reduced in a rather big way. Question is if reduced amount of lag and precision allows for devs to make something enjoy-full to play. I would love to go hands on and see how much lag there is.
nukeitall  +   558d ago
When you are moving your entire body, lag isn't as noticeable.

When you are flicking a small analog and achieving a big motion on screen, lag is extremely noticeable. However, if you move that same analog stick 10 times the distance, to achieve the same motion, the lag is almost imperceptible. Why? Because it takes time to move the distance, which is more realistic.

Now of course that is a crude example, because Kinect One can now give you additional input that a traditional controller almost can't. Take for instance, the real body placement of a character in a boxing game using a controller based game.

The character generally has fixed positions of where it can hit, and your character moves to dodge. Kinect doesn't rely on that, because your body has infinite positions it can be in, and Kinect picks that up.

To do that with a controller, would require a gazilion buttons and a very complex setup! So what you are seeing are games being designed around the limitation of the controller.

That said, I believe lag will be significantly reduced as final software is rolled out and as the technology matures.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   558d ago
Yes, this can could more reliable than a controller in some situations but you would need tech that can keep up with the player without problems. As of now, there are certain movements that will not register with the sensor and you also have to make sure you're moving at a pace the sensor can work with. In other words, the hardware doesn't match up with the ambitions.

The input on a controller may be more limited than the kinect but it's more responsive. And it will remain like that for years to come.
nukeitall  +   558d ago

"The input on a controller may be more limited than the kinect but it's more responsive. And it will remain like that for years to come."

As I said, the controller is entirely based on twitch gaming. That doesn't apply to full body motion. How fast can you shoot or dodge in real life?

Point being, lag and response time is hugely important in controller based games, but not motion tracking once you reach a point you won't notice it.

" As of now, there are certain movements that will not register with the sensor and you also have to make sure you're moving at a pace the sensor can work with."

The sensor seems to keep up just fine. Don't know what you are talking about?

What certain movements will not register with the sensor and how does it matter?
KonsoruMasuta  +   558d ago
"The sensor seems to keep up just fine. Don't know what you are talking about?

What certain movements will not register with the sensor and how does it matter?"

Watch this video.


You can see how laggy and unresponsive the sensor can be.

Some movements don't register and in certain moments you don't see feedback until seconds later.

You have a weird definition of "fine".

It's a great idea but the tech is not is not there yet.
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nukeitall  +   558d ago

Your video is a low res choppy video. How are you suppose to evaluate anything based on that when the source itself is laggy, not to mention single game isn't reflective of the technology.

Imagine a laggy game that frequently drops framerates, does that mean all controller based games will suck?

That said, here is a video showing almost zero lag:


Fast forward to around 4 mins.
-Superman-  +   558d ago
wow, i love this scanning system. Can´t wait to play with it :)
EasilyTheBest  +   558d ago
Now this is something I'm really looking forward too, loved Kinect Sports 1 & 2.
Mounce  +   558d ago
I played Wii Sports when Wii came out.

So, why should I be stunned about Wii Sports X1 Edition? Prettier visuals with similar sports?
theWB27  +   558d ago
Wow..wasn't expecting it to look that good. If the jet ski portion can satisfy my Waverace craving I'm in. Then the Kinect...this is the reason you don't make a Kinect-less SKU.

That scanning tech is included at the hardware level. Imagine if NBA2K, Live, Madden, Fifa, UFC or Tennis takes advantage of this. No need for a create a player, YOU will be in the game.

Good stuff...
sobotz  +   558d ago
Yeah, it's surprisingly good
green  +   558d ago
I taught i was the only one that had a Wave Race craving lol.
theWB27  +   558d ago
Great taste you have. Loved that game back on the ol Nintendo 64.

Ocarina of Time-Mario 64- Pilot Wings- and Waverace...such good memories.
TheKingWilliamV  +   558d ago
I wonder if they can create a NC17 game where you get to make slow sweet love :-)
-Alpha  +   558d ago
Looks pretty good. It's definitely a great way to hook the wider audience.
r21  +   558d ago
Stunning, great way to describe the visuals of this game. The tech included in it is pretty epic too.
Godz Kastro  +   558d ago
Oh wow... Look how it will create a virtual you. I can't wait to put myself in sports rivals. I'm so happy MS is pushing kinect.
n4rc  +   558d ago
so many things making me laugh about this..

scanned avatars is a fairly useless feature that im actually pumped for!! all AI will be the scanned images of others..

awesome... so i can see my 6'2" 210lb avatar staring down the 5'5" 110lb kid thats talking trash... lol

plus playing duck hunt with my finger is gonna be a riot once i get some drunken friends over..

very excited for november!
n4rc  +   558d ago
btw.. i love you little ninja trolls that follow me around hitting disagree on everything i say.. yet while having nothing to say themselves..

just read a great quote that applies to you..

"the only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those living a lie"
KonsoruMasuta  +   558d ago
All they did was disagree, calm down. It's not like it's going to kill you.
Godz Kastro  +   558d ago
Your likeness will be uploaded to cloud so you would actually load up into other people's games! There are not created competitors. Everyone in game visually represents someone in the real world!
dark-hollow  +   558d ago
I wonder how male characters will look like if men get scanned but chose female as their gender.
GodGinrai  +   558d ago
I wonder how it will lokk if I scan my body but put my cat in front of my face...would it give me a cats head? also will it scan my air jordan 3s for my feet?

Hope we can scan our avatars for use in the dashboard too.
CoLD FiRE  +   558d ago
Kinect will ask you to show your private parts before it scans you to verify your gender!
CalamityCB  +   558d ago
The amount of positive comments on here is really creepy for N4G, seriously.
IcicleTrepan  +   558d ago
Why, because people seem to like something that looks cool/fun? We're all gamers when it comes down to it regardless of platform.
meatysausage  +   558d ago
when your done with that Rare, can you please get started on conker.

K thanks!
Perjoss  +   558d ago
In this video you can see that Kinect 2.0 still has quite a lot of latency. That's a real shame as I was a tiny bit excited to see what developers were going to do with this now that it comes with every console sold (unless they do another 180 and remove Kinect from the box too).
MasterCornholio  +   558d ago
The lag kills it for me but the scanning tech is pretty neat though.

Motorola RAZR i
British_Knight  +   558d ago
Looks cool but I'm more interested in how Kinect can improve hardcore games.
Trekster_Gamer  +   558d ago
Looks like a blast. A shame it's not available at launch.
Gamer666  +   558d ago
Kinect Sports Rivals is looking like the first (and only) next gen casual game that families have any hope of buying.

I can actually see this catching on to the casuals out there. And even the core crowd will probably be able to play this although most will deny they ever picked it up.
timotim  +   558d ago
Grabbing this the second it hits shelves. We are going to have a blast with this.
H0RSE  +   558d ago
I'm fairly certain it was mentioned that you'll be able to do something similar to this with your XBL avatars as well, however, the stylized effects used in Kinect Rivals, may not be present.

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