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Pikmin 3 Review | Naturally Selected [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: It's easy to look at Pikmin 3 and ask, "why now?" Having missed the Wii U's launch window, when it would have served as a superb showcase for the GamePad peripheral, Nintendo's most niche of exclusives finds itself standing alone in a summer that should be dominated by big-hitting system sellers. Pikmin has rarely shifted consoles despite being a wholly worthwhile franchise, throwing the lack of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Metroid and other major fan favourites into sharp relief. Of all the first-party titles that Nintendo could have loosed in the Wii U's first year, the adorable yet stressful strategy game barely dented our wishlist. Personally, I also suspect that the delayed project monopolised Shigeru Miyamoto's attention rather than freeing him up to concentrate on new titles. (Pikmin 3, Wii U) 9/10

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