Forza 5 to feature Spa Francorchamps Circuit, Recreated at 1080p and 60fps

GC - "Microsoft has announced that Forza 5 will feature the Spa Francorchamps circuit and have revealed some new details on that."

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paul-p19881741d ago

It was already released on GT5 a few months back (maybe even a year now, i know i've had the track for a while), and such a good track too.

JP13691741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Yeah, one of the few tracks still used by the FIA that has some character. Speaking of which, Formula One arrives at Spa this coming weekend.

Edit: It might help if the picture being used was actually from Spa and not Laguna Seca.

JokesOnYou1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I love Turn10's attention to racing physics details:

“Thanks to the power of the Xbox One and our Calspan partnership, we are implementing truly cutting edge scientific understanding of tire physics, suspension geometry, and aerodynamics – we’re not implementing the recommendations of last year’s text books, we’re running the tests that will write the vehicle dynamics text books of the next several years.”

Me-Time1741d ago

One month break in F1! It's the first full season that I followed, and this has been a horrible wait. Anyway...

These articles did a similar thing with a Forza article showing the taillights of a BMW from GT5. It happened at least two times on N4G, and those people suck for ding that.

GT finally gets Silverstone and Fm, Spa. Cool.

jimbobwahey1741d ago

Yeah, already have 1080p 60fps Spa Francorchamps in GT5 on PS3. Hopefully Turn 10 manage to put out a real next gen racing game when they make Forza 6.

Animal Mutha 761741d ago

That's a little unnecessary jimbo.

Can't we be pleased that this track is being added to the game for all those that will enjoy it?

theEx1Le1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

1080p, Lol no. If I recall correctly then GT5 is 1280x1080. Just be happy that Next-gen games will finally be full 1080p.

JunioRS1011741d ago

Forza 4 was 1080p 60fps too...

Buzzwords these days smh lol

But yeah it'll look pretty.

GarrusVakarian1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

No, Forza 4 was native 720p.

JunioRS1011741d ago

@ Lukas_Japonicus


Is that why it says "HDTV 480p/720p/1080p" on the back of my Forza 4 box?

theEx1Le1741d ago

Not how it works man, it just means its compatible with 1080p resolutions. Running Natively is totally different.

JunioRS1011741d ago

@ exile

Yeah you're probably right I was just speculating.

What does Red Dead Redemption run natively..?

JokesOnYou1741d ago

lol, listen to Jr, hating but he has know idea what he's talking about.

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FamilyGuy1741d ago

Yeah, that track looks friggin SEXY!

theWB271741d ago

That looks...marvelous. Love the track...and they are implementing LASER SCANNING for the tracks too! Just keep delivering the news Micro...

How long before the "No night racing!"

Foxgod1741d ago

This is going to look so friggin smooth on a projector!!!

urwifeminder1741d ago

Very nice enjoyed this track on F1 games and others in the past like race 07 cant wait to test my worked datsun around that lol.

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