PS3 passes 2 million mark in Japan

April 11, 2008

The PlayStation 3 has passed the 2 million sales mark in Japan, adding to another bumper week of sales for the PlayStation Portable - making it a very good week for Sony in its home territory.

The PSP sold another 121,000 units in the week ending April 6, according to data compiled by Media Create, down slightly from the previous week but way ahead of the other consoles, thanks to continued high sales of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, which sailed past the 1.5 million mark after just two weeks on sale.

The Nintendo DS sold just over 55,000 units in second place, while the Wii fell slightly to 44,600 in third.

The PlayStation 3 sold just over 11,000 units in that week, leaving it just 31 short of the 2 million mark as of April 6 - a target it has since beat.

The PlayStation 2 meanwhile sold 10,400 units, while the Xbox 360 sold just 1400 units, giving it regional lifetime sales to date of just over 555,000.

The full list is as follows:

1. PlayStation Portable (120,964)
2. Nintendo DS (55,190)
3. Nintendo Wii (44,618)
4. PlayStation 3 (11,303)
5. PlayStation 2 (10,423)
6. Xbox 360 (1452)

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wiizy3899d ago

ha. ps3 is just now getting to 2 million

The Killer3899d ago

its pretty embarrassing to sell 2 millions in the third biggest market in the world after 1.6 years that suppose to be sony land! but still better then nothing!

sleepyk3899d ago

and yet the 360 sold 575k units.

HighDefinition3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

but Final Fantasy 13s and White Knight _________(lol) are going to move a insane amount of systems. Final Fantasy is the biggest system seller in Japan of the PS brand. Period. They just don`t have any MAJOR RPGS out yet.


Look @ the PSP now.


Because the MAJOR RPGS came out. (MH, FF:CC)

HighDefinition3899d ago

Xbox 360 (1452)

Is getting around quitting time.

I can`t believe some people have the nerve to say FF13 is still coming to the 360.

sonarus3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Yea 2mill is very sad. Sony JP needs to do something

HighDefinition3899d ago

Something is RPGs.

That`s mostly all Japan REALLY care about.

Shadow Flare3899d ago

"ha. ps3 is just now getting to 2 million"

too funny! Except those 2 million use the console they bought practically DAILY, enjoy the heck out of it, have an excellent online system and a fantastic array of games. Here's looking at you wii, who around the world is just gathering dust. Oh well...there must be another mario title around the corner. Oh yes there is, Super Mario Baseball Stadium. Fuh-hucking hell

The Killer3899d ago

wat i wanted to say is they should have sold more units, ps3 deserves more in japan, maybe 3 millions will be good!

i hope MGS4 will move a lot of units, because after MGS4 there wont be a huge RPG game until FF13, white night story is new IP, so we cant be sure of it yet! same with LBP, and they r not into GTA franchise and other shooters!

fenderputty3899d ago

MGS4. The bundles have already sold out. Then it continues with FFXIII and White Knight Chronicles. I was hoping GTAP would have had a larger impact. Hopefully the full version will perform better.

If these games don't help, then I don't know what will.

HighDefinition3899d ago


GT5 will have WAAAAAY more of a impact than GT5:P and it will worldwide, as well.

fenderputty3899d ago

a clue about how Japan feels about LBP?

I'm super excited for the game but, is Japan? It seems like a game they would jump all over.

HighDefinition3899d ago

I would imagine so.....

I have a feeling LBP is going to be the "breakthru" game of the year.

The NEW Mario.

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Truplaya3899d ago Japan, were the 360 has only sold 555K. But then the Wii has sold many millions, those crazy Japanese eh, they love the bright colours and squeaky voices don't they?

TheEndzor3899d ago

go Sony and Nintendo!!!

lol @ xbox

nix3899d ago

but i think it's still slow according to japan's standard.

Skerj3899d ago

Probably will be until MGS4 and FFXIII are released.

chaosatom3333899d ago

Is ps3 even in competition with 360 there?

Ps3 will reach the top when it reaches the top. Simple. Don't really worried about Japanese people.

Brian52473899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )


EDIT: Holy f*ck @ PSP!

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