Tom Clancy's The Division - Companion Gaming Trailer

Introducing the simultaneous, asymmetric, revolutionary companion application of Tom Join your team of friends in the game as a drone, from a smartphone or tablet, anytime and anywhere.

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baj1041d ago

And THAT's how you make a companion app!

golding891041d ago

Wow game will be epic guys.

MWong1041d ago

Man I might have to finally get myself a tablet, when The Division comes. That was a pretty bad ass trailer, especially that explosion.

JetsFool35001041d ago

Wow im ready for next gen

TheKingWilliamV1041d ago

Jaw Dropped....The Division up in here is going HAM DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM!!!!!!!

Aggesan1041d ago

I want that companion app for my Vita.

sigfredod1041d ago

This game blows me away over and over