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Submitted by Endless_X 908d ago | news

Tom Clancy’s The Division Coming to PC

Ubisoft has just announced that The Division will be available on PC. (PC, PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Xbox One)

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CGI-Quality  +   908d ago
Excellent news!
come_bom  +   908d ago
Yep, great news for PC gamers. I think everybody already knew this was coming to PC... just needed confirmation.

Now Bungie/Activision need to confirm Destiny for PC.
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Ragthorn  +   908d ago
Bungie, please release Destiny on PC lol!!! Man I have some memories playing Halo at my friends house, I had a PS2, but he had an Xbox with 4 controllers. Halo: Combat Evolved was epic in 4 player local, can't wait to experience Destiny on PC with my buds, if it comes out for it that is. But I have the slightest hope in my heart that Bungie will do this for us, if they do, that will make my day. I can just imagine, me playing with my friends, legs kicked up on desk, with a gamepad (I will use M&K sometimes, but when just relaxing gamepad for me!), and on a Saturday morning. If Bungie does not release this game on PC, then I will have no choice but to get the PS4 version, this game looks to great to miss, even though I won't be able to play with my PC friends :(
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starchild  +   908d ago
I kept saying that it would. It's nice to have confirmation though. It looks amazing.
Gamer1982  +   907d ago
Indeed theres pretty much no reason to get a nex gen console at launch now..
theWB27  +   908d ago
Can't wait to see how this will look maxed out.
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Septic  +   908d ago
Yeah this would look INSANE on PC.
Aggesan  +   908d ago
B-radical  +   908d ago
Omg win for me again! was gonna get this on x1! but now getting it on pc!
Genesis1295  +   908d ago
Amazing News! This game deserves to be enjoyed by everyone
Mills93  +   908d ago
Awesome for PC gamers !
Salooh  +   908d ago
Exactly , i don't even mind if they took ps4 exclusives lol . Imagine The last of us on pc! Man , we will get that experience or even better in ps4 soon ^^ ..
Letros  +   908d ago
Nice, being online, it was surprising it wasn't initially for PC.
KimoNoir  +   908d ago
Cross play...
kostchtchie_  +   908d ago
hell yes, cannot wait get this for PC, all i need hear now is GTA 5 coming to PC
Psychotica  +   908d ago
starchild  +   908d ago
Well, we all know it is coming. It's simply a matter of when.
JunioRS101  +   908d ago
As long as the PS4 version looks as good as the version we saw demoed at E3, then I'm completely satisfied.

Congrats to the PC gamers out there!
clmstr  +   908d ago
I just hope R* will follow the same exact path.
POR_QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE   908d ago | Off topic | show
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   908d ago
Guess I'm gonna have to cancel my preorder for this on my PS4, and preorder the PC version in that case.
Yukicore  +   908d ago
Yeaaahhh!!! Is it Christmas already?
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Ragthorn  +   908d ago
It was a well fought battle to get this to PC, finally we will be able to experience this game on the PC. I was waiting to see if we could get this on PC to justify my choice on platform, if it didn't come to PC I would've gotten it on my PS4. I just felt that this would be way more fun on PC imo, especially with all my steam friends grouping up. OMG this will be epic guys, and this is also good, cause now most people can play this, rather it be on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 we are all in for a good time! Happy Gaming Folks!

EDIT: What's with the disagrees, was it cause I said it would be more fun on PC? I said it was imo, plus I have a very good PC build to run it max, so I just want to experience this game to the highest level :(
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Plagasx  +   908d ago
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TXIDarkAvenger  +   908d ago
Another reason not to buy next gen consoles yet. Thank you.
Steelmanner  +   908d ago
Great, so when is the Wii U announcement?.....I wish....

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