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After a hands-on with the latest build on the eve of Gamescom, however, I have good news: there's no need to worry about Ryse: Son of Rome. The combat has plenty of depth, and the AI is aggressive enough that you'll be challenged plenty. Oh, and QTEs are merely optional finishing moves, with the giant button prompt over a foe's head replaced by a subtle colored outline around the not-long-for-this-world bad guy that corresponds to the button you're supposed to press in order to nail the best execution.

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theWB271615d ago

How could anyone doubt the power of this machine or game? These screenshots are stunning.

snipab8t1615d ago

Yep, looks great. Definitely in my top 3 most anticipated games along with Division and Watch Dogs

JokesOnYou1615d ago

yeah, we all know why some folks were "worried" about Ryse unfortunately for them Crytek has put an end to their hopes. Check the multiplayer vid if you dare.

showtimefolks1615d ago


I don't think many are doubting how good it looks we are more worried about the quick time event gameplay and the fact crytek haven't been able to do a memorable single player story this current gen

So while crytek will make the game look stunning I am more worried about the actual content, graphics can only take you so far. Look at farcry 2-3 both are great looking but story and gameplay is pretty generic and dull

He is hoping crytek changes all that with this game

theWB271615d ago

They shouldn't be worried about the QTE since it's been debunked since the game debuted by journalists and the devs. Debunked even more today...

I kind of enjoyed Crysis...never played Farcry, nor any videos of it. Strange once I admit that.

I'm hoping they deliver too..

jatakk1615d ago

If you're SO worried about RYSE QTE's you probably think Heavy Rain is a shitty game then..?

HarryMasonHerpderp1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )


To be fair Heavy Rain is a game focused on story and choosing different paths to tell that story much like The Walking Dead. Ryse is an action game focused on fighting (from what we have seen) so the criticism at the time was warranted.

Anyway the game definitely looks amazing graphically and hopefully the gameplay matches it too. Could be a great new IP.

kryteris1615d ago

CRYSIS 1 has a great story, all of it was epic. "on pc" but ill agree crysis 2 was horrific, and crysis 3 was ok.

MajorLazer1615d ago

Far Cry 2-3 had amazing gameplay. My personal GOTY for 2012 was Far Cry 3 amd deservedly so because it was the most fun I had in a videogame that whole year

starchild1615d ago

Far Cry 3 is a fantastic game, I don't know what you are talking about. And if you meant Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, well those games are still decently good. Not amazing, but I enjoyed them.

snipab8t1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Far Cry 2 and 3 were made by Ubisoft dude. Only Farcry 1 and Predator were made by Crytek.

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B-radical1615d ago

Agreed x1 gpu isn't as much as a slouch as people think

lastofgen1615d ago

this game looks incredible.
now, I really want to see this colosseum mode.

Zichu1615d ago

Even though I'm not that interested in Kinect games, this does look like an interesting game with amazing visuals.

I will probably pick this game up, no good being close minded about a game when I haven't even tried it.

Zichu1615d ago

Ah, didn't know that...

Well that's good to hear.

slimpickens1615d ago

Heck yeah,that's what I'm talking about! Game looks phenomenal and will be in my console as soon as I can get one.

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