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Wii U: Sorry Nintendo, I’m defecting

It’s distressingly easy to dig yourself into a hole, but climbing back out again is quite a different matter. That’s how Nintendo must feel at the moment with the floundering Wii U. (Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

TripC50  +   606d ago
Nintendo may have dug themselves a hole but I'm gonna stick with em. Heck I'll repel down into the hole, because I know that this hole will eventually reveal those constant nuggets of Nintendo gold(games). I've already come across one nugget (Pikmin 3) and I know there are bigger pieces coming. Great things come to those who wait....in holes.
j-blaze  +   606d ago
whatever, don't pay attention to stupid articles made by stupid journalists... i'm buying a Wii U soon for Bayonetta 2, SSB and MonolithSoft RPG
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Neonridr  +   605d ago
Here's to the Author of this article:

"You won't be missed, don't let the door hit you on the way out."
megagamer21  +   605d ago
After the door hits him on the way out we need to lock it. Nintendo will be fine.
awesomeabe1998  +   605d ago
"What’s more (and despite my love of Nintendo franchises), yet more Pikmin, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong won’t attract the majority of this ‘core’ audience."

Ok so he is saying that these wont attreact the 'core' audience.

"The problem is straightforward, then; Nintendo has nothing on par with the likes of Gears of War to entice Xbox 360 or PS3 gamers."

OH! So if you want to get 'core' gamers release shooters.

Shooters arent 'core' games! Anyone can pick up a shooter and play. My little cousin started playing shooters when he was 5!!!!!!! Does that make him a 'core' gamer? Hell NO!!!!

I know the writer is saying he is a Nintendo fan but it does not sound like he is. He got bored of the nostalgia. That is understandable yet blasphemous! My brother who grew up with all the Nintendo consoles and even the Atari has not played games for a pretty long time. When he saw Super Mario 3 again he felt soooooooo happy!!! Those were the times where games were meant to be fun not pretty!

The Wii U will be just fine!!!
truechainz  +   605d ago
Defecting...as if owning a game console puts you on some sort of team. What a sad concept. Either way if Nintendo dug themselves in a hole, then I will move my furniture, TV, PC, Wii U, and future PS4 and Xbox One all into that hole and have fun playing as my gamer DNA has programmed me to do.
awesomeabe1998  +   605d ago
Articles like this make me wish that there should only be one console company! Which company should be ruling the console industry?! Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!

PS/XB fanboys going out and writing these kind of articles just mean one thing!!!!!! They want to have Nintendo games on their console of choice! This makes me laugh :D

Why do i think Nintendo should be the only console manufacturer(along with PC) is because Nintendo is the only company that has around 10 Billion dollars reserved. Even if they lose the next 2 console wars after the Wii U they still can afford dominating the one after. Oh and did i mention that Nintendo is the only company that actually releases many 1st parties and new IP's.

Nintendomination has begun. I have never witnessed this many people wanting Nintendo games to be on PS/XB. Nintendo is dominating software and Hardware wise. 3DS is number 1 selling console. Wii U is finally getting games and going to start selling this holiday season. 8-9 Nintendo games are part of the top 10 selling games this week.

Nintendo will not go third party soon, so PS/XB fanboys go continue your articles on hating Nintendo games by calling them "kiddy" and praising FPS's!
SirDjss  +   605d ago
Yea right , just wait until they announce a new Zelda or Metroid ,then we will see how small the whole is gonna be lol
MsmackyM  +   605d ago
Nintendo is the only game centered company of the big three, and I'm sure third party publishers would love nothing more than to eliminate the threat that is Nintendo. If it weren't for Nintend; Sony and Microsoft would have not had any problems given into third party publisher's demands for drm. Also with Nintendo being an actual game centered company they are willing to take risks on innovation, moving the way we play games forward. A lot of third party publishers use the excuse of not knowing how to implement the game pad, but have not problem providing second screen applications for games on Microsoft's or Sony's console.

The talk of Nintendo going publisher only is ridiculous, anyone to claim they're gamers won't even entertain that idea. Nintendo is the only company that can rely on their first party offerings to remain profitable that said third party publishers don't have as much leverage with Nintendo as they do with the others. So as a gamer if you think Nintendo should be a publishing only company, imaging how the landscape would look if publishers had their way.
Benjaminkno  +   605d ago
Awww... I think they can see the writing on the wall.

There's a lot riding on this holiday thru 2014.

Your loss. You should be worried. The market is in a bit of a frenzy.

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