Watch the Dying Light 12-Minute Gameplay Video in 1080p

This 12 minute video is shot from pre-alpha footage and is your first glimpse at the world of Dying Light, coming in 2014.

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ShugaCane1795d ago

Wow it does look Next-Gen to me, especially considering this is pre-alpha footage. I like the variety in gameplay. Day and Night seem to offer really different experiences. And I got to say, the last part of that demo was really tense and scary. I'm impressed.

baj1795d ago

Yes! I also like all the trees and vegetation moving in the wind.

greedybear881795d ago

Yeh it looks great, especially for pre-alpha footage. I agree about the wind moving the trees, looked great. Also the lighting and shadows look awesome too.

jobboy1795d ago

better encoded video here
give me this gfx and this framerate on PS4 and i am done!! least a man can dream....

baj1795d ago

Well that's 720p :)

jobboy1795d ago

i'll go 720p all the life for that steady framerate and delicious graphics :)

FlunkinMonkey1795d ago

Night time looks pretty sweet, atmospheric. But games need to be stepping up in the voice acting category.. still a lot left to be desired with that to be honest in this game.