Might & Magic X Legacy Released On Early Access

Its been a long time since we’ve seen any take on the old school turn based gameplay from the M&M world. Legends Of Grimrock was a big hit not long ago, using the same old school mechanics but for a purely dungeon game. Now we’ll be getting more of that great grid based gameplay with many of the features from the originals.

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sdozzo1796d ago

Turned base will be awesome. No more back peddling etc. Mace +1

JsonHenry1796d ago

Bought it on steam yesterday. Just like the old days! (only better gfx)

Drewminati1796d ago

I just downloaded it.. needed a game like this

Mythicninja1796d ago

Requires Ubisoft U-play on to of steam DRM. Buyer beware.

abradley1795d ago

Guess we can never get away from the dreaded U-play. Thanks for pointing that one out.