World of Warcraft First Kills, the Sunwell Plateau - Nihilum Downs Eredar Twins

The raiding progression in World of Warcraft's latest addition, the Sunwell Plateau finally opened up after many days of competing realms' grinding quests to open the doors to the Eredar Twins. At around 6pm CEST Nihilum got a world first kill as they defeated Lady Sacrolash & Grand Warlock Alythess, after great cooperation from the whole realm Magtheridon EU to open the gates.

A short while after that, SK Gaming (former "Meet Your Makers") also downed the twins. Loot and pictures for all! Video is also on its way.

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Leord3818d ago

And the EU guilds rules, as usual ^^

Jinxstar3818d ago

I told you it would be them or D&T =P

Game on my little murloc friend.

mirroredderorrim3818d ago

EU people do rule this game, because they take it a whole lot more seriously than US guilds, at least more than most of the US guilds.

Maticus3818d ago

My money's on Nihilum or SK again for Kil'Jaeden :P

OblivionStalker3818d ago

"SK Gaming (former "Meet Your Makers")"

I can't what they meant with this. MYM and SK Gaming are two different pro clans.

mirroredderorrim3818d ago

Meet your makers was absorbed into them.