Capcom Defends Poor Scoring DuckTales Remastered

During an interview with VGS the team at Capcom explains why low selling numbers of Remastered could mean the end for nostalgic gaming.

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Lovable1738d ago

Well maybe they should remaster something that people wants to play?

ShugaCane1738d ago

DuckTales is a cult game. This remaster is an ode to nostalgia. I don't like to defend Capcom especially when they ruin some of my fav franchises, but to be really honest they (or rather WayForward Tech) did a great job with this remake. Poor sales is probably due to the original game being a 20 year-old game, that kids are too young to know.

RobbyGrob1738d ago

The old game was fantastic. The only problem i have with the remake is that the levels are EXACT replicas of the old ones with some a few added areas. We who played the old game don't really need to play the exact same levels again in better graphics. If they just would have created some new levels instead it could have been better.

wishingW3L1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

true. Why they decided to remake this game in particular is beyond any comprehension. Maybe they thought that because it was a western cartoon that it would sell like hotcakes but it didn't.

Fans are still making noise for Megaman in Marvel vs Capcom, for a new Megaman X9 or remake but they don't give a crap, instead they keep betting on the wrong horse over and over again. And now they gave Strider to a mediocre developer like Double Helix only to ruin it just like with DMC. Capcom are nuts.

MrTrololo1738d ago

Maybe if Capcom had a brain they should do a sequel instead of making remake of a old game that people don't want

Benjaminkno1738d ago

This game makes me feel like a kid again.
The music is epic and the nostalgia is immense.
now remaster Megaman 2 and 3...

Pozzle1738d ago

I thought it was getting fairly decent reviews?

MrBT1738d ago

I also thought the visuals looked pretty ace! That alone deserves some credit!

PureSophistry1738d ago

I think hence why they were defending it- I hope you can hear in the interview I am extremely supportive of the product.

InTheZoneAC1738d ago

every day I see new reviews being put up, have yet to see a bad one

I got the game a little cheaper than $15, but for those who don't have ps+ I think $15 for this is way too expensive.

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